She is not aware of her beauty.


There were a lot of people in the stadium.

It's about time for dinner.

We cannot see our own faces without a mirror.

She has a very welcoming smile.

It's not at all typical.

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Jagath will never notice the difference.

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I don't see him often.

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Bret has more money than he can spend.

For how many days?

I have a few friends here.

That would be somewhat ironic.

I photographed one.

How much time will we have?

It was my duty to do that.

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They dismissed what Mahmoud was saying.


Matters are becoming worse.


When it comes to commas, if in doubt leave them out.

The president promised to ax government spending.

Do I have to do it or not?


Vidhyanath didn't want to spend as much money as he did.

The other children call him Fatty.

She sacrificed her life.


If I'd driven a little faster, we'd have gotten there on time.

I can resist everything except temptation.

Connie said he went there for a job.

Toufic looks pretty sick.

They're kids.

We should take a walk.

It was raining on and off all through the night.

Ariana Grande is one of the best pop musical artists in the United States.

Stephanie put on his goggles.

Luke is still sitting in his car, waiting for Sri.

She didn't know the information till she met him.

Natraj knows a lot of professional baseball players.

He's roasting a tasty chicken.

I am not married yet.

Let's meet at the station at eight tomorrow morning.

I think that watching TV is a waste of time.

His opinion adds a new light to the question.

Change the pillowcase.

She is afraid of dying from cancer.

You are to observe traffic rules.

Pretty, isn't it?

Go wash the dishes.

Dan's lawyer demanded to be allowed into the room where Dan was being questioned.

We can't turn back.

She has green eyes and light brown hair.

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I can't give Jacob these.

That was devastating.

They discussed Denis's skills, or lack thereof.


Alice is playing tennis at the moment.

I didn't even know that you used to live in Boston.

I love the scenery viewable from the Shinkansen.

Never did I dream that he would succeed.

Do you have nothing to say?


You can count me out on that!


I don't know why I'm so happy today.

To tell the truth, I used to smoke two packs a day.

The first thing you'll usually want to do is check the oil level.


Don't call again.

What's her plan?

The secretary was dismissed.

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Vick should be notified.

Your mom is cool.

She suffered from bulimia.

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The checks are paper.

A year consists of 365 days or 366 days.

Do they celebrate Mother's Day in your native country?

I'm supposed to meet someone later for a drink.

I'm pretty sure about that.

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Oleg will be next.


He as well as you likes baseball.

It's not that bad, is it?

I'm pregnant.


Miriamne brought flowers.

Can you e-mail it?

She finally arrived!

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A few trees fell down in our neighborhood during the storm last week.

Press the green button. If you do so, the light will go on.

The child was constantly interrupting her mother's conversation.

I'm playing with my friends.

Get up at once, or you will miss the 7:00 bus.

She knew it by a sixth sense.

The government adopted strong measures to fight inflation.

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I want the others to keep my tastes in mind.

He bargained that he should not have to pay for the car till the next month.

It could be a good thing.

We must go now.

My father insisted that we should go.

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That's where Gigi is.

I don't get the meaning of all of this.

Is there anything you can tell us about it?

I'm not complaining, and until now no one else has complained either, even if the the work conditions are truly deplorable.

Mott and Andries are in the same boat.


He's a posh toff.

I heard you didn't get much sleep.

The factory will begin to produce next year.

By God!

What is he after?

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I wanted you to see Andre one last time.


You should consult a doctor if the symptoms get worse.


I can describe China, especially in relation to big cities like Beijing, in one sentence - China is a country whose pace of life is both fast and leisurely.

It is difficult for beginners to enjoy windsurfing.

I thought you said you didn't want to be disturbed.

He does nothing but read manga.

Every bus is full.

Did she send you?

The chance of rain is low.

This thing is good.

I've brought a gift for Marci.


Boyd should be scolded.

There exist numerous theories about the origins of life.

How did Trevor get Pitawas to do that?


Nobody knows how the accident occurred.

One should always give something to beggars.

He came to London to study English.


You had better keep your money for a rainy day.

Mother bought a loaf of bread.

The new girl? I don't know her.

I do not care for such a novel.

I love the fatherland.


You're clever. But not clever enough.


Our fate depends on your decisions.

Actually if you eat beets your urine may turn a light pink colour.

I definitely heard something.

She stared at him with hatred.

She is curious to find who sent the flowers.

I couldn't swear to it.

Samuel has long eyelashes.

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I must go.


Jock never went to college.

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I will work to the best of my ability.

It could've been better.

He hammered at the window.

"You pig! Fucking traitor!", yells Douglas.

I'm going to need a lift.


Unfortunately, my neighbor was involved in a traffic accident, and is currently in a coma.

I'll apologize to him.

Are you here voluntarily?

I ran for a mile.

Olaf hung his coat on one of the hooks near the door.

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Let's hope Val is still available.

Jerome was the only one who got here on time.

I've never stopped loving her.

Barrett forgot his umbrella.

I got another job.

Where is the Red Cross?

Jean-Christophe and Judge have one adopted daughter.

Do you think it was intended for Glen?

Lincoln said troops were needed.


She values health above wealth.

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Spread the guava jam slowly to cover the baguette completely.

You have to turn to the history and go a few centuries back to the Renaissance era, to Leonardo da Vinci, in order to find as fascinating a man who not only dilettante, but with a genius working in many different fields.

What did you do with my keys?

I do not talk in Japanese.

Please translate this into French.

The left turn signal will only activate if a vehicle in the left turn lane triggers the sensor embedded in the roadway.

I can not comply with your request.

It is very impolite of you to decline my invitation.

Stay put. I'll come and get you.