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Chemical behaviour of bentonite in the near field of the KBS-3V concept

Aku Itälä

In Finland the spent nuclear fuel final repository of Posiva Oy is based on the Swedish KBS-3V multi-barrier concept. In this concept, the spent fuel rods are placed inside cast iron inserts surrounded by a gastight copper canister. The canister is placed in a vertical borehole and surrounded by bentonite clay rings at a depth of at least 400m in an underground bedrock facility at Olkilu...


Väitöstilaisuus: 20.11.2018

Impacts of weather and climate on mortality and self-harm in Finland

Reija Ruuhela

Human beings are able to adapt to their climatic normal conditions, but weather extremes may pose a substantial health risks. The aims of this dissertation were to model the dependence of all-cause mortality on thermal conditions in Finland, and to assess changes in the relationship over the decades and regional differences in the relationships between hospital districts. Another aim was...


Väitöstilaisuus: 21.11.2018

Telecouplings in a globalizing world: linking food consumption to outsourced resource use and displaced environmental impacts

Vilma Sandström

Globalization has increased the interconnections between world regions. The distal socio-economic and environmental interactions, feedbacks and outcomes between land systems are called telecouplings. The increase in telecouplings is also true with agricultural production and food systems as food trade has intensified in the past decades. This change has contributed to many positive aspec...


Väitöstilaisuus: 21.11.2018

Thermodynamics and dynamics of polar ice sheets, glaciers and ice shelves under changing climate

Ilona Välisuo

Polar ice sheets, glaciers, and ice shelves, referred to as land ice in this document, are under transition in the changing climate. Observations show that glaciers have retreated and melt water discharge from land ice has increased together with the warming climate. Decreasing volume of land ice is reflected to the whole Earth system via changes in surface radiation balance, sea level r...

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Väitöstilaisuus: 23.11.2018

Deep Brain Stimulation of the Subthalamic Nucleus, Effect on Parkinsonian Motor Symptoms and Experimental Effects with CDNF

Antti Huotarinen

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder, affecting about 1% of people over 65. The cardinal motor symptoms of PD are mostly due to reduced dopaminergic signaling in the nigrostriatal system and can be effectively treated with dopaminergic medication. However, the most effective treatment, levodopa (L-DOPA), leads to dyskinesias or motor fluctuations....

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Väitöstilaisuus: 23.11.2018

TRANSITIONS TO ADULTHOOD AMONG FINNISH YOUNG PEOPLE - A mixed-methods study based on longitudinal register data and interviews with street-level professionals

Jaakko Harkko

Background: While the majority of Finnish young adults make transitions to adulthood rather uniformly and successfully, many individuals face exclusion from employment or low pay and job inequalities associated with insecure labour markets. The general aim of this study is to examine the transitions to adulthood of Finnish young people. The research describes how the processes of transit...


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Antifungal and Antileukemic Compounds from Cyanobacteria: Bioactivity, Biosynthesis, and Mechanism of Action

Anu Humisto

Nature is a treasury of bioactive natural products that are developed into pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other industrial applications. Natural products have an impact on all of us, for instance, in the form of antibiotics. Most of the drugs sold today are natural products or their derivatives. However, the need for new natural products has not decreased but is rather increasing. The in...

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Väitöstilaisuus: 23.11.2018

Metal(IV) Phosphate Based Functional Materials for Selectively Harvesting Rare-Earth Elements from Bauxite Residue

Wenzhong Zhang

Inorganic metal(IV) phosphates with adjustable structural features, strong acid resistance and selective ion-exchange capabilities are an ideal class of materials to be applied in solid-liquid metal separation processes. The surface hydroxyl groups with ion-exchange capability also grant the metal(IV) phosphates with vast possibilities for further functionalisation and hybridisation.

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Effects of dietary management on the energy metabolism of periparturient dairy cows: regulation of lipidome and transcriptome

Nanbing Qin

High-producing dairy cows suffer from metabolic stress, particularly during the periparturient period. The high nutrient demand of milk production leaves the animals susceptible to various metabolic diseases after calving. Improving the health and welfare of high-producing dairy cows has been a long-term goal of dairy research and it is critical for the sustainability of the dairy indust...

