We grew up and World is polluted

I've told Boyd all about you.


I have my friend's car at my disposal.

They heard it on the radio.

He's away on vacation.

I had stage fright at first, but I got over it quickly.

Excessive supply leads to a drop in prices.

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My armpits were sweating.


Jim's angry because his date for the movie stood him up and he wasted an hour waiting for her in the rain.

Russ is in detention.

That's the friend I gave the key to.

It'll break.

It is because you are lazy that you cannot write your report.

Only peace can save the world.

Welcome to Boston, everybody.


He lived in Europe for fifteen years.

Ditransitive verbs have three arguments.

The hot coffee can melt a plastic cup.


Sundar lied to the cops.

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Tracey spread the big map on the table.


This lake is very deep.


I bet they didn't even ask Jenine to help.

What have you done?

You'll find that out soon enough.

I don't know what to say to Kamel.

It rained so hard that the shrine was washed away.

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Jesper refused our offer.

He makes little of our efforts.

Funny, I don't remember that.

The cat caught a mouse.

If you were to compare me to an animal, to which animal would you compare me to?


Raif certainly came out of that mess smelling like a rose.

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I had barely got aboard when the train began to move.

I'm rather busy.

The roof is covered with sheet metal.

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Christofer put new pedals on the bicycle that he rides to school.

Mario has always been scrupulously honest in his dealings with us.

His story is highly colored.


The crowd struggled to make for the exit.

Follow me and I will show you the way.

Like bullets smashing glass in a silent movie.

The plane was about to take off when I heard a strange sound.

He seldom gives his wife presents.

Dick plans to go there alone.

He tore his calf muscle playing basketball.


It would have seemed a lot funnier, if it weren't happening to her.


It's about time you showed up.

Jenine was friends with both Willie and John.

Daryl made a film about his childhood.

Wool takes a dye well.

I walked along the footpath.

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There are highs and lows in life, said the elevator operator.


If you don't want to hurt her feelings you're going to have to bend the truth a little.

Please tell me how I can get in touch with her.

What else can you expect?

Troy showed me something interesting today.

Do you think I'm to blame?


People were screaming inside the blazing ship, and there was no way we could get to them to rescue them.

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I think Kazuhiro isn't right.

I'm going to drive Ruth there myself.

I recognized her the moment I saw her.


Ning ate in silence.


He is clever at making excuses.

Use your fist.

I'm looking forward to going to the concert.

I closed the window for fear that the baby should catch cold.

I'm getting dressed.

Ariel ran over a stone with his mower and it smashed his neighbour's car window.

We didn't win the game.

Could anybody help me to carry this?

Who is your favourite TV star?

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Avery is a marketing consultant.

That's what usually happens.

The world is full of smartasses.

Anatole pretended that what Gideon said didn't hurt.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

I know Marco is missing.

I grew up in a little town.

Please consider us in the future for all your travel needs.

Did you know him?

It should be noted that "let me go" and "let go of me" do not mean exactly the same thing.

Renu is the best student in our class.

Do you have the stuff you need to make the rug?

He's henpecked.

I hate studying.

Noam attached some twine to the kite.


Rees was impressed by Wolf's score.

Did Malus know you were here?

I'm having kind of a weird day.


Avery cancelled his party because something came up.

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I go to Tokyo University.


Every year, a hundred and fifty thousand tourists come to this island to enjoy the impressive scenery and the wonderful beaches.

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Is she afraid of death?


They bumped against each other.


Within the village, Archie was known as a con man.


He can do it better than I can.

Who typed this?

I'd prefer that black one over there.

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I contended against falsehood.


The increase in juvenile delinquency is a serious problem.

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Yesterday I went to lie down at midnight.

I'm still waiting for the prices to drop.

Did you hit her?


The reasons are as follows.


Roxana fell down the stairs and hit his head.

Eat more fresh vegetables.

The waiter brought a new plate.

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I would be glad to read the novel, but I don't have the time.


Both of the children won a prize.


I think I've seen this movie before.

He got fired for making waves too often.

What a beautiful design!

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He keeps to the letter of the law.


These days many young people work without much focus; my friend's son hadn't gone two years after graduating before he'd changed jobs five times.

The hotness of this tea is making my cup too hot to hold.

I live in the house.

How do you know Glen is really safe?

A few people (I'm not telling who) have not cleaned up the room.


Yumi keeps getting better at Korean.

What I need to do now is get some sleep.

We looked for it high and low.

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I was just talking about her.


I never really thought of it like that.

I'm glad to be of some help to you.

I should've gone after him.

Idleness, which is often becoming and even wise in the bachelor, begins to wear a different aspect when you have a wife to support.

Gregge is a better swimmer than Kevan is.


Jeanette was making French fries.


You definitely can't compare Marseilles and Lyons.

I should've been on the first train this morning, but I overslept.

He performed his duties faithfully.


One thing that won't change is our commitment to our customers.

Can I tell her why?

My father put a fence around the garden.

You have to work harder on your Japanese studies.

With just a little more effort, he would have succeeded.

Your uncle, a journalist, used to write for the Folha.

He hired Patricio to kill Mr. Smith.

I have broken off our engagement.

Thursday Island is situated in the Torres Strait between Australia's northernmost Cape York and New Guinea.

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I speak Gibberish best.

He is tired of reading.

I love Mexican food.

That's unbelievably stupid.

The rain was driving in our faces.

I didn't meet any of my friends.

I helped her wash dishes.

There seems to be a mistake.

Hirotoshi looked really uncomfortable.


The plane had five hundred passengers on board.

I don't want to talk about school.

The trees are in bud.