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PHIXIT will serve the market as a broker of home improvement and contractors services. PHIXIT provides an app based auction platform for estimates, easy map search for jobs, and both customer and contractor ratings in an easy to use interface. PHIXIT is for homeowners, landlords, people with little experience in home improvement not looking to be weekend warriors to fix what will inevitably break, leak, not turn on or need professional help.

Pick your Contractor
Pick your Contractor

PHIXIT’s repair marketplace gives you access to thousands of trusted contractors who compete for your business every day.  PHIXIT will provide peace of mind when selecting a contractor by screening every contractor.

Join us as a Contractor
Join us as a Contractor

There’s always money to be made on PHIXIT.  Find jobs through the latest leads from any location based on your zip code and the proximity of where you want to work.


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