Web Solutions

Architecting, designing and maintaining custom web solutions.

Desktop Solutions

Architecting, designing, and maintaining custom desktop solutions.

Business Consulting

Requirements, strategy, project management, technology selection and design.

Managed Services

Enterprise level managed hosting, email, backup and security solutions.

Bayleaf launches Datacastle Endpoint Protection service

Datacastle Endpoint Protection service provides automated backup and recovery, disk encryption, remote data deletion, access control and device trace for endpoint devices such as laptops and desktop PCs. Read more...


Bayleaf launches new Chung Collection website for UBC

Bayleaf recently launched a new website for the University of British Columbia Library to highlight the Chung Collection. The site provides information and research tools for those interested in learning more about this unique collection. (830) 406-5402


Bayleaf selected to develop new publishing platform for Canada Law Book

Canada Law Book, Canada’s leading legal publisher since 1855, has selected Bayleaf to design and build a new web publishing platform. Read more...


Bayleaf hosts the Ozone website for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Bayleaf was selected to host the O Zone website for the City of Richmond, Richmond's official celebration site of the 2010 Winter Games. 518-917-7984


Bayleaf works as your partner to help Build Sustainable Advantage and to help you achieve Excellence. Our definition of Partnership is the belief that we don't succeed unless you succeed. Bayleaf emphasizes the long term support of your achievement of Sustainable Advantage.

We partner with best of breed front end design, content management, and technology firms to ensure we bring the best available skills and technologies to bear in your solutions. We are constantly improving and innovating our services to better support you.

Bayleaf uses the best available project management, application design, and application building tools and techniques. We are continually updating how we do projects to ensure your projects are managed and executed in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

Bayleaf is experienced in a broad range of web and desktop technologies. Bayleaf monitors and evaluates emerging technologies to ensure we are able to recommend the most appropriate technologies to build your Sustainable Advantage.

Backend systems like credit card authorization or inventory systems are often key to the success of a web site or desktop solution. Bayleaf is skilled at designing and building these interfaces - some real time like credit card authorization and some often less than real time like adding new products or updating inventories.