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This evening we'll go home.


You can't always get the one you want.

The men drew their swords from their scabbards.

The police confiscated Dan's driving licence.


Go fix the hot-water bottle.


The future is now.

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It's fast and fun.


He fell lamentably short of his duty.

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We must do away with these old rules.


Father went to Detroit to work every year.

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I'm not doing this.


Panacea's boss is a bit too tactile for her liking.

Lanny is good at soccer.

Margie pumped his fist in the air.


Which is cheaper, this or that?

Whichever wins, I'll be happy.

On the tray are five objects - three of them are keys.


That's why dogs love you.

What should I do if I become depressed while studying abroad?

When will we go back to Boston?


Theo doesn't know who she should ask.

I remember the living and I can't forget the dead.

I'm through with my work. Let's go out.

It won't clear up.

I already have a plan.

I filled up the jacuzzi with hot water.

Losers are always wrong.

I know the girl.

Kathryn's friends laughed at him.


You did nothing wrong.

I know that your work isn't easy.

I like how you avoided answering Mwa's question.

When I was a kid, I loved the film Jurassic Park.

We were late, owing to the heavy snow.

Naomi doesn't live in my neighborhood.

I died.

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I haven't seen something similar my whole life.

She has been absent since last Wednesday.

I cannot distinguish a frog from a toad.

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Boyce is clearly not happy.


Kirk became wiser as he grew older.

Don't exaggerate now.

Can you please correct my translation?

What are the odds of that happening twice in a row?

Pessimism believes in no improvement.

The truth is he has a habit of inventing lies.

I have no use for it.

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Boyce and Wilson are no longer together.

The poor are not those who have little but rather those who need much.

The entire area of the Dutch province of Flevoland used to lie on the bottom of the sea before 1930.

This happened often in the summer.

I will have to wait till I finish schooling and start earning money.


Don't play poker with her.

I'm supposed to make sure there's no trouble.

Robbin was friends with both June and John.

The F1 champion Michael Schumacher sustained a serious head injury.

So it was all a lie.

I'm sorry, I don't speak Hungarian.

Becky's the one who's scared.

I wasn't able to catch the ball that Benson threw to me.

Go tell him yourself.


You look like a sad panda.


It goes both ways.

How much money are we talking about?

Why do you look familiar?

Boyce's flight was canceled.

The music evokes memories of an earlier time.

I know it to be fact.

That's all I wanted to say.


Reinhard is with me every day.

I expect you to behave like an adult.

Did you arrive home safely?


I don't come here very much anymore.


I've managed to persuade Win to donate some money.

Who says that I steal money?

I don't think you'd like that.

"A Happy New Year!" "I wish you the same!"

Gerard did not want to meet up with Penny in the city. Therefore, she canceled on him.


He is taller than me by a head.

I went hiking with the group.

Where else in Boston do you want to go?

I think it was a good day.

Why is politics separating us, when we ourselves know who is good and who isn't?


I can't do it by myself. You need to help me.

She was at once frank and honest.

I didn't say it wasn't OK to eat.

It has already been expained to you: a battle requires discipline and coordination.

Emmett wanted money.


I am sweeping the yard.

Lea will be punished.

Bob was a kind and gentle man, well loved by all who knew him.


Gretchen wants to know what happened.

Stay here with us.

It was the first thing that struck my eye.

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His proposal was out of the question.

I never thought I'd get that lucky.

Check your hat.

Lanny's quite good.

Nicholas played cards with Panos.

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Keep following me.

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Jill was a great comfort to me when I was ill.

Mathematicians are poets, except that they have to prove what their fantasy creates.

I enjoyed her unexpected visit.

Thomas asked his parents to buy him a faster computer.

The legend says that the day she died, an eclipse darkened the skies.

Kusum clearly has a problem.

I didn't buy that.

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I found out about a back-door registration technique from his secretary.

Aren't you supposed to be in Boston?

Donn is allergic to alcohol.

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A responsible student knows his or her responsibilities.

We have to leave a bit earlier.

Are you ready for Halloween?

Brexit refers to the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union.

You had a nosebleed.

He seems to be lying.

We collect stamps from all around the world.

No matter how bad it gets, she won't die from that disease.

Ramsey walked back on the stage.


I hope Eric follows your instructions.

He attributes his success to hard work.

Speaking of sports, can you play tennis?


I dove into the river.

Doyle waited there.

She is a kind of genius.

I just want to humiliate Stu.

I'm afraid of the same thing.

I believe that he'll do fine.

I'm ready to.

Whoever could that be at this time of night?

She whipped out her pistol.

I really have to be there by 2:30.

They ate and they drank.

How long have you been busy?

Scarcely had she put on her makeup before he arrived.

When I'm sitting in this chair, it's really comfortable.

I haven't spoken to her yet.

Have you got plans?

"Come into my parlor," said the spider to the fly.


The president will hold a press conference later today.

A part of this land is mine.

Olson is shallow, isn't he?

Do you want to do it together?

I never have time to get through all the paperwork.


I cannot kill a mouse, let alone a little bird.

Don't you know the saying "good manners even between friends?"

I work long hours.

I suggested that she go alone.

Come back tomorrow.

Well, I'll take my time.

Where can I get the medicine?

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We pay the kid next door to mow our lawn.

No, don't say anything!

Make it a gin and tonic.


I'll focus on the market development for 1999.


I knew this was a dream!


Having been caught in that situation before, I knew exactly what to do.

He was made my servant.

We're all waiting because there's no news about the test results yet.