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Väitöstilaisuus: 23.11.2018

Exercise and Falls among Frail Older People -Special Focus on People with Dementia

Niko Perttilä

Background: The term frailty is used to describe older persons who are at increased risk of adverse health outcomes. Various measures have been investigated but Fried’s criteria are used most often. However, there is still a lack of consensus on the definition of frailty. Simpler measures based on postal questionnaires have also been investigated in the assessment of frailty. Different m...

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Väitöstilaisuus: 23.11.2018

Revival and regeneration of Indigenous knowledge in intercultural bilingual teacher education - A study in the Ecuadorian Amazonia

Tuija Veintie

This doctoral dissertation examines how Indigenous knowledge is recognized and incorporated into a teacher education programme targeted at Amazonian Indigenous Shuar, Achuar and Kichwa students. It is based on an ethnographic field study in an intercultural bilingual teacher education (IBTE) institute in the Amazonian region of Ecuador. This study leans on theory and concepts deriving fr...

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Väitöstilaisuus: 23.11.2018

Diet, diabetes, and prevention of cognitive decline - Focus on lifestyle intervention

Jenni Lehtisalo

Late-life cognitive impairment and dementia are more common among individuals with type 2 diabetes, and these disorders also share risk factors, such as obesity, as well as protective factors, such as healthy diet. Diabetes prevention could improve cognitive performance later in life, and improvement in diet may potentially prevent cognitive impairment through several pathways. This stud...


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Dekadens och queer i Hagar Olssons tidiga prosa

Eva Kuhlefelt

I min avhandling analyserar jag dekadensrelaterade och queert inspirerade motiv i fyra romaner av den finländska modernistpionjären Hagar Olsson (1893-1978): Lars Thorman och döden (1916), På Kanaanexpressen (1929), Det blåser upp till storm (1930) och Chitambo (1933). Syftet är att vidareutveckla de frågeställningar som den feministiskt orienterade Olssonforskningen introducerat och där...

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Evaluation of epaxial muscle structure in dogs with spinal disease

Anna Boström

Epaxial muscle atrophy, decreased cross-sectional area (CSA) and increased fat infiltration has been found in dogs with spinal pathology. However, methods to quantify muscle structure have not been validated, and breed differences in the epaxial muscle architecture of dogs have not been considered in relation to spinal pathology. We aimed to validate a method to quantify epaxial muscle s...

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Placental abruption - Studies on maternal and offspring long-term morbidity and mortality

Outi Riihimäki

Placental abruption, defined as a premature separation of the placenta from the uterine wall before delivery, is a serious obstetric complication with many potential adverse outcomes for both mother and fetus. The etiology of abruption is not fully understood. Smoking, previous abruption and hypertensive disorders are significant factors in the development of the condition. Children born...

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Väitöstilaisuus: 23.11.2018


Hanna Pitkänen

Hemostasis is a crucial biological process, in which thrombin generation (TG) and formation of fibrin network are key elements. Equally important is the capability to dissolve the blood clots through fibrinolysis to repair blood flow. This thesis seeks to recognize factors influencing TG, fibrin formation and fibrinolysis related to solvent/detergent (S/D) plasma, congenital factor XIII ...

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Väitöstilaisuus: 23.11.2018

Chronic physical diseases and depressive symptoms: Insight into the association of long QT syndrome and type 2 diabetes with depressive symptoms

Karolina Wesolowska

Individuals diagnosed with chronic physical diseases, such as coronary artery disease (i.e., a cardiac condition being a risk factor for ventricular arrhythmias) and type 2 diabetes (T2D; i.e., a metabolic condition characterized by high glucose levels), are at risk of developing mental health problems. In parallel, people with mental health problems, including depressive symptoms, have ...

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Väitöstilaisuus: 23.11.2018

Modelling circulation dynamics in the northern Baltic Sea

Antti Westerlund

Circulation and surface layer dynamics are of significant importance, for example, when considering how hazardous substances or nutrients are transported in the sea. The earliest studies mapping circulation patterns in the northern Baltic Sea were done before the Second World War and were based on lightship observations. Although the number of available observation points was low, these ...


