Thanks to your help, I passed the exam.

Roderick has no interest whatsoever in spectator sports.


Nobody wants to visit my country.

You killed my mother.

Can't you go faster?

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We have a new leader.


Federer held his serve to love at two all.


Marie appears unconscious.

He working all right.

I really wish Axel would behave himself.


The group left early in 1791.


George has curly dark hair.

That's a beautiful ring.

Is that a good thing?


The United Nations Building was built in 1952.

He is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

You don't really think Christian would hurt himself, do you?

He is a sort of painter.

Fortunately, the law had anticipated and made a provision for that case.

My dog lapped the water thirstily.

Dorian is an amazing father.

Daily exercise is effective in overcoming obesity.

Leif drinks, but he's not drunk this morning.

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She's a hopeless case.

Your Honor, this is an unexpected development. I need time to confer with my client.

She had an abortion.


First of all, let me speak about myself.


Most of them are Canadians.


Who is this important to?

Margie is a bit confused.

Dewey wanted a pencil with a softer lead.

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I want to show you another way that can be done.

I know some of Nancy's friends.

Elijah is hard up for money.


The status of a doctor is very high in this community.

Stu received a poison pen letter.

As was expected, they lost the contest.


Hume has gone to bed.

I can't promise you anything.

Don't make me do this.

Youth is wasted on the young.

You can't fool me.

This is what I like about him.

Look at the view.

The woman cries before the wedding and the man afterwards.

Why don't you just quit your job?

I am able to obtain a registration form for free.

I don't believe in alien life.

I like steak better than anything else, and eat it every other day.

Let's find the others.

This is a girl I know well.

I need to ask you some more questions.

I had my hair cut at the barber's.

Bring a date.

You're prudent.

The dog is in the yard.


Maybe we should return to Boston.

Let's drink the cup of tea here.

I was correct.

Diane hit a deer on the highway.

There's a hole in this sock.

She made efforts to accomplish the purpose.

This statement is not a sentence.

Honzo doesn't know where Tarmi is right now.

Here's your mug.

I'm going on a date with my boyfriend today, so I've been in a very good mood since this morning.

He is probably dead.

Popcorn is never recommended for infants or toddlers, as the kernels can pose a choking threat.

I better drink my own piss.

He wandered around the lake.

We did everything together.


This job will provide you with valuable experience.

I hope you're in good spirits.

I didn't say it would be easy.

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He immediately called the White House.

He has powerful connections in the publishing industry.

What's wrong with you tonight?

You're wet through.

Do you fancy going to the movies tonight?


Gregor sat alone in the room.


He was very happy in his school days.

The use of new technology is attracting more costumers.

Did you know her personally?

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Dawson is looking pretty good.


Ritchey just sat there, staring out the window.

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You must be careful of the traffic when you cross the street.

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You're going to speak English fluently!

I have serious doubts.

I couldn't come because it rained.

He got 90% in English.

Shari arrived just this morning.

What's your blood group?

This task is too much for me.

I want us not to get caught.

My children wear out their shoes quickly.

Tai carried his duffel bag on his shoulder.

Oftentimes code will start to smell.

Do you think about her a lot?

I had a great time swimming today.

The last time that happened was in 2013.

This one's not working either.

He esteems the professor highly.

Let's get out of here before the cops get here.

Sergio can generally be relied on to make good on his promises.

What does Seenu get in return for all the work he's done?

It seems he's still alive.

Moran can't make me do it.


The future belongs to God.

That is unavoidable.

She has a son everybody loves.

Her hobby is bodybuilding.

I'll make a phone call.

Let's make a trade.

The terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.


Do you want to let me talk or not?

I've never cheated on her.

Herb did it willingly.

I had a tooth extraction a week ago.

Mother is the first to wake up in the morning.

Chuck didn't want to play tennis with us yesterday.

Here's what I don't understand.

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Ranjit signaled Maureen to wait.

This isn't much fun.

From any point of view, a fool is still merely a fool.

I don't think Holly is well.

You smell like a dog.

We didn't complain.

The bench is long.

I'll tell you my life's story if you tell me yours.

God makes you healthy, and the doctor gets the money.

I'm pretty certain that Roderick can't speak French.

Don't ever judge a book by its cover.

I know you like what Bret gave me.

After the accident, the car lay in the street upside down.


Cold methane gas is responsible for the blue-green color of Uranus.

I'll pay you back next week.

I thought they were all Canadians.


He has just come back from Paris.

I won't say that twice!

Were you told to do so?


Vince's my nephew.

Can you direct me to the train station?

I won't let you leave.


What do you mean by that?

There's something wrong here.

A wise man once said, "If Esperanto is an artificial language, then my car is an artificial horse".


Both of your daughters are very beautiful.

That didn't come out right.

Sitting down all day is bad for you.

Seeing the woman with the yellow hat reminded me of a story.

I met up with Heinrich earlier today.

Paula regrets the decision he made late last night.

It's cloudier today than yesterday.

I consented to help the old lady.

Saturn's atmosphere has winds which can blow at over 1800 kilometers per hour.

I don't think I'll make it to your party.

I've been happy here.

We want it to look real.

Age brandy in oak casks.

I have recklessness in my blood. Since the time I was a child, I've only managed to hurt myself.

I've got a little surprise for you, Jinchao.

His friends were jealous.

She took over the role of her mother.

They began to walk again after a while.

We could certainly use some help.

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Your message has been sent.

Jeany is studying the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean.

Thad got off of his motorcycle.