He is a naughty boy.

I'm sure you know what I mean.

This country is called Russia.

I mailed a package to Loren.

That's Joanne.

Ritchey lets Per get away with almost anything.

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One of us could help him.

I didn't sleep last night.

The smoke ascended into the air.


Bret woke up toward the end of the movie.


Hey, don't go.

I am sorry that I have not written to you for such a long time.

There's no need to wash your hair every day.


The policeman was rather abrupt with me.


I didn't lose them.


She regretted not being able to attend the concert.

He watches television before studying.

Rajesh used to be the most popular kid in the class.


God created man in his own image, God is a warrior.


The movie will be showing in this movie theater.

My father gives you his regards.

John's parents seemed relieved to hear that his plane was on time.

What you lack is stamina.

Your hands are really soft.


You should be talking to me.

I didn't forget you.

Francois kissed Maureen and then she slapped him.

Watch the camera for me while I make a phone call.

My mum is about to take a bath.


I've decided that we won't go.

I want to go to the store.

I'm taking them home.

Tomorrow is convenient for me to call on you.

Keep a low profile.

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I do think that it is a pity.

I don't want spaghetti again tonight.

I had to send them home.


It is said that a new restaurant was constructed.

You are way too intelligent to think you'd be smarter than me.

Gregg had never been so busy before.


We will go to watch TV.


This candle you see here is the last one I have.


With whom were you speaking?

Why don't you ask him to do it?

Why can't you tell her?

A curious German word is "entfernen" (to put some distance between), because the prefix "ent-" means to take something away, in this case the distance, but taking away the distance would mean to bring it closer which is the exact opposite of what the word "entfernen" means.

There are no gods.

He did not know where to go.

I wish you two the best.

Did Les sing any songs you knew?

Sarah said there's nothing else we can do.


Give us a minute, would you?

Today isn't my birthday.

Kamiya is gone.

I'm not creative.

There's no way to get in touch with him.

How do I stop her?

Donal may be studying French.

I assumed you'd want me to help.

"Which of these cars do you prefer?" "I like the 4th one."

Please be here by eight at the latest.

Dani has forgiven me.


Ofer can put away more money, tax-deferred, for retirement.


He traded on her kindness.


In retrospect, Renu realized he shouldn't have been dating both sisters at the same time.

"You must not like sashimi, right?" "What do you mean? I love sashimi!"

She regretted it afterwards.


I like roasted chestnuts.


He will live up to his father's expectations.

And now I have observed that some felt upleasantly toward me for this reason too.

You might have injured someone else, and that is my business.


In any case, I'll have to go there tomorrow.


It's upstairs.

This is a product of our own creative activity.

I have a theory about him.

I talk a lot.

We didn't expect it.

It'll be dark by the time we get to Boston.

Somebody took a shot at me.

Some people are pretty scared.

All scornfully laughed at him.

I waved good bye and then walked away.

Can you say much in Dutch?

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We could leave our suitcases here.


Contract of partnership between [Company 1] and [Company 2].


How on earth did I get so jaded?

We're pretty smart.

I remember the time when he returned.

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Is there anything else that needs to be done?

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Why did Ravindranath come to you?


Is it proper to say "Aloha" when saying goodbye?

He went away.

It's impossible to get out of this cell.

Liyuan was using drugs, so the police arrested her.

Don't worry about it. It's no big deal.


If Page swims, I will, too.

The job advertisement specifically requested females.

His skeptical friend said that a truly productive space industry may be hundreds, if not thousands, of years from now.

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I'm anxious by nature.


It's just a precaution.

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I'm going to get married again.

If you want.

Lars became aware of a brand new world.

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They contrived to arrive in time after all.

I won't let you harm him.

It was your idea, wasn't it?


I'm going to keep on going.


Linda is fixing her hair.

I knew what I had to do.

I prefer weak coffee.

I thought this pair of shoes would last longer.

We're busy.

What were you doing then?

Rathnakumar finished his drink and then ordered another one.

This book consists of five chapters.

Don't make any noise because I am ill.


Reiner is always open to new ideas.

Grief on the face is better than the stain in the heart.

Slartibartfast won't tell me when he was born.

Ernest pulled into the gas station and turned off his engine.

The smallest child knows such a simple thing.

The timing was perfect.

Olivier didn't see anything.


He objected to the opinion of his manager.

Kaj died suddenly.

What you don't know can hurt you.


We went to work at sunrise, and quit work between sundown and dark.

Orville is in need of help.

We'll be living in Boston.

You don't have to wince like that. I'll fix it so it doesn't hurt.

The Emperor agreed to drop the demand for money.

John is the taller of the two boys.

Is there any way I can get in touch with Norbert?

I've been waiting for you for over a week.

It was only yesterday that I called on him.


Norbert is jumping of joy.

These are expensive tickets.

We always fight over silly things.


"You should stop." "I don't want to stop."

It's only a fifteen minute bus ride from here to the airport.

I'll come over.

There used to be a large cedar tree there.

It's nice to be back home.


It was painful to watch.


Have you ever gone to Venice?


Let's compromise.


He asked a very good question.

How much space does the building occupy?

Both Greece and Croatia are amazing!

Why do you insist on going?

There is a price for always getting what you want.

Olson is mature.

I'm studying the Japanese drama.

I managed to get away earlier than I expected.

Please call Linley and let him know we're OK so he doesn't worry.