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Neurotoxin regulation and the temperature stress response in Clostridium botulinum

Gerald Mascher

Clostridium botulinum is a dangerous foodborne pathogen that forms highly resistant endospores and the extremely potent botulinum neurotoxin. Whereas endospores enable the survival and transmission of the organism in many harsh environments, the botulinum neurotoxin blocks neurotransmission and causes the severe and potentially lethal disease botulism in humans and animals. Both traits p...

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Väitöstilaisuus: 23.11.2018

Discourse Networks and Justifications of Climate Change Policy - News Media Debates in Canada, the United States, Finland, France, Brazil and India

Anna Kukkonen

This dissertation examines the role of discourse networks—defined as networks of policy actors who are related through shared political discourse—in climate change policy in Canada, the US, Finland, France, Brazil and India. The research material consists of statements from policy actors in over 2700 articles from 14 newspapers. My approach is guided by recent developments in the study o...

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Anchoring craft - The object as an intercultural and intertemporal unifying factor

Liubov Vetoshkina

This study focuses on the potential of objects in craftwork activities, specifically in wooden boat building. The monograph addresses two polar trends in scientific conceptualisations of craftwork: eliminating objects from skill-focused analyses of crafts and eliminating the cultural and historical potential of objects in craftwork. This study aims to move beyond general interpretations ...

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Long-term outcome of bipolar I and II disorders

Sanna Pallaskorpi

The Jorvi Bipolar Study (JoBS) is a collaborative bipolar research project between the Unit of Mental Health of the National Institute for Health and Welfare (former Department of Mental Health and Alcohol Research of the National Public Health Institute), Helsinki and the Department of Psychiatry, Jorvi Hospital (HUCH), Espoo, Finland. JoBS is a prospective, naturalistic cohort study of...

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Väitöstilaisuus: 24.11.2018

Bioinformatics analysis of intron retention events associated with the minor spliceosome

Ali Oghabian

In the Eukaryotes, DNA sequences in genes are often interrupted by non-coding sequences called introns. These sequences are removed from the transcripts via a process known as splicing either while the genes are being transcribed (co-transcriptionally) or after transcription (posttranscriptionally). In higher eukaryotes two separate pre-mRNA splicing machineries have been described: the ...

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Assessment of Small Airway Function : Application of Impulse Oscillometry in Young Children with Asthmatic Symptoms

Hanna Knihtilä

Small airway dysfunction has been associated with different clinical features of asthma, such as symptom severity, exacerbations, and airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR). However, the diagnosis and monitoring of asthma focus on indices that reflect mainly large airway function, and no gold standard measure for small airways exists. Especially in children, the clinical significance of small ...

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Väitöstilaisuus: 30.11.2018

Prevalence of intellectual disability in Finland

Hannu Westerinen

Intellectual disability (ID) is a developmental condition with problems in mental functions that are reflected in lower than average performance in tests for intelligence, indicating difficulties for the person to adapt in everyday life. The various needs for support of persons with ID necessitate well-organized services systems. To organize, run, and reform those systems reliable, up-to...

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Väitöstilaisuus: 30.11.2018

Metabolic changes, inflammation and mortality in psychotic disorders

Jaakko Keinänen

People with psychotic disorders have an increased risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Together with a high risk for suicide, these lead to a reduction of the average lifespan by 15-20 years. Identifying clinical predictors of cardiovascular disease and mortality in psychotic disorders is important. This study examined anthropometric measures and lipid and glucose metabo...

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Väitöstilaisuus: 30.11.2018


Polina Girchenko

The prevalence of women entering pregnancy with overweight and obesity is growing worldwide reaching epidemic proportions. Apart from the risks of maternal and fetal morbidity associated with overweight and obesity, excessive weight is also an essential risk factor for diabetic and hypertensive disorders occurring before and during pregnancy. Maternal obesity and co-morbid hypertensive a...

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Mitigating bias and dealing with multiple time scales in cohort studies : Studying medications and complications of diabetes

Anna But

Cohort studies are an important and powerful tool of epidemiologic research. When based on a representative cohort, observational cohort studies provide results of a high external validity given that the internal validity is not impaired by bias. Diabetes and cancer represent two prevalent, complex, diverse and potentially fatal chronic diseases, occurs more often than could be expect...

