I might be able to help her.

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I think so too.

Glen won't stand a chance.

Sanche's feelings were not reciprocated.


I study psychology.

They were murdered.

He is nothing less than a thief to do such a thing.

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What is 5814 rounded to the nearest thousand?

I looked up at my phone, and tried to read my text messages.

He was ashamed of his ignorance.

Can't you go faster?

How do I use meal tickets?


Are you egotistical?

We've come for Jacobson's things.

I fail to understand what the problem is.

His apparent anger proved to be only a joke.

Congratulations on passing all your examinations.

Kaj died almost instantaneously.

I'd better go talk to her.

I've seen Cathrin at work.

He does not run.


I'm fed up with it!

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Len went upstairs again.

How's the neighborhood? Quiet? Noisy at night?

The bathroom pipes are clogged with sewage.

Uri enjoys traveling.

Hopefully he has learned from the incident.

We received a cordial welcome from them.

When do I get to meet Philippe?

I was just messing around.

It's all our fault.

The view of the ocean was wonderful.

Did you actually give Anatole money?

Far away from you, I sleep.

His paper is better than mine.


That wasn't Jordan.


Have you ever beaten your dog?

Would it suffice if I came around 7?

Micah works on his own.

I told you to do that.

You're first.


Thanks for inviting us.

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You've been telling lies.

He has dark hair and dark eyes.

Who was here?

Can you start again from bar thirty?

Now watch this.

Sjouke's younger brother is dating Hohn's older sister.

I like him. He's a nice guy.


I'll make an exception this time.

I haven't eaten anything today.

Alice smiled.


I dreamt about stoats the other day.

He is a soccer player.

I have a cold.

I swear on my own life.

A loud noise made him jump.

Judith told Miriamne not to eat too much.

The man sitting next to me spoke to me.

How are you getting along with your new job?

I'd like to live in Rome someday.


They called it mass murder.

Are you afraid of it?

Tell whoever comes that I'm out.


It is stipulated that we should receive a month's vacation every year.

I'll ask whether she wants another drink.

Yesterday I went to the hairdresser's.

They are proud of their daughter.

What's the meaning of meaning?


I can't imagine a world without you.


He lost his dog.

I think I'll buy some more food.

Jeannette is here, isn't he?

You don't scare us.

Ravi likes talking about himself.

Herbert Hoover won the election of 1928.

I have been to America twice.

Would you pass me the salt?

They invited us around for a meal.

Lee is a natural leader.

Did you hear it too?

My house was ready two months ago.

We need some coaching.

It seemed too good to be true.

I'm not commenting on your article.

He was just behind me.

He went to school.

Let's go find the Jacksons.

I was very curious about it.

Don't do to others that which you would not wish done to yourself.

I would like a sugar bowl like hers!

Amy, you should marry him!

I will work.

I'm a little busy now.

The clouds are white and fairly fluffy.

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He is frugal, to say the least of it.

Let's not ever do that again.

No one ran ahead of him.

The product is vacuum-sealed to keep it fresh.

Let me save you some time.


This flower has a scent all its own.

He lost sight of the bird.

I really can't make any promises.

I hope it's complete.

That decision is expected soon.

Can I see you a second?

The councilor tabled a number of controversial motions.

Nothing's changed.

They seemed grateful.

Jill told his wife he had to work late.

I don't think any of them know.

Once you start dating the sleazy old professor, disillusionment sets in.

That won't make him happy.

You're making a terrible mistake.

You've given three copies of the report to Major already.

I will not give up!

I'd certainly like to go and watch the match; it's just that I'm not sure if I have time.

When I saw his face, I was instantly on red alert.

Have you made any more progress?


Do you drink tea or coffee?


I put up my umbrella.

Dorian lies.

She will forever live on in our memories.

If you like it, you can keep it!

Thank you for asking me, but maybe next time.

Not only Bill but also Mac is crazy about computers.

Come here, little girl, sit down!

I should probably get going.

I like dogs, too.

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The notorious rebel was ultimately captured and confined to jail.

This sauce is quite hot.

Because of the dense fog, nothing could be seen.

Yesterday, there were three good films at the same time on the TV. And I saw none of them.

Get up at sunrise and marry young!

He will come here soon to inspect the industry of this town.

We took turns with the driving.


He is at home with the geography of Tokyo.

He has a swimming pool.

I will finish my homework by nine.

The river drains five provinces.

Now, what else can I do for you?

Can you please go for me?

I walked about aimlessly on the street.

School begins in the spring.

I am no longer tired.

The train is coming.

What books did you get?


They sell live fish at the fish store.


I'll teach you how to do that.

I'm ambivalent about the itinerary for our overseas trip which my brother has drawn up.

I'm not going to go to the party.


Winston had white shoes on.


Teriann wants updates.

I'll set the alarm for seven o'clock.

Anyone who is unwilling to read does not understand the joy of reading.

Don't you miss your father?

Which one would you recommend?

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The boy admitted breaking the window.

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What's your sister's dog's name?

You can get a quick glimpse of Mt. Fuji from the window of the train.

Logic and common sense suggest that Russia, the European Union, and the United States must act jointly.


Be careful not to underestimate the problem.


He got his dander up.

San Francisco is only one-tenth as populous as New York.

"Oh? Then, as I expected, I've been around longer than you. This year I'm 20-mumble years old." "What does that tell me?"

He stayed up all night.

Can't you just accept that?

I'm sorry. I don't have a lot of time.

Life doesn't always work out the way you want it to.