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CodeSpells is a game I'm producing. It's about being a wizard. Here's the main website: Here's a teaser video we made when… 657-284-6810

Vox-L is one of the games I'm producing. It's what would happen if Gary's Mod and Minecraft had a secret love-child. You can find the proj… Read More

I'm the CEO and Co-Founder of ThoughtSTEM, LLC. It is the software company through which I work on most of the projects on this site. For … Read More

I recently launched Multi-Dimensional a brand to tie together several of the software projects I've been producing. I was particularly proud… Cytinus

Bloggy Stuff

I sometimes have trouble keeping up a habit of daily meditation. But as a scientist, I find scientific research on positive health benefits… Read More

I lost my dad to cancer this morning. Thankfully, it was not a surprise. He was diagnosed a year ago and went through several rounds of ch… Read More


The day my dad died, I wrote a post on this blog. It was my way of coping. I wrote about how his death made me question where I was going… Read More

Here's a quick overview/tutorial of how I did this logo for Multi-Dimensional: See the Pen Multi-Dimensional Games Logo All Dims by Adrian L… Read More

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