Marilyn is a witch doctor.

Write with your left hand.

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Manolis is fine.


Tim was asked by Walt to mow the lawn.

You'll need some money.

You should lay your cards out on the table.

Does Eli really want to know?

I'm trying not to get emotional.

His uncle owns no fewer than ten houses.

My uncle has a house in Italy.

It's only another false alarm.

The most terrible enemy is a former friend.

I've asked Pratap to stay here and help you with your repairs.

Claude told me not to open the envelope until my birthday.

This is a small town.

Johann Jackson is a seasoned diplomat.

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Walking along the street, I found a wallet.

Paul's success was a myth.

We need someone to keep an eye on our baby while we are away.


I go straight home after work.

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She put down her pen.

Where are you getting the money from?

How well Aoi dances!


The usual fonts for Roman script are too rigid and unflowing.

Roderick mistook me for my brother.

It is ten years since I came to live here.

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You were right all along.

Rodger's parents got divorced when he was very young.

Let's put things into perspective.

It weighs eighty kilograms.

Noam wanted to marry his true love.


He did as he said he would do.

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My brother is good at mathematics.

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Let Sandip buy the next beer.

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I'll be your server tonight.

I see my rose.

This is a nice restaurant. Thanks for bringing me here.

I appreciate your offer.

Farouk doesn't care what people think about him.

Whoever reads this so-called newspaper every day will inevitably go daft.

My office used to be by the window and I could see the squirrels.

I tried to warn her about Sanand, but she won't listen to me.

I wonder if they'll let us go home early today.

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She wept when she heard the terrible news.


Can we meet on February the 28th, around 3:00 p.m.?

In winter I wear an overcoat.

His sister looks young.


Merat is really excited.

Truman arrived at the White House within minutes.

Point your finger at your choice.

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There's something else I'd like to try.

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You have the same racket as I have.


I really don't feel like talking.


Darryl looks like he's about to cry.

We don't use them anymore.

Pierette can fix the heater.

He fastened the horse's pack with a rope.

How large were they?

Cathy tricked all of us.

I'll try to keep up with him.

We only just manage to keep afloat on my husband's small salary.

I have to hurry to the station to catch the last train.

We have no choice but to fight.

You must try to understand me.


Pedro would leave.

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I'll be there as fast as I can.


That must've felt so great.

They live in constant fear.

We sometimes lack patience with old people.

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He was warned not to be late for school again.

I just know Straka has to be stopped.

You can leave your hat on.

Whose shoes are those?

I'll pay thirty dollars for it.

No, you need not.

I'm three years younger than Spock.

This train left Aomori thirty minutes late, so we won't arrive at Tokyo before noon, I'm afraid.

I love Occitan.

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This is difficult for you to understand, isn't it?


The weather report says we'll get three inches of snow.


He has a good eye sight.


I can see what you see.

Americans who sent a message to the world that we have never been a collection of Red States and Blue States: we are, and always will be, the United States of America.

I'm kind of sleepy so I'll be heading back soon.

I will apply for help to him.

Dana doesn't like speaking French.

I don't want to deal with this right now.

He appeared at last.

She held her hands tightly over her ears.

They are both well-known columnists, but they work at rival newspapers.

You should have seen that movie.

Congratulations. You behaved yourself very well.

I'm in Paris.

Sue tried to push Trying into the water.

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Dan believed that the hammer was the murder weapon.

The air was blocked off, extinguishing the fire.

There was a high turnout to the election.


Glen died of a heroin overdose.

I didn't like this game until I started winning.

After the concert, Lois signed autographs.

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Her long hair was completely wet.

Nancy is helpful, isn't he?

Everyone respects Erkin.


He began to eat his breakfast.


The hunger for facile wisdom is the root of all false philosophy.

I need Peter to know that we love him.

Donald saw a snake.

I think you should pick Molly.

I must look after the rabbits.

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Shaw says he's never coming back.

There is no reason for being sorry.

He has two children who are the same age as me.

He won the motion and settled the case.

We would be closer to the truth.

The doctor gave him four stitches.

Over and out.


I'll make him do it.

I know you're responsible for this.

You approached the well.

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This cat is eating.


I found it impossible to explain what he is really like.


How did you spend your free time?

There is no doubt in my mind that Cathrin didn't commit suicide.

She's two years younger than him.

When a child, I would play with the toys.

I'll call them tomorrow when I come back.

That really wasn't easy!

Will you go with us?

Brooke isn't supposed to even talk to Paula.

No one wants to feel left out.

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Why did you disobey my order?

Suddenly I got lucky.

Did you hear that Fred was dismissed?

This horse is expensive.

He is delightful.

Matthieu said Ima was a nice person.

I can't believe Lori kissed me.

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The lamp hung from the ceiling.


Felix and Ted are thinking about getting a divorce.

I ate a banana wrapped in edible rice paper and caramel.

She held him like mother gorillas hold their babies.

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Buy land. They ain't making any more of the stuff.

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Their heart leaped with joy.

I thought Bradford would never show up.

They live in constant fear.

I want to be cautious.

He was very rich, and therefore could buy a mansion.


Listen, he doesn't know what he says.

We've humiliated them.

Hartmann was whistling in the dark to belie how terrified he was to be alone in the house which was rumoured to be haunted.


Be careful about what you eat.

Finishing the job by Tuesday will be a piece of cake.

I couldn't get warm enough.

You've wasted enough of my time.

They're eating brioche bread.

The room is too small.

I want to get back to Italy.