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Welcome to Body Mind Central. Your team of health professionals. Our intention is to ensure you leave us in better health both mentally and physically. 

We are your caring team of chiropractors, psychologists , occupational therapist's, life coaches and remedial massage therapists. A truly holistic team that work together to help you be at your best every day. We have strategically built this team at Body Mind Central to be a unique and powerful solution for you and your health. 

We understand the value of the mind and body as one. Both are dependent on each other. Evidence-based solutions addressing the body and the mind are missing in the health industry and we are here to solve that for you. 

We want to welcome you to Body Mind Central. Book a session with one of our team below or give us a call first if you're not sure where to start.  

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Meet the Body Mind Central team


John Petrozzi

Director, Chiropractor and manual therapist for back + neck pain


Suzana Petrozzi

Director, Mentoring and empowering professional women


Liesbeth Geerligs

Clinical psychologist specialising in anxiety and depression


Bader El-dejany

Chiropractor and manual therapist for sports injuries + pain


Carlo Rinaudo

Chiropractor and specialist in


Stuart Ainis

Specialist remedial massage and acupressure therapist


Maria Reboredo

Clinical psychologist for anxiety and depression


Abraham Tedjakusuma

Occupational Therapist for chronic pain conditions



Body Mind Central's Office Manager and Client Liason



Body Mind Centrals Reception and Client Liaison

services available at Body Mind Central - Leichhardt


Select and book one of our services below, if you're not sure simply call us on Tel: 02 9518 0096 during business hours and one of the team will be happy to guide you.


Wellness and Clinical Psychology
Life Coaching
Remedial Massage
Human Spring

Chiropractic treatments may help:

  • Back pain ie. neck, mid and low back pain
  • Headaches
  • Sciatica and referred pain syndromes
  • Jaw and TMJ dysfunction
  • Scoliosis management
  • Advice and reassurance

What Does your Chiropractor in Leichhardt do?

Your Leichhardt chiropractors will take a ‘birds eye’ view of your presenting back pain complaint and apply an integrative and thorough approach to your chiropractic treatment and care. As well as addressing your back pain symptoms and pain we may suggest supportive care and advise for the possible causes of your problems. Advice, Reassurance, Postural exercises, ergonomic advise, emotional support and coaching as well as dietary advice to support your body as it recovers.

At our Leichhardt chiropractic centre, you will have a thorough chiropractic consultation and may be referred for x-rays if clinically indicated. Not all back problem require x-rays, this can be determined from your first consultation. As every back pain problem is different, you may be able to have some treatment on your first visit, however, for more complicated cases where further imaging studies are required, chiropractic treatment may not be an option until we have a full understanding of your problem.

Chiropractic treatment for back pain issues involves muscle mobilisation in conjunction with chiropractic mobilisations of stiff back joints. The goal of chiropractic work is to help the joints move better, reduce pain, create better alignment of your posture. Clinical practice guidelines for the management of back pain approves of a multimodal manual therapy approach. This is a combination of: Advice, Reassurance, Exercise and a short course of manual therapy. We will work in conjunction with your GP as required to facilitate your recovery.

We have served the local Leichhardt and Inner West area with effective and caring chiropractic treatment for back pain since 1999. Conveniently located for the Leichhardt, Lilyfield, Annandale, Balmain, Petersham, Marrickville, Haberfield and Sydney CBD areas.

Wellness and Clinical Psychology

What is Wellness Psychology?

Wellness Psychology is a clinical, coaching and consulting psychology service which can help you see the opportunity, the positives and the blessings during times of stress and adversity. As well as to overcome feelings of emotional distress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and low self-confidence.

Our main focus is helping individuals achieve emotional wellbeing.

We do this by thoroughly assessing your current obstacles and challenges, uncovering your strengths, teaching you valuable and life-long skills, helping you set and achieve goals and guiding you towards empowerment, confidence, and a sense of direction and purpose.

We are here to empower you to have the courage, belief and trust that when difficulties in your life arise or when difficulties have been around for many years, what may seem like a lifetime, you have an amazing opportunity to make a change in your life… because only through change will you experience a difference – a difference that opens doors to opportunities, successes, possibilities, happiness and love.

“Each second you can be reborn. Each second there can be a new beginning. It is choice. It is your choice” – Clearwater

Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Choose Life Coaching to create success and happiness in YOUR life.

Our life coaches have a background in clinical psychology and are well versed in positive psychology and wellness psychology principles. With your Life Coach you will learn to let everyday anxieties and irritations become a learning tool to get you motivated and primed for meaningful action. Learn to simplify your tasks, prioritise your responsibilities and time manage effectively.

All too often we let life drag us down, we put off implementing that great business idea; writing that book; learning a new language; learning yoga; creating closer familiar bonds … because “there’s too much to do”.

Somehow, somewhere along the line we prioritized washing the car and buying shoes ahead of our innermost goals and dreams.

Is this what you want to continue doing?

With your Life Coach learn to put YOUR goals and dreams first.

Life Coaching is all about YOU!

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage for strong and healthy muscles

Our experienced massage therapists will use various remedial massage techniques to soothe tired and painful muscles. Previously our remedial massage therapists have been contracted by Australian Floorball teams, NRL rugby league teams including Manly Sea Eagles and Balmain Tigers.

Human Spring

What is the Human Spring Approach?

The developer and founder of the Human Spring approach is Dr James Stoxen from Chicago Illinois USA. He has integrated his 25+ years of knowledge and experience to come up with the Human Spring Approach.

In short, this approach starts with viewing the body, particularly the foot and leg as a spring. Similar to a spring, when stretched, it recoils and bounces back to its original shape and length. The configuration of the foot bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles make it work just like a spring. Previous theories described that foot biomechanics worked purely like a system of levers and pivots, however, new technologies developed by Dr James Stoxen have help to clarify that the foot and lower limbs actually work more like a spring and a lever. His tailor-made graphics clearly show the rationale behind the Human Spring Approach.

Since 2006 Dr John Petrozzi has been trained in this unique approach directly by Dr James Stoxen. John is currently the only practitioner in Australia trained in this approach and is available for consultations and treatments at the centre.

Make an appointment or learn more about the treatment by calling 02 9518 0096.

Alternatively, book a free phone call using our TimeTrade link

Below are some video’s that will help you to discover the Human Spring Approach and how it may be able to help you.

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