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Bears also tend to sleep more during the day than at night, although in the summer, with twenty-four hours of light, this does not apply.

Occasionally, things don't go as planned.

What's your wife's maiden name?


Emmett's father warned Carolyn to stay away from his daughter.


He's a man of importance.

I thought you said you were bad at French.

She rents a room to a student.

Sassan thinks those shoes will be too big.

Brooke has finished eating.

I've got a very full schedule.

Not only did he come but he also offered to help me.


He doesn't have a family.


Here we were at Tokyo Station.

When was the last time Kit gave you a gift?

She looked after the child.


The rocket landed sufficiently gently to avoid breaking its instruments.

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The biggest difference between bandy and floorball is that bandy is played on ice.

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Thank you for the present you gave my son.


The gum adhered to the sole of the shoe.

It is hard to win four successive games.

She doesn't have money to buy herself a new car.

Where goes man? Where his heart calls him to.

Dan was in his early twenties when he was killed by a truck.

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The sun is up

It sounds like you still love Peter.

A country is a dangerous machine.

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I fell in love with a woman.


He was named Amir after his father.

Neville sent me his picture.

Shatter decided never to see Lenny anymore.

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Tiefenthal is a Harvard alumnus.


I'll tell Horst you're looking for him.

When he stopped running, he was satisfied.

I know both of them.

After a while, I noticed that we weren't walking on the path anymore.

It's really confusing.

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I like onsen off the beaten track.

It is fair to say that both balls are of equal weight.

It happened that she and I liked the same kind of music.

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Our decision to go to Portugal was quite arbitrary.


He's at home in all the sciences.

I've always liked Theodore.

Of course you have to pay. What did you think?

After two years, she was already fluent in German.

Each time the comet passes close to the Sun, it loses some of its material. Over time, it will break up and disappear completely.


I hope you will come to my birthday party.

Doctor Burns, what should doctors do when a patient's brain is badly damaged?

Can you recommend a good place for me to stay in Boston?


A flush is a poker hand where all five cards are of the same suit.


The last time that happened I didn't know what to do.

Do it yourself by all means.

They made little of my effort to make our class enjoyable.

What would you do if you were in my place?

I found the picture Rajesh was looking for.

We had a really good talk.

Hello, I'm Halil.

I'll find a good time to tell Father about it.

You've got to check this out.

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That would be a really big surprise, wouldn't it?


When will you leave for Boston?

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There are no further details.

Tatoeba is a virtual site where a lot of actual time is spent.

I don't know what to eat for dinner.

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I don't think I'd want to do that.

He is sure that he will pass the next exam.

Isn't a coming out an invitation to coming in ?


I want to go to England.

Whatever you may say, you won't be believed.

Spike threw a pillow at me.

There's no need to be scared.

The new tax system comes into effect next year.

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Speaking of last night, what time did you get home?

Did I tell you Kees and I got engaged?

The girl is pulling her mom's hair.

Bart said that he had never loved Rainer, nor would he ever love her.

A pair of sunglasses could hide a stye.


Ritchey couldn't shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen.


My neighbors, who live on the same floor, are from Lebanon.

Is it true you got married?

It was Mick who told me what happened.

A photograph cannot explain the reasons.

Another lonely day.

He sneaked up behind her.

When you go to Romania, you will see more.

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Your income is about twice as large as mine.

The assassination plot failed.

I had good teachers.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

I burned the roof of my mouth.

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How about a second helping?

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I'm finished now.

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Let's let Jonathan speak.

It took more than a month to get over my cold, but I'm OK now.

She wants to move out and find a place of her own.

Would you like a glass of OJ with your breakfast?

Paris is a rather expensive city.

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There is a mailbox somewhere along this street.

Darrell took some money out of his pocket.

Please let me answer one question at a time.

Students bustled about all through the night.

Do I seem untrustworthy?

I don't think we have to go any further.

I had never seen her cry.


There's nothing worse than loneliness.

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I don't need a reason.

Blessed are the pure in heart.

He was standing very close to me. It was disturbing.

I'm very discrete.

I like to see these pictures.

I can't write with this dull pencil.

Emil was not wearing socks.

I get on well with my stepsister but not with my stepmother.

Did anyone tell you?


Kristi looked over to his shoulder to see if anyone was following him.

I told them not to tell anyone.

We had a thrilling time at the theme park.

Slartibartfast struggled.

A scientist will read dozens of books in his lifetime, but still believe he has a lot more to learn.


I must admit I wasn't expecting this.

My boyfriend works at a language school and loves it very much.

Mwa pushed me and I pushed him back.

I forget sad things when I fall asleep.

Where is your mommy?

Marion and Starbuck are waiting at the park entrance.

We have a good negotiator on the staff.

If we don't take risks we'll never get anything done.

Do me a favor and take these suitcases down to the basement.


That man sure knows how to troll.

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Have you read the Latin classics?

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Winnie knows this place.

They passed time by playing cards.

You don't want to make me angry.

Will that happen?

I gave some water to the dogs.

This is pretty amazing.

It was unfortunate that it rained yesterday.

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I'll ask you one last time.


There is no city in Europe as big as Tokyo.

English is like a world-wide common language.

I actually need you to do more than just that.

If you're serious about solving the problem, then you cannot pose it as a Catch-22.

He vowed to give up smoking.

I already gave him your number.

Huashi joined a political party.

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Would you tell me what's going on here?


Mr. Jackson is a very good teacher.


Everybody had changed so much that I could hardly tell one from another.


Coleen smiled appreciatively.

How does this work?

We have to get out of here right now.

Your questions are getting progressively more profound.

I have dinner plans with Shai.


After five years in the special forces, I quit.