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We're fortunate to be living in what we think is the most beautiful place on earth. That place is Vacaville California and it's surrounding areas. The city of Vacaville is beautiful, well maintained and just a pleasure to live in. What we're doing here is sharing some of the places we've visited or some of the observations we've made. Thank you to the leaders of Vacaville for making this such a wonderful place to live.
Some links to check out:

972-652-1448 This site has all the events and happenings going on in Vacaville.

Vacaville Magazine: This wonderful magazine and it's articles was one of the things that inspired us to move to Vacaville.

Visit Vacaville: The tourism web site, highlighting many of the special features of the area.

City of Vacaville: The Official Web Site of the city of Vacaville.  

Area Business That We Enjoy Patronizing
(289) 983-2239Happy Ocean Tai Chi Academy has been a wonderful experience. The instructor is very patient and knowledgeable. Everyone in the class is treated as though they are the only student there. The Qigong that he teaches has alleviated a lot of joint pain and created a total sense of well being.
Aria Rassuli, takes the time to listen to what your needs are and does his best to satisfy them. He's not the typical pushy salesman but a person trying to satisfy his customer.
William Yeung's frame work is just beautiful. His work is art in itself. Stopping into his store will treat you to a panorama of preframed artwork for home or office. Having him frame your memorabilia, photos, or piece of art will create a piece of art for a lifetime of enjoyment.
If you're ready to start being creative and have always wanted to make a quilt or improve your quilting skills this is the place to come. A friendly and relaxed atmosphere run by skilled women who love their craft. They have a large variety of supplies and conduct classes. They also sponsor 'The Pad Project Workshop' helping young women in Kenya.
The Cloth Carousel in Winters has numerous classes in the different aspects of the art of sewing. They also give back to the community. The have the ‘Stitches of Love Workshop’. Articles are made for cancer survivors. They also have ‘A Case of Love’ where pillowcases are made for donation to the less fortunate through Meals on Wheels and Not Just a Case.    

A welcoming atmosphere with a great staff giving great harcuts. Reasonable prices. They really have it all here.
This type of dental surgery can be very intimidating for many people. Dr. Khoury and his staff do everything they can to mitigate those fears and anxiety. The procedures are explained in great detail giving the patient a tremendous comfort level. They do everything they can to make you feel comfortable including providing music that you enjoy to listen to while your procedure is taking place.
Like the name says, Jackman Family Dentistry. They make you feel like your part of the family. Dr. Jackman's dental work is second to none. He takes the time to explain each step, each procedure so that you are totally comfortable with the work being done. He's very skilled and knowledgeable and keeps up with the latest technology. The supporting staff is terriffic.  
Favorite Places to Dine and Grocery Shop

Cozy and intimate atmosphere it's chef owned and operated and a true farm to table experience. The chef goes to great lengths for organic produce and locally raised meat. The service is excellent.

The Yuan Xing restaurant has an excellent and varied menu. The food is prepared to perfection and the service is excellent. If you like authentic Chinese, this is the place to go.
One of our favorite places for food shopping. They have a large health food section and a large selection of organic foods. The staff is always courteous and helpful.

For the finest honey ever, try honey from The Pleasants Valley Honey Company. You won't be disappointed. You can check out their Facebook Page here. They are also known as Clay's Bees. Locally produced honey that's everything honey should be.
Excellent Service and a wide product selection makes Raley's another place where we enjoy grocery shopping. Their in-store pharmacy is excellent. The pharmacist and staff are knowledgeable and very helpful.
They have the best pizza. Delicous, crispy and fresh. The service is excellent and a very nice atmosphere is an added bonus. Try the homemade cannoli as a meal topper, it's great!

Excellent, Responsive and Knowledgeable Staff
You really are in good hands with this team.

Below are some places we've traveled through outside of Vacaville. If you decide to give them a try, we hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Old Sacramento is like those towns you see in the old western movies. It’s a great place for walking around and just relaxing. The Old Sacramento Trading Post has a lot of American Indian arts and crafts. They have a large selection of Mountain T-Shirts as well as turquoise jewelry.

If you're not into fast foods and you're looking for real quality food to eat and you don't mind spending more than $1.99 for a meal, this is your place. The food was delicious, the service excellent and the place had a very comfortable ambience. Chef owned and operated this restaurant is located in downtown St. Helena. A delicious meal at the Market and a stroll down Main Street to complete your days tours of the local wineries.
Morgan's of California. A great store with many homemade candies as well as dried fruits and nuts produced right there on the ranch. A large variety of these are organic. The golf cart ride through the ranch is a real treat, the views of the mountains are breathtaking. A great place to spend some time and indulge in life's sweeter things.
This shop is fantastic. The artwork is exceptional and all "Made In The USA": How great is that? Definately worth a look.
Giving Back

We plan to list, as we find them, groups of people and organizations that are promoting the common good. Here are just a few and we'll continue to add more as we become aware of them.
Binky Patrol

Binky Patrol is a group with chapters in a number of states throughout the United States. They have twenty chapters in California including one at 3125128873. The Binky Patrol is committed to providing quilts and blankets to children in need. The children helped are in various states of need from Medical Centers, Children Shelters and various Community Aid Groups. These Quilts and Blankets are a source of comfort to these children. Wrapping themselves in these quilts and blankets is like getting a big warm hug.
Use these links to find out more and how you may choose to get involved.

The Pad Project makes washable, re-useable maxi pads for girls and women in the world's impoverished areas.  These durable and long-lasting maxi pad kits consist of one waterproof base unit, two heavy liners and two light liners.  They can be washed and re-used many times.  They are relatively simple to make, and the materials can be purchased at your local fabric store, or even found in your own home.
For more detail on the project, check the video on the left. In Vacaville, the Pad Project is sponsored by A Quilted Heart.

North Bay Stand Down

North Bay Stand 6134668249 has been assisting homeless veterans and at-risk Veterans since 2002. The focus has been the counties of Napa, Solano, Sonoma and Yolo, California but they do not turn away Veterans from other counties. Since its inception they have provided services to over 2,000 Veterans.
Their credo is “A Hand Up - Not A Hand Out”
They conducted a Stand Down October 11, 12, 13, 2016, that was a rousing success. They not only provide Veterans in need with a respite but opportunity to change their circumstances.
Read about the 2016 Stand Down.
From (701) 485-6212 in Vacaville
620-294-8901 - Vacaville
(808) 557-7659 Here you will find the history of the organization, links to get help if you're a Veteran and links to find out how you can help.
The Weather for Vacaville
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