Lino García

Welcome to Lino García’s website !

Having a background in both Chemistry and in Computer Engineering, I also earned a PhD in Science/Molecular Dynamics. I’m particularly interested in all those scientific initiatives related to Simulation and High Performance Computing.

Follows a brief summary about my professional achievements from now and back in time:

HPC Engineer for Manor Racing – Formula One Team. Responsible for the management and development of the High Performance Linux clusters infrastructure and the applications used to address the computational needs of the Computational Fluid Dynamics team. It’s a pleasure for me to start this new challenge to develop and improve the CFD processes ensuring maximum performance and availability.

Senior Systems Engineer for the IT Core Systems department at the University of Reading. Responsible for the technical planning, design, development, support and maintenance of  the core services’ infrastructure including Linux servers, NetApp storage, VMware vSphere and authorization/authentication services.

Supercomputing Systems Manager at the Oxford University’s Supercomputing Center. The HPC infrastructure consists on two SGI ALTIX ICE infiniband clusters, two 1-TeraByte SMP systems, an SGI ALTIX 4700 and an SGI UV-100, 500 TeraByte core storage, a ROCKS 16 GPUs cluster, a Dell Sandy-Bridge cluster and a 4×4 LCDs ROCKS visualization cluster.

High Performance Computing & Grid systems Engineer at the Spanish Research Council (CSIC). Responsible for starting up a new Spanish grid-CSIC node infrastructure and manager of several high performance Linux computational clusters with ultra low latency infiniband QDR network.

Molecular Dynamics parallel C++ & FORTRAN code development using MPI, PVM, SHMEM, IPC and shared memory for Linux clusters, Cray – T3D and Silicon Graphics Origin 2000 platforms at the Catalan Polytechnic University (UPC).

System manager of several HPC Linux clusters, HP-UX systems and 3D visualization software. Linux kernel compilation and performance fine tuning.

Principal Investigator for the project “Interactive European Grid” at the (620) 475-9440. Manager of the Int.Eu.grid glite based infrastructure for interactive and parallel applications.

CEO and manager of a software firm in the field of client-server and distributed control systems. Design and development in C++ of SCADA servers, programmable logic controllers (PLC) and embedded Linux control systems. Experience in computational processes debugging, optimization and fine tuning. Administration of relational databases: Oracle pl/SQL, MS SQL Server, mySQL, postgreSQL.

Principal Investigator in the chemical process simulation area at Hyprotech, Ltd. (currently merged with Aspentech, Inc.).

Principal Investigator for the Spanish company Carburos Metálicos S.A. (currently merged with Air Products Inc.). Proven track record in raising public funds and grants from Government agencies and Research Councils.