Hello again! Yes, I know, this is like the upteenth million time I’ve “rebooted” this site. And I want to tell you that I will keep it updated going forward, but the truth is… I might not.



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Chapter One - Observation

Michael stood on the balcony looking over the crowd below. No one knew he was there, hidden in the shadows as he was. The guests meandered around the room taking their turns at the buffet table and drink bar, each in turn. Occasionally a group would gather just at the end of one station or another and cause the line of guests behind them to bunch up. This evoked wrath and scorn from those stuck in the jam. Eventually the culprits would move off and things would settle down.

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Chapter One

Cornelius Appleblaum MacGilicutty Junior the Second (known to everyone simply as ‘Cam’7133280647) stepped carefully through the door, making sure to place it blue footie covered shoes on the marks on the floor designating where it was safe to walk.

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The Homunculus Files

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3AM. National History Museum. Washington, DC
Light flared out of two windows in the back of the building, casting part of the alleyway behind the building into sudden and harsh reality. The shadows that remained deepened, creating tiny isolated haven for all manner of things to hide. It was within one of those shadows that something stirred.

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Impossible Things - 11.11.10

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1. Prehensile Tongue (let that one sink in a bit)




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Yes, I'm doing haiku again. Chances are a lot of it will be darker than usual, for obvious reasons.

The shadows flutter
Light echos from the darkness,
As the morning breaks.

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1. Playing tennis with a tiger. (They tend to chase the balls)

2. Tiny steampunk turtle samurai.

3. Aeronautic starfish.

4. Evolved Jello.

5. Inverted stairs (You walk down to go up…)

6. Convincing a cat to do…. anything really.

7. Diplomatic Poison Ivy (It's asks permission before causing a rash)


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So the NYC Flash Fiction contest thingy begins the second round tonight. I didn't place in the top 15 for round #1, and I'm not really in a place to participate in round 2 (and therefore likely not going to compete). That said, I'm posting the first round entry because here I want to. It's not my best work but considering I hate horror and have trouble reading and writing it (I get creeped out to easy) but I think it's decent.

Jeremy giggled and reached out to grab onto the stack of lumber that sat on the ground waiting for tomorrow’s shipment. As he tottered around the corner, he saw the wiggling tail of the puppy he had been following disappear into the shadows up ahead.

As he turned the corner again his bracelets caught on the stack of wood. The one with the baseball bat had gotten stuck, so he slipped it off and dashed forward. Ahead, he saw the puppy scrambling into a metal tunnel.

When Jeremy reached the tunnel he climbed in after the puppy, the tinkling of the baseball charm on the remaining bracelet echoing around him.

Suddenly a loud noise erupted and the tunnel began to shake. Jeremy tried to back out, but couldn't. Instead he began to slip forward.

As he saw the blades coming closer, he screamed.


Walter Minkis walked up to the counter and dropped his purchases on it.

"Did you find everything okay?" asked the blond standing at the register. Walter avoided eye contact, and nodded.

She carefully placed each item into the bag as she rang it in. "That will be $24.50."

Walter reached back and pulled out his wallet. He stared down at it for a few seconds, stroked it twice and reached in to take out the money inside.

"Where did you get that?"

"Wha-?" he said, looking up quickly at the lady behind the counter, panic spreading across his face.

"I asked you where you got that." Her voice quickly shifted from surprise to anger.

"Lisa? What's wrong?" asked the only other customer in the store.

"This guy has Matthew’s wallet."

Walter turned to see who Lisa was talking to and nearly wet himself. Striding up the aisle was Michael Davis, town sheriff.

Walter tossed the wallet at Lisa, who threw up her arms and screamed as he bolted towards the door. He reached it just as the sheriff came out of the aisle. As Walter ran he glanced through the store windows, seeing the sheriff stopping to check on the counter girl. When he reached the corner of the building he cut sharply left into the alley that ran alongside and ran for home as if his life depended on it. Which it did.


The door shattered. Walter flinched away from the suitcase he had been packing, covering his face and head from flying splinters. The wood was still falling when the sheriff and several state troopers swarmed into the room shouting and barking orders. Some yelled for him not to move while others were telling him to put his arms up. Still others kept shouting to get on his knees.

He darted for the back door, dodging the officer that dove over the worn and frayed couch trying to tackle him. The plywood and cinder block coffee table crumbled under the impact of the officer. Walter grinned and hoped he had been hurt.

As he turned the corner into the kitchen he ran into another group of officers. One grabbed him by the shoulders, wrapping his arms around Walter to prevent any further attempt to escape while another fought to get his arms pinned behind Walter’s back and slip on plastic zip cuffs.

The officer holding Walter by the shoulders shoved him hard up against the refrigerator, shaking the appliance so violently that it knocked everything from the top. In the pile of mess that fell was a single silver bracelet with a baseball bat hanging from the end.

Another officer reached down and picked up the bracelet along with the paper box that sat upside down with its lid slightly askew. As he turned over the baseball bat charm he saw the name 'Jeremy' engraved on the back. He showed this to the sheriff, who motioned with his head for the officers to sit Walter at the round linoleum kitchen table.

"Why, Walter?" the sheriff asked quietly.

"Why what?"

Sheriff Davis reached out, backhanding Walter. The other officers looked away. They all knew the sheriff’s son was one of the first to disappear.

"I won't ask again."

"I remember you now," said the officer that had grabbed Walter by the shoulders. "You're Walter Minkis. You used to work down at the lumber yard when I was a kid. My dad worked there and would bring me in sometimes. You ran the big saw."

Walter glanced at the officer, not making eye contact.

"You had an accident there didn't you?"

