They wanted to take pictures of Kyoto.

She was cheated into buying worthless stock.

My parents tried to talk him out of marrying her, but he wouldn't listen.


I'll give you as much money as you need.


No one knows what will happen in the future.

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Are you positive it was Leila who broke the window?


Roland is still married to Darrell, isn't he?

After that, many live in special homes for the aged where their children and grandchildren can come to visit them.

What if the problem is Part?


Many esperantists live in Hungary.

It's a matter that concerns all of us.

What're you thinking about?

Pray to the Holy Virgin.

He wanted very much to become a teacher of Spanish.

I've been adequately punished.

Can I have a job?


Get lost.


I went to Kennedy Airport to see my friend off.


I don't have an account for euros.

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What animal is that?

Everyone is waiting to see his new film.

He deserved to be hanged.


You should better not smoke in his presence.


I don't want to do anything.

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Janos ran as fast as a leopard.


What was Milo looking for?

Saify doesn't often do that.

A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.

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You had better take your umbrella in case.

Well someone has to be good in order to communicate.

He is a very bad person.


Greta is walking to the Embassy.


I'm not certain where this ought to be put.

He is burning with love of his country.

Dan stuck to his story.

During the talk, he used some words I didn't know that fascinated me.

Ken ordered escargots.

I carelessly ran into the telegraph pole.

Actually, I didn't want to ask you anything.


I've got somebody with me.


I know what I know.


If it doesn't rain, you can ride your bicycle.

Learning is an endless path.

I guess our teacher is over fifty years old.

Jurevis has no idea what to do.

Does this document refresh your memory?

He obviously lied.

The exclusion of mathematics from the field of culture is like intellectual castration.


Grasp all, lose all.


The manufacturer of the medicine is a Japanese company.

I think we should keep this a secret.

I want to have a job that I love.

Turning to the right, you will see a white tower.

He announced the discovery of a new comet.

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They sat on a park bench and began talking.


Exercise is not in my line.

The boat was piloted safely into harbor.

Christie is a dental technician.

She may well be proud of her daughter.

The problem defies solution.

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Would you ever consider adopting a child?

I hope someone famous sings one of my songs.

I've done crazier things than this.


A postman brought newspapers every morning.

Whether he agrees to my opinion or not, I will do the work.

I wouldn't ever want to cross him.

I've never done this kind of thing before.

We love coffee.

Once the Sultan ruled over today's Turkey.

Help came too late.

Erick made me do the work.

Would you mind speaking a little softer please?


She doubled over, clutching her side.

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The house is situated on the top of the hill.

Julia sings.

Morris contacted Jin.


Ray cannot distinguish between reality and imagination.

I hate hypocrisy.

The Knesset numbers 120 members.


I prefer speaking English with a native speaker.

I learned how to spin wool from watching my grandmother.

They captured the great Belgian port of Antwerp.

Don't try what you're about to see at home.

Alcohol is bad for the health.


He is concerned about Tuan.

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Well done is better than well said.

I've narrowed the list of possibilities down to three.

It must mean something.

I like Chinese food.

Price loaded the bags into the trunk of his car.


The box, which I had found was empty.

When in a bus, I always sit at the front.

We understand this.

What we've already achieved gives us hope for what we can and must achieve tomorrow.

Is Erik next?

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He's English.


Don't spend all your money on comic books.


They gathered the pieces of the broken dish.

Lawrence trims his beard with the same scissors he uses for everything else.

Her third movie greatly added to her reputation.


I was more than a little shocked by this.

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I love my dog.

A woman thinks of everything in terms of money.

I didn't realize you could speak French.

The consulate helped arrange medical transport for Ahmed.

Are you coming to my recital tomorrow?

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Not everything is black and white.


Francois slept through most of the movie.

Hotta drank three cups of coffee before he left for work.

Who takes care of you?

Kyle says he'll give us all the time we need.

Who was that you were just talking to?

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Sridharan ticks off points on his fingers.

Some did not know how to fight.

Coal and natural gas are natural fuels.

Our genetic material is being constantly invaded by small egocentric molecular parasites.

I was on my way to work.

Andrea will never consent to that.

Pack your bags.

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Are you falling for her?

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Two years have passed since he went over to American in order to study English.

Mac is your cousin, isn't he?

Do you have any pictures of Curt?


How long are you going to be?

"What should I do?" I said to myself.

Dan rejected Linda's idea to expose everything to the press.

Hal wasn't in the mood for lunch.

I am God's creature and of Him I am part.

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She kicked him.

It's a date.

I've got to go back to Boston tomorrow.

She's die-hard coffee drinker.

Someone threw a rock at Siping.

Go tell Jason how you feel.

All Nhan does is play video games and watch TV.

Does everybody know?

Dan befriended one of the waitresses.

That's exactly what you need now.

I saw her home.


His wealth has not made him happy.

A promise is a debt.

I know both of the girls.

Her mother's death was a blow to the little girl.

Poor piteous reasoning. Weak beyond contempt your haughty minds!

Look at the beautiful sunset!

I think Johnnie played well.

Don't be sad because it's over. Be happy because it happened.

I'll try to reason it out.

"Hold it like this." "Like that?" "No, like this."

Edwin has already decided who to go with.


Andries is a sociopath.

You could see the oblong shape of the rat as it passed down the snake's gullet.

I wish winter vacation would never end.