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SansMinds Opens International Studios

We traveled the world in 2017, and realized that there’s a lot more people out there with great ideas who want to bring them to the community. So we are expanding and opening up 3 new international studios to support art and artists from all around the world.

Armando Lucero

Armando Lucero is regarded as the greatest living exponent of sleight of hand magic. His work has inspired countless magicians including David Blaine, Derren Brown, and Paul Vigil. Featured on international television and a regular performer at the Magic Castle, we are proud to be working with this living legend.

Our 2017 Reel is Now Live!

SansMinds did a lot of great stuff in 2017, so much in fact that we were too busy to make a reel showing everyone. From television production to our international expansion, 2017 was a year we won’t soon forget. Check it out yourself!