America: Renewal or Ruin
Will America Survive the 21st Century?

By Lawrence William Greider

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Renewal or Ruin book cover.

America: Renewal or Ruin is about challenge and hope. There are serious forces at work in America today that could lead to moral and political collapse. Other great nations in history have gone into ruin and modern nations are not immune to forces of decay and infamy. Greider feels that there is a vast conservative populace that has allowed the vocal minority to promote an agenda keeping God out of our schools and legalizing homosexual unions. Perhaps our nation has gone too far in jettisoning the values upon which it was founded. If any culture is to survive, it must stand for something. If not, citizens will fall for anything that is served up in titillating packaging and played to the base appetites of the flesh. Our country needs a revival of spirit and a clear sense of morality and propriety.

Greider shows in his book America: Renewal or Ruin that there is a cause for every effect and that the cause of America's greatness lay in the goodness of her people. The Founding Fathers were deeply religious men who claimed to owe their dependence and guidance on God and his Word. America is rapidly moving away from its Christian roots, and the ominous signs of moral, social and cultural decay are ever present.


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