Perfect Sunglasses

How to find right sunglasses?

To find the perfect sunglasses, you will need to consider the rounded shape of your face. The goal will be to choose a pair of sunglasses that will stretch the face so that it looks less round. It will be better to turn to an angular frame of rectangle shape, square or geometric. This type of glasses will be ideal for your facies. Find below all our advice on solar to favor and avoid when you have a round face!

Choice of form

Before the color, the choice of the frame is essential. If you find the one that suits you, compared to your face, it does not matter then your look, you will be crunchy. You have a square face – Choose a round or oval shaped frame whose curves soften the lines. You have a round face – Prefer “broken”, “square” shapes, with angles, to “structure” your face. Avoid over-adding rounded shapes to a round face. You have an oval face – It is the best proportioned face, which fits all frames of sunglasses. Avoid the fine frames that may further lengthen your face, and do not hesitate to focus on rectangular frames and thick: these sunglasses will make your face wider and lower.

Let’s go back in time. We are in 1999 and the first part of what will be the trilogy Matrix shakes the pop culture of its futuristic aura with bluffing special effects, surreal imaginary but also monochrome silhouettes sci-fi mid-monastic.

Cornerstone of these post-virtual flashes: ultra-thin black sunglasses, with almost invisible frames, which are not without reminding us of the eye protection of the UV cabins, a certain solemnity and more. An accessory a priori innocuous but which, like the neck-choker or banana, this season engages a sensitive OPA on the locker room.

Proof of it is its omnipresence on the catwalks. At Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia joins the pair with lava-collar blouses and black spindles for a neo-bourgeois look of the future while Courrèges makes the final touch of resolutely modernist looks. There are also Bottega Veneta, Miu Miu and Ermenegildo Zegna to name a few.

An epi-phenomenon? Not even, the icons in vogue made in Instagram as Bella Hadid willingly seizing this trend nineties that the under 20 years have not been able to know, spreading the trend to posts shot carefully “hashtagués”.

Choice of color

If you have cold skin tone – Dare the predominantly blue frames and its complementary colors: white, iridescent black, plum, magenta, pink and mauve. For metal frames, choose from pewter, enamelled metal, brushed silver or shiny silver. As for the tortoiseshell mounts take them dark and amber. Green mounts will go especially to redheads.

If you have warm skin tone – Your color of sunglass frames will be yellow. But persimmon, navy blue, red orange, ivory will also go very well. Prefer gold, copper or bronze colored frames. The golden brown frames or blondes will also go very well with your complexion. Matte skin can wear bright colors.