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A cloud-based telephony platform that simplifies how business sell, deliver and manage communication services


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Why companies choose 2600Hz



Carrier choice flexibility

Seamless integrations and open RESTful APIs

Uncapped revenue potential through flexible margins

Distributed architecture with no single point of failure

Introducing KAZOO, a custom-built UCaaS solution designed to empower our partners to provide excellent communications services

2600Hz’s Flagship Offering

KAZOO provides voice, data and messaging services to millions of users globally. KAZOO’s unique multi-tenant architecture is distributed and highly scalable, with flexible deployments and dynamic call control managed from one simple, intuitive interface.

2600Hz SMB service provider verticals include:

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Hosted Platform

Private Cloud

Global Infrastructure

2600Hz Manages
Client Manages
  • Geographic redundancy
  • API access
  • Dynamic call-handling
  • PBX and business interface
  • Hardware/ network designed for KAZOO
  • PSTN connectivity
  • Tier 1 internet peering management
  • 24/7 server monitoring

Our Products

Hosted Platform

Turn-Key Cloud


2600Hz's hosted suite can be customized and white labeled to establish and grow your business, while providing industry leading features, reliability and scalability.

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Private Cloud NEW

All of the Control,
None of the Hassle

Dedicated, Secure Hardware for KAZOO

Build your telephony stack using the world’s most powerful platform with hardware optimized for KAZOO, combined with management tools offered exclusively from 2600Hz.

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Global Infrastructure

Customize Your
Own Telco Empire

KAZOO Anywhere, Any Size

Deploy KAZOO’s georedundant, clustered architecture inside your own data center and enjoy complete control over your network and carrier providers.

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2600Hz Mobile

Offer a True
Mobile Solution

3G/4G Voice, Data and SMS

Partners can become a MVNO and offer their customers mobile 3G/4G voice, data and SMS services alongside with hosted KAZOO PBX services.

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