She dreads going blind because she's wearing thick glasses.

Electing to upgrade the computer lab, the university library went slightly over the budget.

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He is endowed with a sense of humor.

It's what Rakhal wanted.

We arrived yesterday afternoon by train.


His clothes did not fit well.

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A big tree fell in the storm.

Where was I?

The bird was sitting in the tree wagging its tail.

You're just an underling. Know your place!

I was a member of the soccer club when I was in junior high.

Soon you'll get used to living by yourself.

I wish I had a million dollars.

The cola made my tongue tingle.

I held the door open.

Gail is picking oranges.

They were good kids.

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I'm crossing my fingers.

You make such a lovely couple.

I have to go to the doctor today.


Moe has done well for himself.

Pinocchio hid his face under the sheets.

Who sent this to us?

I know that you can understand me!

"How many keys?" asked Pepperberg.

Wendy stayed close.

I have a great deal to do today.

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"We are in the middle of a war", said the President.


I only saw Ji once.

He looked at him in the mirror.

Thank you for your visit.

The bookstore is open.

What's that, buddy?

Savlon is a moisturizing skin cream.

She will drop it this time.


It happened two days after he got back to Tokyo.

Pomegranate seeds are relatively big.

Dan wanted to secure an alibi.

Thomas hugs Maria.

She is collecting material for a book.

Hotta is a man now.

I'll make it back in time for supper.

What if I am a Native American?

He and I want to dance a lot and go for a walk.

Skeeter doesn't want to be caught.

Around the town's perimeter, the residents constructed a wall with four gates. Through the gates, roads led east, south, west and north.

Shean cut the tape.

Spass is at the podium.


The criminal left footprints.


I can depend on Trying.

You didn't need to be here.

I didn't buy anything at that store.

We still have to look for the hook.

Takeo is engrossed in solving mathematical problems.

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That the moon appears larger close to the horizon than at the zenith is an optical illusion, the cause of which has not been definitively clarified.


It will be four years before the definite result of beef liberalization emerges.

What line is he in?

How is everyone doing today?

It is the students' duty to clean their classrooms.

You're surrounded.

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He proved to be a spy.

There was no answer to my question.

Jerald was an Olympic swimmer.

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The convenience store employee chased the thief and was stabbed to death.

The sight of him is hateful to me.

Leo stayed behind to help Raymond.

Keep it up.

The clown at the circus pleased my children.

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When did Sehyo say he would come?

We got to know each other in London.

You've hurt Alison's feelings.

That's your favorite, right?

His remark has nothing to do with the subject.

I'm not satisfied with that.

I told him I'd finish up here.

He wanted to make the most of his chance to learn.

He was kicked out of the house.

My brother was closer to my grandfather than I.

It's a pity that he had died so young.

Kevin missed his stop.

They're still looking for a new manager.

Kriton begged me to let him in.

It's hard not to like them.


I know what's happening at home.

The young men of the neighborhood were collecting branches and brushwood under the oak trees.

They looked very busy.

I give a good scolding.

"That's very nice of you," Willie answered.

Every life is worth saving.

It isn't funny.

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We had fun at Disneyland.

The pigs did not actually work, but directed and supervised the others.

"Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari" is a very good movie.

It's becoming too dangerous.

Damn, Valsi isn't here.


I have to help Max and Those move a piano.

Ms. Earth 2013 is Ms. Venezuela.

They live in the suburbs.

There was something I had to do.

There are no hospitals in the vicinity of his house.

I'm pretty sure Takao's richer than James.

If you don't know the meaning of the word, you have to look it up in the dictionary.

The train pulled in and we rushed to meet Manavendra as she got off.

Where's Benson?


Win plays accordion quite well.

We have a good team right now.

I buy you a present.


Sega used to make video game consoles a long time ago.

Ned looks like he's going to throw up.

I don't want something like this to happen.

How long does it take to get to the station?

Such an alert man as he couldn't have failed to adapt himself to the new situation.

I'm concerned about you.

This isn't funny anymore.

I forgot to lock the front door.

While no one fears that Hebrew will stop being spoken, it is in danger of ceasing to be a language of culture.


Would all the mothers please wait here?

You can come and get it today.

My father became old.


A rainbow consists of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Shari was probably drunk when he crashed his car.

The birds are flying south.

Do you think Rainer is right?

We are going home.


We are the same age. We are both sixteen years old.


Maybe Eileen doesn't want us to find Vladislav.


Dory cut some branches off the apple tree.

I'm going to put a stop to this.

He's been battling hepatitis for 6 months now, but it looks like he's just starting to recover.



Keep looking around.

Izzy unscrewed the top of her drink bottle and took a sip.


From there, one could see perfectly.


Most importantly, the borrowing rates are going up.

Three times three is nine.

While broth boils, friendship blooms.


He doesn't go to school anymore.

He was handed a red card for starting a fight with the other team and as a result, their team lost.

My brother is a college student.


Thank you very much for your kindness.


Jesse tried to protect his kids.

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I'm not answering that.


Thirty television channels condemned the insurgency to give the impression of consensus, but all these channels were in the hands of three companies, each of whom had a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

Ross shouldn't tell Srinivas anything about his past.

Beauty is the power by which a woman charms a lover and terrifies a husband.

Kennedy Airport, please.

Richard tapped his fingers on his desk.


He has preternatural powers!

Warren was killed with a fireplace poker.

I'll be sixteen on my next birthday.


They closed the shop at five.

Bruce translated the letter from French into German.

Maybe I should tell Donnie.

"Don't cross your legs like that." "Why not?" "Well, unless you've got a vagina, it's inappropriate."

Who ended up paying the bill?

I still remember his name.

Lynne seemed to be staring at something in the corner of the room.

I should say he is a little angry.

I realize I'm just stating the obvious.

The microphone is live.

I don't worry about the past.


I want Kayvan gone by the time I get home.

She found the money gone.

May you win!