There's nothing surprising about that.

Hubert wants to buy some books.

My annual income exceeds five million yen.

Jinchao did his best to explain what needed to be done.

Jamie went away angry.

I am teaching.

I'll arrange that.


You like chocolate, don't you?

That which for mathematicians is illogical is entirely normal for musicians: seven plus seven is thirteen.


I have just cleaned my room.

The letter T is a common consonant.

What'll they do to Toft?

I'll do the best I can.


That's not what you said.

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We've got these.


Isn't it about time to eat?


And so you think that's a good idea, huh?

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You can still get here by midnight.


If they had offered you the job, would you have accepted it?

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This story is based on actual events.

Kay's retired.

Tell Ben not to tell Ralph.

It's hard not to write satire. For who is so tolerant of an unjust city, so ironclad, that they can hold back?

I spoke to him about it over the telephone.

You're a hard person to say no to.

"Your speech was great." "Really? Thanks!"

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The Sun is the biggest object in our solar system. It contains more than 99% of the solar system's mass.

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It sounds delicious.

Where did you get those?

Cole's feet got wet.

Josip was in Boston last week, wasn't he?

Claudia has pictures of squirrels hanging on the walls of his office.

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We got off to a bad start.


Do you have any ideas about it?

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He was experienced in business.

I'm easily bored.

Adam got on the elevator and pressed the button for the third floor.

The night is so dark.

This is just like in my fantasies.

I don't like seeing young girls with heavy makeup.

Physicians are usually distinguished from surgeons.

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I only drink to be sociable.

Does Russ have a bicycle?

I don't want to appear ungrateful.

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Susumu didn't think John and Nikolai were married.

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Almost everyone here speaks French.

She worked in Belgium.

Rik knows exactly what needs to be done.

I want a room with a shower.

How long do you expect it to take?


Sunil is apparently a busy man.


The hypnotist was able to put his subject into a trance.

Meeks started retreating.

I knew you'd be talking about me.

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He washed the blood off his hands.


I don't see the relevance.

Clothes are more expensive here than in the United States.

A museum is a great place to find a date.

Bryan made up his mind to become a teacher.

We're glad this all worked out so well.


Perhaps we'll meet again.


Corporate governance and accountability are being strengthened.

How did you kill her?

By the way, is there another way to say "by the way"?

Due to total russification in Belarus, the Belarusian language is at the brink of extinction.

I'm looking for work.

Cathryn is sort of an amateur sociologist.

The point is they're too young.

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Go along with the crowd.

Here it is.

Why not just kill her?

I don't seem to be having much luck today.

She can't suppress her emotions.

Marguerite called Gypsy a traitor.

While we're waiting, why don't you tell me what happened?

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Do you really think Hy is a spy?

What makes you think I want to do that?

Strong as an oak.


How did she find that out?


The problem remains unsolved.

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Relations between China and Japan have been tense recently.

My mother happened to be there when the fire broke out.

Do you know this man?

Hirofumi has lived in Boston since 2013.

Never call me again!

That coin is counterfeit.

Just have them call me, OK?

I'm trying to meet the deadline.

I guess I'm not all that busy.

Eliot accepted the money Harris offered him.

Brian used to be easygoing.

What's your favorite movie?

We got held up by the roadworks and missed our flight.

Fried food does not agree with me.

He is too slow.

You feel lonesome, don't you?

I'm sure he's alive.


Courtney exhaled sharply.

No matter what you desire of life, other people's aims, ambitions and activities constitute vital obstructions along your pathway.

What'll happen to her?

I'm very grateful for your help.

Could I have a subway map, please?


It's just one of those annoying buzzwords.


No single company should have over 10 billion dollars in assets. Now is the time to require the break-up of excessively large companies, in the same way as and for the same reason that Theodore Roosevelt broke up the trusts and monopolies.

Frederic had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We've had no rain for ages; in fact, not since the beginning of April.

She drew her gun and said:

I had strange dreams last night.

Dustin has never ridden a horse.

I have to ask for help and advice.

The theory is too abstract for me.

Mickey knew who I was trying to get to join our team.

I think Benjamin is a good leader.

You should take a closer look.


I said enough.

I was born and raised right here.

Hey, you don't look so good.


Is there a good time to chat?

Whether it's national economics, family economics, or personal economics, it's not something where sloppy accounting is good enough.

Mr Jones is tasting the soup his wife made.

I have to get to work.

Miles knows her.

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I'm trying not to get emotional.

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Their offer to buy the house was rejected.


What does Tony do?

I'd appreciate some help.

I got this recipe from my grandmother.

He has bats in the belfry.

It just felt terrific.

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The boy knocked the glass over.


I'm not here to help you. I'm here to stop you.

I wait for the next chapter.

I just want you to scare Jim.


"Duke Onkled is under attack by the evil forces of Ganon! I'm going to send Link to aid him." "No way." "My boy, you're going to Gamelon." "No! I won't go there." "What the hell? You do what I say!" "Screw you, King! I'm on strike." "Strike?! Link, you sack of shit, you can't be on strike!" "I sure can, butthead!" "Enough! Fari, take him away." "Yes, my liege!"

At last, she gave in to him and told him the secret.

This plan, while looking great on paper, turned out to be a disaster.

I'd think that was obvious.

How's the family?

"Here's where we separate the men from the boys." "What about the girls?"

Dan tied Linda's hands.

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I know how to read between the lines.

Come now.

Don't talk to me. Just give me paper.

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Do it your way.

That car salesman isn't honest.

The husband accommodated his plan to his wife's.

Kikki couldn't find Merat.

I am invited to this party.

I have no idea how to handle this problem.

If Vivek had been careful, he wouldn't have gotten killed.


Scientific truth is a creation of the human mind.

I'm taking my lunch break.

He will be calling on me next month.

My brother tried many times to pass the examination, finally succeeding.

I won't let it happen again.

My mother went shopping at a department store.

He said that he could smell something burning and that the telephones weren't working.