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There were few people in the park.

My time has not yet come.

I need to go get ready.

My grandfather is living on a pension.

List is a person I really admire.

I want you to remember exactly what you said to Damone.

Teresa and Dominic still liked each other.

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Rajesh didn't even help Justin.

Your name was number three on the list.

Tell Piet what's on your mind.

Cris was happy about it.

Are you deaf or stupid?

You're a tease.

Stefan and Maria sweat, seated in a sauna.

I want to work at a hospital.

You know how these things work.

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How many people die from automobile accidents each year?


You and I are nothing like them.

I'd like three tickets, please.

Did Christofer say what he was planning to do this evening?

Gail should take an umbrella because it looks like rain.

Are you content with your present salary?

Has someone died?

Naim used to be socially anxious because he couldn't find anyone who would understand and share his devotion to stoats; however, everything changed when he learned to incite passion for stoats in others with the use of just a few carefully designed phrases.

Wilmer is going to have to try harder.

I am planting beans in my garden.

I want it to be different this time.

You should make the most of your time while you are young.


The last time I saw Siegurd was yesterday around lunchtime.

Social order does not come from nature. It is founded on customs.

I'd like to know where you stand.

If I set the language to "French (Canada)," then it comes out as "courriel;" but if I set it to "French (France)," it appears as "e-mail."

Why didn't you come with me?


What happened, Sally?

This is my big break.

Who told you to come here?

Glen's father retired early.

Sally has been on a diet since last month.

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Gregory opened his laptop.

They have to clean the room.

He left everything to chance.

He is reading a book.

Thad is going to laugh when he sees this.

I wish to be a doctor.

We've run into a little bit of a problem.

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If in this self-portrait I seem to be staring at you, I'm not.


I don't need to write it down.

Never press this button.

Tad didn't want Krzysztof to drive his car.

Everyone has to learn the word by heart.

I have no idea where I am.

"I thought that Dwight was going to kill me." "So, did he kill you?" "No, he didn't, you idiot! Do I look like a ghost to you?"

Go boil your head!

That is what the British people expect of their Queen.

French toast is delicious.

Do you have any in blue?

Marcel wasn't expecting me to help him.

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We live near the large library.

You should pay more attention to his warnings.

There were no people in the village.

Lance refused to admit it.

Don't tell me you didn't bring it.


She was known for always being contentious.

I'm being patient.

Major stepped into the elevator and pushed the button for the third floor.

You are bad! Cockroach!

The child does not even know how to add.


She is very pretty, but not alluring.

My dog is clean.

It may rain tomorrow, but we are going in any case.

Rebecca wished he could stay in Boston longer.

I wouldn't like that either.

I was really depressed.

I'm short-handed.

The motor stopped.

The men were working with picks and shovels.

Jane is as beautiful a girl as her sister.

We must be kind to the elderly.


A liter of milk contains about thirty grams of protein.

"Can I help you?" "No, thank you. I'm just looking around."

I warned him not to come here.

I have completed the moving.

Beat me up!

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The moral of the story is that you can't trust the system.

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She's looking but she doesn't see anything.

This is my idea.

Raman will get his chance.

Srikanth handed Greg the clipboard.

The bottom 40% of the U.S. population has only 0.3% of the wealth.


Ranjit did what he was told to do.

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It made her happy.

Let's take it to her.

You will be in charge of the women working in this factory.

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It may not be a good idea to eat while you are running.

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I saw him skulking downcast in the bathroom.

Could you help me?

It's a risk we have to take.


Kevin knows that Jayant is a recovering alcoholic.

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I could tell you things about Tuna that would surprise you.

He did not want her to leave.

She wants to buy a present for her boyfriend.

English Wikipedia is blacked out today.

I strongly believe that human imagination is limitless.

Motivation is the key to success.

What can I tell Jerome?

These toys are very popular.

The museum guard told us not to touch anything.


Sue likes to eat mashed potatoes with lots of gravy.

The noise abruptly stopped.

We should treat others with sincerity.

Just don't kiss me.

No one seems to know you.

Lindsay talked Frederic into doing it.

I iron my clothes almost every day.

I'm sure you'll understand.

I'm glad I wasn't the one who had to do that.

Raphael and Jinchao got here at the same time.

He's not looking at the book.


My neighbor's name is Doyle.

Why did you lie to them?

Some birds are sitting on the branch of that tree.


Dawson is divorced and has a daughter.

Soap has the property of removing dirt.

Marriage is a lottery.

Scott screamed and ran out of the room.

What do you have the first period?

We'll try to do what we can.

I thought he held something back from us.

Why don't you polish the shoes with this cloth?

Do you want me to help you with the cooking?


Emmett's doctor advised him to cut down on his sugar intake.

This took place on the following day.

Maybe we should do this together.

Dale says he'll come tomorrow.

Janos is going to pay for everything.

I'm trying to spare your feelings.

Is this a gag?

He says racial reconciliation and nation building will be the aims of his government.

The hot weather was followed by several days of rain.

Nothing is as difficult as becoming a person.

Tharen has been working for us for three years.

An image is formed by the information in the media.

How are you going to pay me?

You went to the casino.

I'm not used to driving a truck this large.


Why did you want them to leave?

My birthday is November 10th.

He bought a dozen eggs.

He is understood even without the interpreter.

I told them I was coming.

I need help carrying them.

Powerful bombs won't get destroyed as long as capitalism continues.

What makes you think I'd lose?

Niall comes here nearly every day.

The doctor performing the operation seemed to be concentrating more on his conversation with his assistant than on the operation he was performing. Greg has suffered from the consequences to this day.

Suzanne is very sensitive to cold.

Kazuhiro and I used to work together in Boston.

I have lost my pen. Will you help me look for it?


How much does this umbrella cost?


I believe you all know them.


No, I don't want to go.


Ravindran may have to cancel the party.

I must tell Clarissa that.

I'll give you a lift.

Where are the suitcases?

I've heard no complaints.

Do you know where I might be able to find Don?

I cannot recall anything else at this time.

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Those proposals seem very much alike to me.