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Väitöstilaisuus: 30.11.2018

Deep sclerectomy

Sakari Suominen

This study was undertaken to determine outcome of deep sclerectomy (DS) with and without mitomycin C (MMC), especially in patients with normal tension glaucoma (NTG). Intraocular pressure (IOP) lowering effect of DS to NTG eyes with low preoperative IOP has not been studied previously. When aiming for low postoperative IOP, MMC may introduce postoperative adverse effects. Majority of gla...


Väitöstilaisuus: 30.11.2018

Silver-Russell Syndrome and Human Growth: Genetic and Epigenetic Studies

Mari Muurinen

A large part of the genetic and epigenetic changes contributing to human height and growth remain unknown. Silver-Russell syndrome (SRS) is a rare human growth disorder, where maternal uniparental disomy of chromosome 7 [UPD(7)mat] and loss of methylation at 11p15 (11p15 LOM) are the two major findings. However, a substantial proportion of the SRS patients remain without a molecular diag...

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Democracy after Accession: Deconsolidation and the EU’s Domestic Impact in Central and Eastern Europe

Laura-Elena Sibinescu

This dissertation addresses three research questions about democratic deconsolidation in Central and Eastern Europe after EU accession: what are the conditions under which it occurred? What intervening, case-specific processes explain deconsolidation? And what was the nature of the EU’s domestic impact relating to this phenomenon? To operationalize deconsolidation, I use the democratic e...

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AGGREGAATTORIT ÄÄNITTEIDEN DIGITAALISESSA JAKELUSSA Tekijänoikeuslainsäädännön ja verotuksen näkökulmasta

Laine, Annina / 27.04.2017

AGGREGAATTORIT ÄÄNITTEIDEN DIGITAALISESSA JAKELUSSA Tekijänoikeuslainsäädännön ja verotuksen näkökulmasta Laine, Annina Tiivistelmä/Referat – Abstract Internet ja digitaalitekniikan kehitys on mullistanut musiikkialaa merkittävästi ja huomattava osa äänitteistä siirtyy nykyään kuuntelijalle digitaalisessa muodossa. Kuluttajille äänitemarkkinoiden digitalisoituminen merkitsee, että mus...

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Kartellivahingon määrän todistaminen vahingonkorvausoikeudenkäynnissä

Korhonen, Sofie / 27.04.2017

Kartellivahingon määrän todistaminen vahingonkorvausoikeudenkäynnissä Korhonen, Sofie Tiedekunta/Osasto Fakultet/Sektion – Faculty Oikeustieteellinen tiedekunta Laitos/Institution– Department Tekijä/Författare – Author Sofie Korhonen Työn nimi / Arbetets titel – Title Kartellivahingon määrän todistaminen vahingonkorvausoikeudenkäynnissä Oppiaine /Läroämne – Subject Oikeustalo...

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The Patent Economics of Synthetic Biology

Bützow, Alexander / 27.04.2017

The Patent Economics of Synthetic Biology Bützow, Alexander Kyseinen työ tutkii uutta bioteknologian muotoa, synteettistä biologiaa, ja sen suhdetta eurooppalaiseen immateriaalioikeuteen, erityisesti patenttioikeuteen. Tutkielman keskeiset kysymykset koskevat sen selvittämisestä, onko 1) synteettisen biologian keksinnöt systeemisesti soveltumattomia nykyiseen patenttioikeuteen, ja 2...


Vastuun rajoittaminen asianajotoimeksiantosopimukseen perustuvan vastuunhallinnan keinona

Sotamaa, Rasmus / 27.04.2017

Vastuun rajoittaminen asianajotoimeksiantosopimukseen perustuvan vastuunhallinnan keinona Sotamaa, Rasmus Asianajajan mahdollisuuksiin rajata vastuutaan on perinteisesti suhtauduttu varovaisen torjuvasti niin Suomessa kuin muissakin Pohjoismaissa. Torjuvan suhtautumisen perusteet on usein liitetty asianajotoiminnan erityiseen luonteeseen. Vastuunrajoitukset on nähty erityisesti asianaja...


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