The Five Essential Mobile Apps

Americans rank Facebook as the most important app on their smartphones, according to recent research from comScore. The report was based on data from a survey of 1,033 smartphone users in the United States. Some 37% of respondents select Facebook as one of the three mobile apps they cannot go without. Gmail is next (34% […]

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In the past (and, unfortunately, sometimes even in the present), marketers have been known to email lists and send blasts to people who have not expressed interest in their products or services. Email marketing used to fall squarely into the category of “outbound marketing.” But the landscape has changed, and so has the way customers […]

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Messaging Apps for Marketing: Drive Sales With Chatbots or Live Agents

We live in an on-demand world: Consumers want a brand to be available in the moments when they need them, for everything from purchase decisions to customer service. Therefore, marketers need to develop messaging strategies that make it easier for consumers to connect, and for the brand to deliver content one-to-one, with regularity. That’s why […]


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A brand’s font choice is like the plumbing in your home: You don’t think much about it until something goes wrong—and then it’s a disaster. The right font says so much about your brand, an infographic produced by branding development consultancy Creative Canary explains. For example, the font you select for your brand will (or, at […]

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Blogs are an excellent way to establish employees as thought leaders. And if a sales rep becomes a regular contributor to your organization’s blog, it’s more likely prospects will trust that rep as an industry expert—someone who knows what they’re doing. And if the blogging is done correctly… as someone who is friendly and honest—someone […]


Email Behavior in 2017: When, Where, and How People Check Messages

Most American adults check both their work and personal email every few hours throughout the day, according to recent research from Adobe. The report was based on data from a survey conducted in July 2017 among 1,007 white-collar workers in the United States age 18 and older who own a smartphone. Some 44% of respondents […]



In this week’s ‘Skim: Facebook pulls an important B2B targeting capability (and how B2Bs can survive); Messenger hits 1.3 billion users, but its Snapchat Stories clone still can’t compete; Pinterest reorganizes with boards within boards; Twitter pins hopes on new product director; Snapchat gets caught up in a diplomatic crisis between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, […]

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The Merging of Marketing and Human Resources [Infographic]

We all know about the importance of aligning marketing and sales teams, but here’s a new one for you: What about marketing and HR? You read that right. Digital marketing agency Mabbly created an infographic that explains why this partnership is natural. The gist is that marketers are selling a brand, so marketers who are happier […]

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How a Blog Can Help You Build a Personal Brand Online

Whether you own a company, work in one, or work alone as a freelancer, personal branding is important because it leads to more contacts, more clients, better recognition, and a better job. It is especially important online, where everyone has an opportunity to shine and be seen as an expert. What is personal branding? Personal […]



In this week’s ‘Skim: Snapchat courts college audiences with new Publisher Stories; Facebook tests a platonic Tinder-like feature to get friends to meet up in real life, plans to spend $1B on original programming for “Watch”; Twitter’s account-sharing feature that’ll please your social media team; all about LinkedIn ProFinder; Facebook’s ad format for print catalog […]

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