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Our Alcohol Rehab Centers

Passages Malibu has 4 locations to choose from for your alcohol addiction treatment

Malibu, Ca

Passages Malibu is our flagship 5-Star luxury inpatient treatment center offering the most comprehensive holistic, non 12-Step drug and alcohol addiction program internationally.


Santa Monica

We are a luxury Sober Living facility located beach-side in the vibrant city of Santa Monica, California.

Ventura, Ca

Passages Ventura offers individual care in a quiet setting close to the beach. This program, just like all of our comprehensive holistic treatment programs, is tailored just for you.


Venice, Ca

Passages Venice invites you to experience the gold standard of outpatient treatment. Our program offers personalized one-on-one sessions and a vast array of holistic modalities.

Our Co-founders

Chris and Pax, the father and son duo, founded Passages Malibu in 2001 after exhausting all other options.

Chris and Pax Prentiss co-founded Passages Malibu in 2001 to replace the ineffective and outdated philosophy and practices of modern luxury rehab centers in recent years. When Pax was addicted to drugs and alcohol and ready to stop, the luxury rehab centers all told him they had no permanent solutions. Passages Malibu is a luxury rehab center that proves permanent solutions are possible.

Whether he was in a therapist’s office or at a 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day luxury rehab program, everyone was always calling Pax an addict with a disease. This stereotypical approach only reinforced his negative perceptions of himself and what the world expected of him. Instead of making Pax more motivated to quit using drugs and alcohol, it only encouraged him to relapse.

Chris refused to give up on his son, and Pax refused to give up on himself, so they turned their backs on luxury rehab centers and continued trying new ideas on their own. Eventually, through a combination of deep research and personal experience, Pax was able to look within himself and identify the personal reasons that were contributing to his drug and alcohol addiction. Pax realized that depression, anxiety and a low self-image were responsible for his drug and alcohol addiction, which was not a disease at all.

With this revelation in mind, Chris and Pax founded Passages Malibu. We are a California luxury rehab center that uses an open-ended approach that’s highly similar to what worked for Pax. Call us at (855) 861-6179 to learn more about how Passages Malibu has worked for thousands of people since 2001, and how it can work for you or someone you know with a drug and alcohol addiction.