I don't like rural horror thrillers.

I'll never be like Marco.

I'll go to Roberto.

Where are you going to study?

Once in orbit, Yuri Gagarin had no control over his spacecraft. Vostok's reentry was controlled by a computer program sending radio commands to the space capsule.

Do you like camomile tea?

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Do not open the present yet.


I like listening to classical music a lot.


Come on, you've got to eat something, Masanobu.

We'll be together again, Lynn.

We've got to have a little talk.

Somebody is watching me.

You can understand that, right?

All at once, I saw two figures: one a little man who was stumping along eastward at a good walk, and the other a girl of maybe eight or ten who was running as hard as she was able down a cross street.

It's the law.

I was born in 1982.

She was unable to completely give up her hope of marrying him.

Do you like pineapple soda?

He denies having done it.

Are these patriots forgotten?

Arnold was riding on his father's shoulders.

Let me talk to her first.

He looked as if he had been ill.


I'd like you to meet my sister, Elsa.

Let's respect the animals, because they are sentient beings.

Who said he wanted to join the special forces?

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It is getting warmer and warmer these days.

Try to keep an open mind.

I don't think this is the box that this toy came in; it won't fit in.

I might use it someday.

Tell her that I am angry.


Space and Casper agreed to work together.

He prays several times a day.

He was born rich.


Break it up!


In childhood, many violent criminals wantonly mistreated animals.


Nothing scares her.

What did you think I told them?

You miss Suwandi, don't you?

Did Think tell you who his wife is?

They are both school children.

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You won't be able to help them.

"Why are you crying? Did I say something I shouldn't have?" "No, it's just that a drop of sweat got into my eye."

She wants to get married right away.

I paid five dollars for this book.

Tell them you don't need it.

He came back after two hours.

Don't tell me, tell Johnny.


Tomorrow morning, they're selling tickets for the Shakira concert.

His statement is void of sincerity.

I'll go with you when pigs fly.


I'll see her tomorrow.

That would be embarrassing.

I was not present at that meeting.

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Where will we find the truth?

Examinations play a large part in education.

Don't go out with him.

Do you work with her?

I will be taking the exam about this time tomorrow.


Jim has never been abroad.

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Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?


She was busy with her knitting.


I can't believe you're capable of harming anyone.

I want to be her friend.

What's next?

Please clear away the tea things.

Einstein described quantum entanglement as "spooky action at a distance." So, before Einstein's own Theory of General Relativity, might Newton's theory of gravitation have been described.

Tanya is scared to death.

We even heard planes.

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Finally, I'm done with this work.

Betty wondered who that lady was.

I'm only telling the truth.

No one really knows what happened that winter night.

The doors are mercilessly closed against me.


You can't win every time.

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Let's go upstairs and talk.


Let's just go find them.

You are a doctor.

Whatever fate has created, fate will bring to an end.


Red sky in morning; global warming. Red sky at night, reactor's alight.

We were in favor of reforming the tax laws.

I wonder whether Mah will ever come home.

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Nobody talks about her.

I almost got a perfect score.

I left a note on your door this morning.

Nixon was born in California.

He is very thorough about everything.

So let's do it.

She's an important American.


Tomas was surprised to learn that Brandy was already in the third year of her plumbing apprenticeship.

He's a nonsmoker.

Most of the islands in this area are inhabited.


What a peculiar contraption! What on earth is that for?

We should call off the search.

Return fire.

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There is a woman in this room.

I heard him humming in the shower.

Elephants are in danger of dying out.

It was a bright and clear Sunday morning.

I could be there by 2:30.

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The last wound proved fatal.

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Is he from Japan?


Shall we walk?

Don't expose the tapes to the sun.

We'll discuss it later.

The propagandist's purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.

Stop running your mouth!

This smells great! What are you cooking?

They smiled.


I'll come by and pick you up tomorrow morning.

Can I see this?

I could sure use that money.


I hope we are the last.


I am afraid it will be rainy.

Shakil almost never gets to school on time.

Soohong is quite an athlete.

Let's go see if Nicolas can help us.

That car is quite up to date.

Step back.

I watched television yesterday.

Real was really tired.

Dan knows the reason but he doesn't want to tell Albert about it.


For a person who is in good physical condition, climbing mountains is a cinch.

Kudos for your outstanding achievement!

Does anybody really care?

My mouth was dry.

Why did you do it, Laurent?

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You're just jealous, that's all.

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Now that you mention it, I do remember that we did that.

Are all the books on the table?

This product claims to help you lose weight.

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We were surprised by that news.


I'm not satisfied with the structure of this sentence.


Our school has broken up for the summer.

There are a lot of things Kuldip didn't tell you.

If you don't want to stay, you don't have to.

They said they fired me because I'm fat.

Can't you see what's happening to you?

Rome is famous for its ancient architecture.

He is the tallest boy.


They complained about the city administration.


Does he have a big nose?

I have pushed on the brake.

Try to make up your mind soon.

I never saw so big a whale.

You look kind of upset.

Justin loves Anatole and she loves him.

I cannot prune this tree. It's too high.

We know what we want.

The hotel where we stayed was very comfortable.


That would violate our rules.

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They failed both times.

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Driving in the dark feels like flying!

I was invited by an old friend.

What if she actually had no other choice?

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Hurf and Jingbai will probably get married one day.