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His mother sighed with relief.

Randolph puts his arm around Cary.

I had to wait for Jeffery to finish.

It must be so hard for you.

Have I ever asked you to work on a Sunday?

You said Vassos was adopted.

Give me some water, be so kind.

Did you guys hook up?

The island is a paradise for children.

The game was postponed due to rain.

The thief got in without being noticed.


Hans probably eats a lot.

I got lost on my way here.

Sergei announced his engagement to Deborah.

I spoke to him by telephone.

What happened in the third inning?

Music is well said to be the speech of angels.

We shouldn't have tried doing that without Vistlik's help.

That's my favorite.

We cannot meet your demands.

What do you think has caused the present trade friction between Japan and the U.S.?

The most dangerous thing Josh ever wanted to try to do was to hold a poisonous snake.

What I can't bear is the sound of chalk squeaking on a chalkboard.

I put off the conclusion.


One should add a full stop at the end of the sentence.

Maybe it's time to change my hair and do a makeover.

Jiri shuffled across the room.

Leith seemed self-conscious and uncomfortable when he had to make the announcement at the party.

Hume didn't think of that.

Reaction is not always the best course of action.

The Great Lakes supply drinking water.

I had no idea it was getting so late.

I should've recognized them.

Curling is my favorite sport to watch.

Maybe she wasn't talking about you.

I've heard it before.

Error never leaves us.


Everything is political, including growing radishes.

I want you to know that I believe you.

Duke and Mahesh danced together all night long.

The bellboy will show you to your room.

I am certain that we will find a solution.

Where are you taking her?

Valerie loves to argue with people.


I want her to help us.


Look for a bald and sweaty guy.

He lamented his hard fate.

There are only three people in my family.

I don't mean to be selfish.

He's using you.

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You had better go to the dentist to have that tooth pulled out.

The dogs were howling at the moon.

I suggest you duck.

He didn't notice the change.

The doctor may allow her to return to work next week.

There are always exceptions.

Will you be busy this afternoon?


It looks like those two have gotten back together.

It is required to come to class on time.

Remind him to come home early.

I'll look around.

Take the medicine.

I don't get much mail.

I'd like to buy a log cabin somewhere in Canada.

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This week I used my hanko so often that I can't remember how many times I've used it.

She believes him, whatever he says.

I was not being taught to experiment or even to repeat experiments.


There was an enormous traffic jam in downtown Kyoto.

Roger is quite naive, isn't he?

Are you implying that Ricky is interested in me?

I like bright colours.

I thought he was going to fail the exam, but he passed after all.

Nobody wants you to do this.

I'll explain it to her.

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I bet stuff like this doesn't happen to Cliff.

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Henry has no more than six dollars.

She is busy learning English.

"Where is Sal?" "She's not working today."

That was a big mistake.

I surfed today for my first time ever.


Dimetry stole my wallet from me.

What are we having for supper?

How many people speak your language?

Did somebody call the police?

He's just not that into you.

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It's Saturday today.

To the best to my knowledge, this computer cannot do the job.

She seems to be a good cook.


They elected her chairperson.

Is snuggling the same as snorkeling?

We'll stay here.

In Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale, "The Emperor's New Clothes," two swindlers promise an emperor beautiful new clothes that are invisible to anyone who is unfit for their position, unjust or stupid.

You will need time to understand.

Did Sid ask you anything about that?

I'm glad this is all over.

You are judged by appearances at first but by your mind later on.

I know I got it right this time.

Murph is coming to Boston tomorrow.

I wasn't too nervous.

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If left to his own devices, he would never go to school.

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I managed to get away earlier than I expected.

I was a little upset.

We've taken precautions.

I only believe about half of what Matti says.

There's nothing left to talk about.

I thought it would be romantic.

I just met the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

I know something's wrong.

They know I know.

"Thank you." "No, thank you."

Judith is sexy.

He applied himself to his study.

All the stores were closed.

Give me the map.

The concert was awful.

She authorizes her children to grow their hair long.

He has so many calls on his time, it is very difficult to make an appointment to see him.

The general inspected the troops.

You shouldn't go if you don't want to.

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Does it have to be today?

Long on A and short on B.

I hardly know her.

Wilmer wants to be a success.

This is expensive.

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Would you like my address?

It's a very decorative plant.

It would be three in the afternoon.

Each year some 4500 different Pop LPs appear.

He's left me.

Hsi always thinks about others.

Welcome to Tatoeba, tequila, sex and marijuana.

An epigram is a short, sharp saying in prose or verse, frequently characterized by acidity or acerbity and sometimes by wisdom.

Matthias is playing fetch with his dog.

What do you think Jeffrey would say if he knew we were here?

This fact shows that the earth goes round the sun.

Socorrito doesn't have much free time.

Just to be clear, this was not me.

Barsoom was the biggest Martian town. It had the fanciest saloon. It was the Wild, Wild Red.

I don't understand why a video of two female singers kissing is getting so much attention.

I make it rule never to borrow money.

I'm going to throw her out.

I know who you're supposed to meet.

She must have done it yesterday.

You know what they say about Andrea.

Kinch makes jokes about everything.

Andrew meets Linda at school.

The mandatory minimum sentence is 10 years.

The moon is a satellite of the earth.

Go upstairs.

He might have lied to me.

It's easy to see the fireworks from over there.

Think of everything that you have, and not on the only thing that you are missing.

May I have your name, please?


It was clear what the poet wanted to say.


You could have come to me.

The conclusion is crystal clear.

Did you watch the Oscars?


Donnie and Gene went away for the weekend.


Kusum is much shorter than Annard is.


I told you to stay put.


When did you say that?

You're the one that went crazy.

This ladder leads to the roof.

I can see how upset you are.

Why don't you do something constructive for a change?

Jay and Kristen looked at each other speechlessly.

Charge your phone.


There's no need for it.

I hope that she will get well soon.

There's no one left.

He contributed a lot of money to the charity.

Take care! It's dangerous to drive drunk.

When people are killed, they die.

I really like Janice's voice in this song.