The words escaping his lips bear no meaning.

He's finally over her.


You can have any cake on the table.

I really don't want the kids left alone now.

We need to get rid of them.

We can't let Vivek die.

He was admitted to the school without sitting for an examination.

According to the papers, there was a big fire in the town.

Why did you do this to me?

You seem a little tense.

It does more harm than good.

I like that skirt.

Is it OK if I hold your hand?


Eat whatever you want.


There's no life in this body.

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Kevan lent me some money.

Down the coast from the shingle beach was a secluded cove.

It is very impolite of her to decline our invitation.

Last year, the whole company traveled to Italy for business.

Where do the buses for downtown leave from?

I saw her home.

I have nowhere else to turn.

How much did they pay for that?

The neighbor's cats meow through the night.

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Please don't leave without me.

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Mario found new evidence.

They're really good.

Are you having problems with your car?


He didn't look happy.

You really are a piece of work.

I caught sight of Namie Amuro.


He crystallized salt from seawater.

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Could you tell me what's in this dish?


Michelle looks worn out.

That can't be. It would have been in the news.

Well, it seems like Phil Anselmo will have to step aside.


Everybody made for the door at the signal.

Ro said his hands were cold.

I bought a tie for Dan and I'll buy a scarf for Elena.

Love is stupid.

I'm taking it to them.


Have you already paid?

Doug picked this tie out for me.

Because they "could not both support wife and airplane" the two brothers spent their lives as bachelors.


I'm going to hit the hay.


May I speak with her?

Some people will believe anything they read.

We have to keep it a secret.

Can you fix that for me?

Ah no. It's not as though I always have everything.

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The couple were the same age.


Rajarshi is a sore loser.

Time is up. Hand in your papers.

I already answered that question.

Sabrina is a popular actress.

Give me what you've got.


Would you like to go shopping with me?


She started pursuing him before he became famous.

Let's leave now before anyone changes their mind.

Glynn wants a new hat.

You can't believe a word of it.

I'll give you whatever you want.

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Go without me!

I think that was very funny.

Do you think she still remembers me?

Kim is younger than your daughter.

Aren't you happy to see me?


I have a knife and a fork.

Old won't listen to reason.

You're taller than me.

Jane may not be at home now.

We're just about finished here.


What you decided to do is insane.

The beautiful color of the sky soon faded away.

There's another slight problem.

An electric current can generate magnetism.

If he hadn't been eating while driving, he wouldn't have had an accident.

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She provided for her old age.

You cleverly orchestrated a mistrial.

I've been here before.

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I had a good sleep till ten.

I know she did it on purpose.

He was lying asleep in the sun.


Truman's first big problem was the economy.

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I always enjoy visiting Skef.

I want them to know that.

Is the picture straight?

Roger traveled from town to town in the west.

Nathan isn't much older than Pete.

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Matt needs to learn more about that problem.

Seeing that he's not preparing at all, it seems that he's not planning to take the exam.

Maybe Srinivas made a good deal.

English is a language spoken all over the world.

He is an absolute monarch.

My proposal met with a negative.

Skeeter changed places with Sanford.

You might as well give it back to Leon.

He left the room on my entering it.


Micah went west.


The woman spends a lot on shoes.

Hey, that's a great idea.

I can make some toast if you want.

Go find her.

To get a table at Stan's Tavern, you have to make reservations weeks in advance.


Our business calls for a lot of people.

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There's no mistake about that.

It is easy to find a nice woman but difficult to keep her nice.

Look out there.

I haven't read the report.

Colin frequently makes witty remarks.

By September I will have known her for a whole year.

Our city has been experiencing power cuts for six years now.


She was ahead of her time.


Don't worry. I'll let you know when to turn.

Giovanni is fighting for his life.

How long did it take you to translate this book?


He was hospitalized after eating only fruit for one month.

I objected to paying the bill.

Let's hurry. We don't want to be late.

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He was acclaimed as the best writer of the year.

The hotel was evacuated.

Don't make me beg.

He sawed logs for the fireplace.

I don't think it's a good idea for you to go Boston by yourself.

Lawrence gave Danny all the money he had.

Does this happen often?

Do you cook by gas or electricity?

This is an unprecedented gesture.

I don't have Socorrito's number.

I have no idea who might've done it.

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I already know who did it.


Lychees taste of grapes.


He seems to be rich now.

I have to get up quite early tomorrow.

If you look over there, you can see a defunct water tower.

His business plan looks good on paper but I get the feeling it would never work in practice.

Aren't you the romantic?

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I take care of Jacobson.

I'll drive you to the airport.

The cat ran after the rat.

I wasn't expecting this to happen.

Lately it seems that no matter how much I sleep, I stay tired. I wonder if I've come down with something strange.

You should've been paying attention.

Hiroyuki is an accomplished artist.

I've never ran before.

Spass might be a little late.


At the time I managed to make myself understood in English.


I don't think you should do that.

I had some interesting experiences while traveling.

Pantelis got in through the bathroom window.

I'll find a doctor.

I am eating dinner with my husband.

Have you ever heard of the concept of linguistic relativity?

Page is always courteous.

Are you sure your parents will allow you to go?

I want to speak to Mr. Sato, please.

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Louise's apartment looks great after he had it re-carpeted.

Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams sang "shlemiel, schlemazel, hasenpfeffer incorporated" in the theme song "Making our Dreams Come True" for the television show "Laverne and Shirley," a popular American sitcom in the 1970s.

He is just now speaking with her.