Eric and Saad just got back today.

Why don't you use your language?

The first victim was one of my best friends and his loss caused me a great deal of grief; the second victim was merely a German.

He emphasized the importance of education.


A clocktower is full of an assortment of doodads and doohickies.

See to it that all the items are arranged in a row.

Although he was tired, he would not stop working.


Light penetrated the room only through a skylight.

You can easily identify him because he is very tall.

An old man has a long gray beard.

He's not at all afraid of snakes.

If I had done my best, I might have succeeded.


I thought you wouldn't be busy.

Why didn't you just do what we asked?

She advised him to take the medicine.

"May I park here?" "No, you must not."

She has green eyes and light brown hair.


I don't remember it at all.

He threw a stone into the pond.

Naim didn't do anything that he wasn't supposed to do.

I'll find my own way back.

Great work, guys.

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What is your favorite boy band?

Carlos is a very ambitious person.

All languages being equal, English is the most equal of all.


Blake may be able to answer the question.

I will tell him about it when he comes next time.

She suggested that the customer buy a blue tie.

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You might as well go on home.


Kusum thinks Kevin is beautiful.

Susan Greene... are you Dutch?

He still hasn't given me the money I lent him.

Sergiu wanted to call the police, but Donal wouldn't let him.

What ever gave you that idea?


You are pale.

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She's not a hero.


Don't make me leave.

My mobile phone is handy.

Would you like some of those pictures?

Kevyn hasn't finished his training.

I no longer study French.


Men are children their whole life.


I feel sorry for you.

I think everything here is under control.

Maybe Gregg was lucky.

I can't see what's happening.

They have full confidence in their leader.

I know that look.

There's nothing for you to worry about.

She was not ashamed to ask me a question.

He cut it with the knife that he got as a gift from his brother.

Nothing is as easy as to criticize others.

Wait for a second chance.

I think I'm a pretty good singer.

I'll teach you how to swim.

Have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon?

This is a good place to park.

I'm sure this won't cost me my job.

We are thinking of a lot of solutions.

I'd rather go to Boston.

She is determined to succeed this time.

I couldn't enter because the door was closed.

He's a total wreck.


He was accustomed to sitting up late.


Frederick stepped on a hornet nest.

He's fine.

It's a great honor to meet you.

Kimberly rented a costume for the party.

The cannon went off by accident.

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That costs five hundred euros a week.

Richard Krajicek is known as the only player to beat Pete Sampras at Wimbledon between 1993 and 2000. He upset Pistol Pete in straight sets in the quarterfinal en route to winning the 1996 Wimbledon Championships, which came to be the only Grand Slam title in his career.

These days everything I do is bad for my health.

Something is not right with Mats.

I don't want to stay here a minute longer than I have to.

I'd just hate to see anything happen to Susan.

The show will begin soon.


It was sunny.


I'm still going to talk to her.

Silver chloride is not completely water-soluble.

They like you very much.

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My watch isn't working properly.

Were you married at that time?

Brodie didn't seem to be paying much attention to you.

Linda is very articulate and is a highly regarded public speaker.

You don't really know, do you?

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They are gathering nuts.


This clock is accurate.

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They believed him.

Clara drew a picture of a dolphin.

His friend knows an ex-Senator.

June isn't as old as I thought.

We put them in straitjackets.

Norbert doesn't share Suzanne's enthusiasm.

Ralf promised to do that.

She wiped away her tears.

Does Lindsey have a key to Debbie's flat?

I've come to make my peace with you.

As Srinivas raced down the field, the crowd shouted, "Go, Sean! Go!"

I'm slightly worried about you.

I get more than two hundred emails a day.


She departed very soon.


Vance died of a drug overdose.

I think you'll want to see this.

For the party I bought a dozen wine glasses and two dozen cups for juice.

I do want to be your friend.

Vaughn has been waiting for Piet all afternoon.

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There's clearly something wrong.

I need to get one.

Have you got any preference between beef and lamb?


Nicholas and Maria love each other.

If I can't have Junior as my child, then no one can!

To do him justice, he is not without some merits.

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Poetry helps to interpret life.

The room was fairly spacious.

It overflows into a paper cup.

We need to help Annie.

The sound of your voice is like siren's song to me.

The more public the work, the more criticism you receive.

You need a good home-cooked meal.

If you feed your dog properly, you can increase his lifespan.

They'll be waiting.

I used to own a sports car.

The baby is fast asleep.


Perry is standing in front of Sir.

Every day is a new day.

Surely he'll phone me tonight.


Matthew picked up a folder.


Is everything OK between us?

What did you do this time?

Dan tried to make the murder appear accidental.

The space program suffered a devastating loss in January of 1986 when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after launch in the skies over Cape Canaveral.

Carol often talks about golf.

The tulips in my garden are now at their best.

Please take the pants in a bit.


Benson, Maria! Come downstairs kids, food's ready!

We're not throwing it away.

I'd still like to know what happened here last Monday.

I like my language.

The tourists scare away the animals and disrupt their natural activity patterns.

I was browned to a nice tan.

Tell Terri I'll be home soon.

Your answer is to the point.

What Rakhal did is illegal.

Do you really mean that?

I was just about to come looking for you.


For all Earnie knew, Marlena might be in Boston with John.


No one's going to find us.

They play chess.

I'm running Linux on my laptop.

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Sedat would be a good teacher.


Do you have shoes and socks?

Vaughn is quite smart, isn't he?

It was your idea.

Celia could've done better.

What shall I do with his luggage?

We'll be right back.

It all started with a sentence.

The problem exacted a great effort to solve it.

Did you need me?

This is how people get rid of things they no longer need.

I'm tickled pink about winning 10,000 yen at the horse races.

Pardon me, ma'am. - Yes?

He did not attend the meeting for that reason.

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Today there is no lesson.