Certain religions are against organ donation.

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

I hope that changes soon.

The opening in this sweater is small and my head won't go through.


It's time. I have to get going.


I modified the line-up.

Eddy walked as fast as he could to catch up with Jayant.

Don't play dumb. Answer my question properly!

You don't have much time left.

I feel a little sore.

He deserves six of the best for being so rude.

Where did you tell her to park?

She is well liked by her students.

Michelle insisted on staying and helping us clean up after the party.

One cannot embrace the unembraceable.

I don't think there's any harm in telling you now.

No one feels displeased when he is praised.

You had better put out the fire before you go to bed.


Who doesn't want love and affection?

Revelation cannot be applied to the relating of facts by the persons who saw them done, nor to the relating or recording of any discourse or conversation by those who heard it.

Narendra really takes after her mother.

Any car will do, as long as it runs.

I didn't notice when he left the room.

I'll never forget going to Hawaii with her.

When did the war end?

Do you want to hold my baby?

I hope I didn't make too many errors.

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What else do we have?

The heart says yes but the mind says no.

Can you please give me something to do?

I don't know what happened to my ring.

Ethan put a foam pad under his sleeping bag.


You are taller than me.

Stanislaw promised to take me away from here.

Susumu likes helping others.

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We had a bar of gold stolen.

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Someone else must've opened it.

We can't land the plane on that field.

I have to go home and get a good night's sleep.


Don't you dare touch that.

They said the deal was off.

Can't you help me?

I'd like this meeting to last no more than twenty minutes.

I'm glad you could make it, The.

I had no idea Marcos would do that.

The gap in perspective between man and woman on home management.

A driver is deeply attached to his old car.

Have you decided not to wait?


I just want what everyone wants.

How many do you need?

A soccer team consists of eleven players.

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The pioneers overcame a set of obstacles.


The Statue of Liberty is found in New York.

That's kind of rare.

My cat is sleeping on my bed.


It's so difficult.

You said we'd never catch Stanly.

They hunted deer and foxes.


Stay on the train until the end of the line.

It's so foggy that I can't see anything.

I don't like talking in front of people.

I'm going to have to get the others to help us.

The sun always sets in the west.


What do you think he did?

Dan manipulated Linda into signing her money over to him.

This did not satisfy Irwin, and the relationship between them cooled.

He had a lot of money in the bank.

I liked your story.

Someone stole my money.

I want to see him in my office.


It's urgent that I see you.

The Tigers lost the match, to our great surprise.

Whatever happened to your pride?

I followed you.

Are you going to help Subra?

The textile factory's windows are fitted with iron bars so when a fire broke out inside the factory, most of the workers died.

She is wearing a brooch.

How's your love life?

You had better study English thoroughly.

This is the first time I've written anything in Arabic.

I wonder why Joyce wasn't there.

I translate, therefore I am.

You have a beautiful family.

That sounds like a train.

What he's saying just isn't consistent.

What is an open folder?

I'll be back later.


I should've been there sooner.

Please mail this letter for me.

It was sad.

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I'm sure Randal had something to do with that.

Thank God that day's over.

She came, she saw -- and she didn't say a thing.

What did you have for dinner?

The telethon is a French TV program organized every year to collect funds in order to finance medical research.


He got the book for nothing.

It's not a permanent solution.

How long are you here for?


The teacher's words were still borne in her mind.


It never occurred to me to take a picture of how the garden looked before we started pulling weeds.

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Daryl took the money.

Maybe that's the reason.

Todd wouldn't sit down.

I can't do anything until this project is done.

Take any books that you want to read.

That's the deepest part of the lake as well.

I'll speak to her.

You're not really a teacher, are you?

Who is to blame for the accident?


Will anybody be at the station to meet me?

In my country the customs are different.

Nathaniel took Roxane's glass of wine.


Have you decided what you want to order?

Let's go see her now.

We can save you some time.

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Kurt isn't going to stop.

Kibbeh is of Arab origin.

That's quite another thing to what you promised.

Is anything exciting happening?

I have a fancy for bitter things.

Don't be so serious. It's only a game.

The dog's hair bristled when it saw the lion.

He is photogenic.

Masanobu is a good student, isn't he?

He studied law at Harvard.

You cannot be too good to your parents.


I'll be in the office.

Who was this window broken by?

Sofia did it.


Snow has been falling steadily since this morning.

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You promised.


After she had read the letter, she tore it to pieces.


I tried to warn everyone.

I knew I couldn't do it, but I tried anyway.

List has his own apartment.

Does that clock work?

I look forward to seeing you again soon.

I really want to be around you.

He is a great politician, and, what is more, a good scholar.

In the next election, the Democratic Party is expected to get the better of the Republican Party.

She'll catch a cold yet.


My mother was very weak from a long illness.

My mother is very busy right now.

Did you sleep well last night?

Yumi goes to the park to play tennis.

I have three brothers who used to work in Boston.

Pablo is an extraordinary woman.

Naoko wrote this letter last night.

Of course, I have to tell her.

Those books are always in great demand.

I'd sure like to help them.

Please say hello to Mrs. Andreescu!

It really isn't hard to guess the answer.

The army is the linchpin of North Korean dictatorship.

I'm still the boss around here.

You seem happy.


Come outside with me and look at the constellations.

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Do you use mouthwash?

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He will be ruined for life.

Einstein also showed how mass and energy were equivalent.

We have to find out what Shadow wants.

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We need to buy some time.

The sun is the eternal source of light, heat, and life.

We gave them some apples.

Hughes never said anything about the accident.

They liked his message.