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I've been doing this since I was a kid.

Irene Pepperberg, a researcher at Northwestern University, is discovering that a parrot can not only mimic people but also learn the meaning of words.

Tell me you're not afraid.

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Would you like to go for a swim with me?

He gets tired easily.

I'll be able to finish it in a day or two.

It's easy money.

There used to be big trees around the pond.

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My house was robbed while I was away.

The child was crying for her mother.

Seeing something in a different context than the accustomed one can be surprising.


This blouse is cotton.

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I won't let you take her.

He can read and write English as well.

I think it's time for me to get a dog.

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Raanan is a horse trainer.

The plane gets in at eight o'clock.

Who makes the decisions here?

These countries were often visited with famine.

Rodger's parents got married in Boston.

What can we possibly give you?

You look a lot like your father.


Sean crochets lace every night.

Life would be terribly monotonous and deadly boring if everyone felt, thought and spoke the same.

The rubbish dump stinks.

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You're a great-looking guy.

I could never have imagined such a sensation.

Tell me who Bruce was talking to.

You're acting strange tonight.

I'll be there in a couple of hours.

Am I going to run into Butler tonight?

The train was ready to depart.


I hate working after dinner.

It is new to me.

How can you not remember?

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Nikolai sang a lot of old songs.

I want to take him with me.

We're making money.

Xenophobia is a widespread attitude in ghettos.

I will write Judy a letter.

Everyone can't be a winner.

The house belongs to him.

We have to pay taxes by March 15.

Never say the word "bomb" on an airplane.

I am good at raising roses.

We're not a bit too soon.


Young Tanaka is the stupidest person in the department.

Our friendship is beyond those little misunderstandings.

Jesse told me he's not interested in you anymore.

If your answer is correct, it follows that mine is wrong.

He was speaking.

I heard someone come into the room.

I'm feeling sad for Melanie.

It is important to overview the economic status of these groups before examining the proposed solutions.

Come swim with me.

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I wasn't willing to do what Spyros asked.


The gibbous moon appears to grow fatter each night until we see the full sunlit face of the Moon. We call this phase the full moon.


He took off his glasses.


I sent Myrick flowers on Valentine's Day.

Birds fly not into our mouth ready roasted.

We can give it a try.

Trying proceeded to the next question.

They visited us.


Worse still was the mean-spirited stuff that it was OK for my friends to know about, but the thought of anyone else knowing about made me itchy with shame.

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I saw the movie.

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If you've been drinking, perhaps your spouse can drive you home.

Police used rubber bullets to subdue the rioters.

Lui is as tall as Heather.

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It seems classes began yesterday.


Mysore is going to come live with me.

Are you going out tonight?

My stomach has been hurting.


I got on the wrong bus.

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Learning a new language is fun.

I like to give gifts.

You can hear the sound of the sea in this hotel room.

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Liisa accused me of negligence.

I need someone competent to wrap up the case.

Sound absorbing material is called acoustic material.

How can I tell it just to Edgar without telling everybody else?

Rarely does he go out on Sunday.

I'm close to where I want to be.

Tell me, is toying with people's feelings a favorite pastime of yours?


There were no other customers.

Why can't we be together?

This contest is fixed.

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My father reads the newspaper every morning.


We can walk back.


Ronni had one of his socks on inside out.


Adoptions have gone up 600% since the epidemic of vagina dentata began.


The car stopped in the middle of the road.

You won't be needing that again.

The library is in the center of the city.

Is there someone you want to invite to my party?

I have everything I need to be happy.


You'd better sit down.

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I heard everything Hunter said.

That's a nice jacket.

You look worn out.


I got the impression you didn't like me.


Stay calm and do your best.

Hey. How's it going?

She's not paying any attention to me.

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I can see a difference.

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You're not exactly an outsider.


I don't have any money, but I have dreams.

He accepted her offer.

You're nothing special.

He's really in good shape.

The bank robbers dispersed in all directions.

That's an easy one.

I hope Nadeem writes soon.

Good students study hard.

She is really good with children.


The old man has lived here all his life.

Children are always doing some mischief or other.

I must save the drowning child by all means.

You were recommended by a friend.

The whole town was in a ferment.

Willie's a hopeless romantic.

Nobody wants to invest in my country.

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Even a child knows right from wrong.

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Siping doesn't have a prayer.


You look fine!

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It's also scary when the lightning strikes across the sky, but what's really scary is the sound. Once, my house was struck by lightning and since then I've become even more scared.


You're shaken.

He carries on a small business in Osaka.

Shel always misunderstands me.

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The drug addict had to undergo rehabilitation.

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Howard needs to stop doing that.

I have to set up a budget for sales promotion.

Most young people have mobile phones.


You should be ashamed of your folly.

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Rudolf bought a camera at a bargain sale.


Is that really what you think?

He claimed his share of the profits.

Why not go talk to them?

Erick's eyes lit up.

His voice sounds like pure sex.


It's not about that.

The picture set her wondering.

I have three pieces of baggage.


Do you know where Leonard might've gone?

This isn't really what I had in mind.

I had half a mind to go to the concert.

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People always assume the worst.

What do kids like to do?

I have to go home a little early today.

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I don't think he's coming.