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Our business is based upon your technical needs. We help you, or your business, with many aspects of technical support, data storage and file systems, custom websites, e-Commerce websites, cyber security, cell phone and computer repair, and more.

Data Storage and Security

Can your business tolerate downtime due to the inability to access what keeps your business moving forward? Protect your data from downtime, corruption, or loss. We can protect your data and assure it can be restored quickly if ever any corruption or loss occurs. We protect your data from breaches, and ensure data privacy and redundancy so you always have access to your data.

Phones & Computers

Cracked screens, broken computers, even phones or computers not working right. We fix it so you dont have to buy a new one. Data restoration and virus removal. Others will charge you a fortune to repair a phone or computer, we do not. We will never overcharge you like all the others; our repair prices will not be beat. Check out our reviews HERE

Technical Support

Tech support for anything IT, over the phone, or inhouse. We support it all. Tech support for anything IT, over the phone, or inhouse. We support it all. We can build your business network from the ground up. Hardware installations, software installations, web and client-based software solutions to support all of your business needs. Data storage and database support. Remote access and VPN abilities so you can do more while away from the office, and much, much more.

Web and Mobile App Development

REACH your customers with a mobile app and website. Gain more and do more with custom applications built specifically for the data the you use and need. We give you the ability to reach more people, do more with what is important to you, sell more, and earn more.

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our latest work

Check out what we have been doing for our clients. website is a data-driven websites that lets the client change any page to display what they would like to present to the viewer. website has a video catalog that lets viewers chose from many different sermons throughout the years. This site also lets the client add events, pictures, and video files. Go check it out!

Everything Android

Android/iPhone Repair. We can fix anything on any phone.

iPhone battery replacement. We use OEM parts combined with years of experience. We can't be beat in price, or experience.

We have served many satisified customers. Slow computer, WiFi, virus, anything. We can fix it.

Don't get scammed. Call us first before you do anything.

Computers, hardware repair, software repair. Anything, and we mean anything. We can solve your issues

Overheating Computers can be due to bad fans or heat sink. Here we are repairing both, along with a bad network card and broken screen (not pictured).

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Small Business Support

August 16 2018

Small business owners have much to deal with throughout the day. Most small business owners are adept at maintaining best technology practices and this could lead to catastrophic consequences in the future. Click on the button to see 10 tech mistakes small businesses make (and how IT consultants can help clients avoid them). We can help you avoid these pitfalls.


How to - Update Windows 10 to build 1803 Creators Update

August 25 2018

Microsoft is making Windows 10 version 1803 aka “April 2018 Update” available for the public to download and install on their PCs. If you haven't updated to the latest build, you may want to because Microsoft is discontinuing support on older versions of Windows 10. This means you will not get security updates anymore through windows update.

Get Update

A new social network targeted specifically at Web developers and designers aims to use voting-based popularity rankings to promote and share developer-specific content, …

Have you been pwned? -

What is pwned? Well, you might want to know. Any of your email accounts or passwords could have been compromised through any of the services you use online. This includes email, social media, and banking accounts. Check this site out by clicking below and enter in your email or password to get the results.

Visual Studio 2017 version 15.8 released

Microsoft is focusing on improving productivity and performance in the latest release of Visual Studio 2017.


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