Your easy choice for structural pipe fittings

Who Uses Easyfit?

From large manufacturers to individual users, fittings are used for integration into manufactured products, retail racking or shelf assemblies, interior design for bold furniture with an industrial look, theatrical production for set and stage design, commercial photography for gobos, lighting booms, and temporary sets, and even single user projects that range from simple railings to complex backyard playgrounds.

Slip On Fittings Mean Easy Assembly

EasyFit structural pipe fittings are made of cast iron and designed to make the building of handrails and tubular structures fast and easy. Using only simple hand tools, complex configurations can be produced quickly and efficiently.

Recent Projects


Easy Project Tips - Railings

Even a large railing system like the one above can be installed easily with the use of slip on pipe fittings. This one uses EF22G, EF12G,…

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Easy Project Tips - Retail Racks

Here is a nice example of some retail racks that were put together to hold various “surfwear” at the Blue Planet Surf Gear shop…