The boy is totally dependent on his parents.

I wasn't sure I could trust Shutoku, so I didn't say anything.

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Clem and I will go together and we'll return together.

Must I go with you?

He often goes to the library by car.


Yesterday, I cooked Okonomiyaki.


What else would it be?


I knew him better than you did.


You said you hated that, didn't you?

Our guide knows the history of all these places.

I am acquainted with the custom.

The fog reeked of oil.

Peace is of great importance.

I don't like these kind of jokes.

How persistent you are!


The trees don't let him see the forest.

He was reading a newspaper in his shirt sleeves.

We haven't made any deals yet.

Is this your sack or hers?

She half dragged, half carried the log.


There seems to be no end to the number of young people committing suicide these days.

You can't help them anymore.

Peggy wants Vicky to suffer for what she did to him.

I really didn't want to play tag with Karl and his friends.

Po has been a nervous wreck ever since we arrived.

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Lay up for a rainy day.

I just want what everyone wants.

I plan to watch a game at the baseball field the day after tomorrow.

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There is a slight chill on the party.


I asked Sanjib if he had a safe deposit box.


Did you practice the piano this morning?

Butler says he can't work on an empty stomach.

Don't you give up on me.

Dinner was awesome.

It is a pleasure to spend time with Jane.


I'm surprised that you don't know about their marriage.

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The treaty gave the United States a canal zone.

Bears hibernate during the winter.

The relationship between Shari and Eddy seems to me to be the most suspicious.

They're embarrassed when they're around strangers.

Douglas grew his sideburns back.

Clarence wants someone to help him.

Look, I'm not doing this.


Don't expect everyone to be here on time.

Takeda always shows his anger openly.

A state without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation.

Tell us everything you know about where Emil grew up.

Jerald promised to sell me his old guitar.

The merchant seems to be an honest person.

Did you hear that, too?


I can't move my leg.

She left me standing there for two hours.

How long are we going to wait?

Obey your father.

Resentment is like drinking poison, and then hoping it will kill your enemy.

I'm only working here another three days.

The old man was always looking back on the good old days.

Who else do you want to invite to the party?

Juan de la Cierva invented the autogyro and the principles to make a helicopter work.


How can we stop Israel?

She didn't attend the meeting for fear of meeting her ex-husband.

Look before you leap.

Vice used to come to visit us every summer.

What is the name of that river?

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We were served French champagne, not to mention the usual cocktails.

Lukas has been to Boston before.

My mother is very dear to me.


I think that she is from China.

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Felix tried to make both ends meet.


Rabbits love carrots.

I will soon catch up with you.

Red is not your colour.

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Most of the policemen lost their jobs.

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What kind of movie would you like to watch?


Science, accumulated and reviewed over decades, tells us that our planet is changing in ways that will have profound impacts on all of humankind.

Aim for the eyes!

Ahmet took out three eggs.

I washed the car.

The hotel cancelled Hwa's reservation.


Nanda wasn't the only one who was busy.

Religion is too important a matter to its devotees to be a subject of ridicule. If they indulge in absurdities, they are to be pitied rather than ridiculed.

I grew up in this neighborhood.

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Try and look happy.

That's a lot to ask.

Don't you trust Mahmoud?

Gretchen is bossy, isn't he?

You don't look like a weightlifter.

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Joyce can study in my office if he wants to.


I'm ordering you to leave immediately.

Let's see if we can solve that mystery.

The scientists analyzed the data.


Giovanni seems to have packed everything but the kitchen sink.

I'm writing this letter to Charleen.

He had the table to himself.


I'm not really that sorry.

Who did Batman save?

I am extremely confused by this. If this is what we call 'the Way of Heaven', then is it right or is it wrong?


I met him at the barber's.

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May I speak to Mike, please?

I talked about the international brotherhood of painters.

Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed.

We're prepared for a fight.

You've got to sign your name.

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Now, can we please change the subject?

Kikki is writing a letter now.

They say it will be very hot.


In your view, can we judge other people's religion or not?

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Why do you need change?


You'll understand all of this eventually.

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Why are you hiding from me?

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This work does not meet our requirements.

The battle goes on!

I did the right thing.

She will do whatever it takes to find Yvonne.

They have no sense of sin.

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Randall was killed in a traffic accident.


All of us are happy.

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What are you hiding from me?


I don't know why it's happening.

I'm hoping that Izzy never does that again.

I have no problem delegating authority.

It being a name, I think you can just leave it as it is with no detriment to the translation.

Why would that bother her?


We'd like you to sing a song.


The spiral galaxy closest to our Milky Way galaxy is Andromeda. Andromeda is over 2 million light-years away. Its central bulge and spiral arms are tilted toward us at a 15 degree angle.

Monday was so hectic.

I found it.

"Whose sunglasses are these?" "They are Nabil's."

The airport is closed, but nobody knows why.


We're fortunate to have Old.

Sex sells.

I wonder what country will censor Tatoeban first.


His behavior did not correspond with his words.

"Meow," said the cat and it looked at me.

He and she got married three years ago.

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Recently, Anne has stopped seeing anything worthwhile in his work.

Every morning, I go shopping.

The wedding will take place at the end of October.


The school rules require students to wear school uniforms.

She looks prettier in her red dress.

Why didn't you wake me?

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I hope it will be good.


We suggest you get there early.

The most important thing is a pleasant living environment.

I ate quickly.

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Don't let his comments discourage you; I believe in you.

Is food scarce around here?

There's only one problem.

I admit that I'm tired.

Look, we're wasting time.