I couldn't have done this without your help.

Why don't you head on home?

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The flights were cancelled.

Spock looks very upset.

Why not just say no to him?

Will you be here tomorrow?

I had a meal prepared for you.

I like big boats where you feel like you aren't about to tip over.

Won't you come in for a minute?


This looks like a good spot to set up camp.


One has to change the words.


When did he fall ill?

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Many social and political problems in France contributed to the causes of the French Revolution.

I pray for Linder almost every day.

I simply need to chew it over.

Last week I quickly read four books in my room.

Things are going to change.


You need to study more.

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He has more sense than to say such a foolish thing.

It quickly healed.

Gilles worked from early in the morning until late at night.

Do you write short stories?

I don't see the problem.


The restaurant we used to go to is still in business.

"Do you get it?" "Now I do".

There's no need to concern yourself.


I play trumpet in the school band.

Lyndon knows we believe him.

Where's my lucky blue cap?

Leora and Rick showered John with confetti.

Konstantinos dislocated his collarbone while playing football.

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The diver wanted to test the limits of his equipment.

This is the best hotel in town.

I'm probably not as tired as Charlene is.

Our travel advice center caters to the independent traveler.

Carisa wants you to hear this.

I'll never be as good as him.

Kyu will be bored stiff.


Jaime doesn't believe the rumors about Tomas.


The accident deprived them of their only son.


I think I'm fine right now.

I feel like a new man.

Did you ask them for money?

Patch the call through to my office, will you?

I can't think about Pamela now.

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What's going on?


Do you recognize them?


If you would like me to introduce you to him, I will write him right away.

Lievaart never was mean.

Why did you let her go?

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Rafael almost looks happy, doesn't he?

It's a risk we must take.

He rudely turned his back to the principal.

Do you think it looks good on me?

He failed to catch the 8:30 train.

Are you a perfectionist?

Denis says he wants to change.

In 1935 a writer published a book of poetry with funds provided by his mother. In the dedication he thanked all the editors who had rejected his manuscript.

I like the black blouse more than the blue.

We can make a day of it.

Do you have any travelers' checks?


He's a strapping young man.


Is it the last lesson?

You're the sweetest.

How tall this tree is!

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In my opinion, soccer is a great sport.

I'm appalled at how badly those children behave.

Is that what you think of me?

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I don't like the way that guy is looking at me.

In Japan, military leaders gained control of the government.

It is the hottest this summer.

I want to speak to my lawyer.

Tell me again where Axel is planning to go to college.


He did not want her to leave.

You made a wise decision.

We want something new.

We must go back.

Compared to you, I'm only a beginner at this game.


June didn't get it.


How does that seem to you?


Might that not be right?

Because of the drought, the grass has withered.

This one's from me.

The men's restrooms are located on floors 1 and 3.

I work in a post office during the summer holidays.


I don't think Vic needs very much help.

We need to go.

Tell the helicopter pilot to throw down a rope!

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He was acclaimed as the best writer of the year.

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If you speak French, it'll be better for me.


It was crowded here all last week.

Naomi is much younger than Tuan.

Kylo spends hours in the bathroom.

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He took honey instead of sugar.

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If I love one, but one does not love the one I loved when one loved me, and one is one, but one does not love one unless the one that is one loves one, then does one love one, or does one not love one?


I ask you for nothing.

I was wasting time, wandering around the garage, when an old truck swept into driveway.

Does Les have a bicycle?

Do they sell tangerines?

What're you doing in my office?


He is poor.

That's hard to say.

Let's start now.


You won't get anywhere by arguing with such a disturbed individual.

I ate an early lunch, so I'm pretty hungry now.

I go to the bazaar every Sunday afternoon.

You can't imagine how happy I am.

For the sake of those around you, please refrain from smoking in the office.

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I'm free all afternoon on February 27th.

Those present were all against the plan.

I miss the high school days we spent together.

I wanna see your expression.

She's lying on the floor.


I've got some donuts.

Solving this problem is simple.

Mr. Bennet's property consisted almost entirely in an estate of two thousand a year, which, unfortunately for his daughters, was entailed, in default of heirs male, on a distant relation.

A country without enough labour force cannot be self sufficient.

Everybody wanted to go home.

Stop at the newsstand to buy the paper.

When we were kids, Rand and I could talk about anything.


I told him what was going on.

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Guys that handsome are few and far between.


She pressured him to quit.

The red lines on the map represent a railway.

She saw him eat a sandwich.

I'm going to find out what the problem is.

The verb "to downdate" does not exist in the English lexicon, but let's go ahead and coin it anyway.


Will you sell your car to me?

Do they have any good news?

Nanda has a bad back. It's hard for her to lift things.

It remains to be seen whether or not going to the United States to study is good for me.

He was very scared when he saw this big snake.

The eminent author received the Nobel Prize for literature.

His house is near a river.

I've decided not to appeal.

Bobby has a rich uncle.

Can we try something else?

Ranjit is braver than I am.

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Please tell George I'll pick him up at the station.


They were all good swimmers.

Did you have a pleasant trip?

We walked to my room.

I think Tran will go to Boston next summer.

All things change, and we also change with them.

Ozan will be here later today.

I wouldn't get involved in their argument.

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Edith committed suicide because he was bullied at school.

When you are with an indecisive group, confidently propose something that no one would agree to.

Drew was afraid to tell her parents.


Maybe you should tell him that.


Jwahar said that he was innocent.

Next year, the wages do increase, but most of the increase will disappear due to inflation.

Serdar promised he'd help Rajeev.

You aren't my mother.

I bet five pounds on the horse.