Microsoft was my first job out of college and after 8 wonderful years, I decided it was time for a new challenge. As it was the first time I'd actually … »


As noted in my prior blog post on Tagging Azure Resource Groups with an Owner, our team is hitting the subscription limits for storage accounts and cores on Azure. Once … »

Tagging Azure Resource Groups with an Owner

The Partner Catalyst Team at Microsoft has grown exponentially over the last year; at present, we have over 70 folks worldwide sharing one Azure subscription. The team has been organizing … »


In my work as an open source developer on the Partner Catalyst Team within Microsoft, I get a chance to work with partners and help them succeed on Azure. Recently, …9399107410


With the VSCodeVim extension, I recently setup a continuous delivery pipeline to make it easier to push a new release. Here's the lowdown of how we accomplished an automated approach …409-349-2014