"He lost his hand when he fell into the chipper. Said he was rescuing his puppy," said Sheriff Davis, turning the bracelet over in his fingers.

"Damn kids had hung Roger by his neck," screamed Walter.

"Is that why you used a puppy to lure kids? Because some kids killed your puppy what, twenty years ago?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Witnesses say they saw the kids that disappeared following a puppy into the lumber yard. Is that how you did it? Using a puppy?"

"I don't know anything about no damn puppy but those kids deserved everything they got!"

The Sheriff frowned and stood up. "Get him out of my sight."

The state troopers yanked Walter up so hard he yelped. They dragged him out of the house, kicking and screaming "They deserved it!"

Just inside the woods that surrounded Walter’s house, in the dappled shadows of sunlight cast by the leaves of the trees overhead sat a small red and black puppy. His eyes flashed red as he pulled out a small bone and began chewing. As the puppy shifted his paws around to get a better grip the leaves covering the other end of the bone slid to expose the skeletal hand that still remained attached. Around the hand was a small silver bracelet with what looks like a baseball hanging from it.


slip cover

What happened?
The Good
As I said, I'm alive. In addition, a few weeks ago my editor (one +204-490-2121 ) gave me feedback on Chronicles and a short story I've written. Both were extremely positive. And she threatened me if I didn't finish Chronicles. The Locked Room mystery was accepted by +Susan Joslyn and crew for pub in the upcoming magazine (hopefully I have't been replaced).

A few weeks ago I went on vacation. Didn't actually _go_ anyway (which turned out to be a good thing, see below) but took time off and did stuff around the house, did mini-adventures with Beck, etc…

The Bad
The week after vacation, my allergies and chronic pain kicked into full gear. Together. So for a week I hurt and felt like crap. Then, the cold went into full swing and I was miserable and basically camped out on the couch for a few days.

The Ugly
I haven't talked about this because… honestly I didn't know what do say and didn't want to have everyone giving sympathies and all that. Not that I don't appreciate them, but I never know what to do with them.

For the last year of so my mom has been sick. Not in the hospital sick but jut generally feeling like crap. Turned out the reason was because she had cancer and being the stubborn woman she is never went to the doctor. I want to say it was breast cancer but I can't find the communications back and forth right now but I know it was aggressive. They did radiation (and if it was breast likely removed either the tumor or the entire thing) and put her on meds that she would take the rest of her life. Apparently her body wasn't able to handle the full fledged chemo and this was the alternative (again, I can't find the stuff to give details).

All that was a while back. Last year or early this year. In the pictures I've seen of her since she didn't look good. She didn't look like mom at all.

Over the last few months she hasn't been feeling great and last week started having trouble breathing. Andrew (my step-father) finally convinced her to go to the doctor where they found several pulmonary embolisms (blood clots) and immediately had her admitted to the hospital. While there they discovered that her lungs and legs were riddled with clots, one of which concerned them. That was Tuesday of last week (Sept. 23). She died the next night.

They had done a biopsy of a couple of the 'clots' and found out that one was in fact a cancerous tumor that had attached and invaded a lymph node. It was very aggressive and they pretty much told us that it was simply a matter of time at that point and that it really didn't matter if she had come in a couple weeks earlier.

So she died on Wednesday and we left on Saturday to drive to Tennessee for the services and just got back.

So that's what has been going on and keeping me quiet (among other things)

What's next?
Honestly, I have no freaking idea. The past few days have been a whirlwind. Over 2200 miles driven in less than 5 days, reconnecting with my brother (who I've grown distant from in the 8 years since I'm seen him), learning to forgive my step-father for the past…

But it hasn't actually hit me yet. Some of you might recall that I've said in the past that my mom and I weren't that close, and we weren't, but we did talk and we did communicate. It just wasn't all that often and tended to be short (both wanting to avoid starting another argument) so I haven't had that "Oh, I need to call mom…. damn" moment yet.

I will never again look at my phone and get nervous when I seen her name on the caller ID. I will never again get annoyed with her because she called me for the first time in months because she screwed up the task bar in Windows and can't figure out how to fix it.

I will never again hear her attempt to sing happy birthday on my voicemail.

She will never see me get published.

So for now I'm just trying to put things together, finding out which pieces are missing and how ti get along without them. Because no matter how little we spoke or saw each other there are bits of my life missing.

All I can say at this point is to forgive and forget. Hug those closest to you because even though she was sick, her actual death was unexpected and came suddenly. The last thing I was to her was a text telling her to rest (she had just gotten back from the biopsy surgery) and that I'd talk to her tomorrow. It was mere hours before she passed. Had I known I still would have called and told her I loved her and just listened to her vent and complain about the doctors and being in the hospital.

So, I'm not back yet. I need time to work things through. I don't know when Impossible Things will return or when I will get back to posting more regular, but I will eventually.

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For pretty much the same reasons it was written.

Kintsugi: A Poem

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Impossible Things - 7.17.14


1. The ocean in a bottle.

2. A garden full of Invisible flowers.

3. Inverted Ink Trees

4. Being haunted by a tea cup.

5. Teleporting Earthworms

6. Reverse Hydra (1 head, multiple bodies)

7. Finding a still-touring rock badn on Mars (if the Stones visit, all bets are off)

Image related to #3





All the leaves glisten.
Eternity, reflected
in the drops of dew.

lofty-looking #westernhaiku #micropoetry 

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Mist on the window.
The light shattered, refracted,
Over and over.

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The tongue flicks, out, in.
As scales rasp against the brush.
The Komodo moves.

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Well, not have cause he's my kitty and you can't have him

::snatches kitty and runs away::




Daily Haiku - 6.17.14

Our progress presents

An incongruous visage
Compared to nature

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