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That was lucky.


Tell them I'll be right there.

You should help Sunil in the garden.

I've tried it and it works like a dream.


I heard that the new English teacher is a handsome guy who looks like Jaime Cruise.

I am rinsing the linen.

Stay far away from that dog.


I'm going to Paris this fall.


For a prohibition being accepted with respect, its cause should be logical and clear.


Just talking about your feelings can make you feel better.

I'm not a hipster.

You're taking quite a risk.


First, there's something I'd like to show you.

Luke has short hair.

I think we'd better sing that English song!

It's so good to hear from you.

We elected her chairperson.


Don't cut in when others are talking.

He caught sight of a ship in the distance.

Bruce and Bea went on a picnic together last weekend.

Robert glanced down.

I like speaking Welsh.

We think of the plan as of value.

The colony of Haiti declared its independence in 1804.

It looks quite different around here than it used to.

I don't do anything now.


Skiing is a great enjoyment to me.

Mick wasn't sure they would renew his visa.

He is lacking in decisiveness.


She wants to extend the no-smoking area.

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He didn't come to work with his car.

I stole this from him.

My wife loves romantic novels.


Why don't you like talking about politics?

The admission costs six euros but on Sundays it's free.

We know nothing.


Apart from my sister, my family doesn't watch TV.


The candle burned out.

Page has blonde hair and green eyes.

The moon was above the horizon.

Jinny looked out across the water.

Are you expecting me to help you?

Tell them I had to leave.

Come to think of it, I did see Taro.

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Would you prefer a window or an aisle seat?

When the wine goes in, strange things come out.

I don't know which to choose.


You must not be late for school.


How many times a minute does the average person blink?


I don't believe that Shannon is a murderer.

Jiro isn't here now.

You should not judge people by their appearance.


Sooner or later his luck will run out.


They speak French in Quebec.

I have read a good many books to discover what the authorities had to say that made the matter a little plainer.

A boy stood by to run errands for her.

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I'm not done with you.


I hope I'll see you again.

Isn't life just great?

I'm not rolling up their carpets.

A good idea struck me.

Did you see that car?


Don't talk to my sister like that.

Everett went to the museum with Grace.

Why do the largest banks need the biggest bailout?

You sure are dirty.

She is skipping rope.

Let me see your wound.

Isn't it perfect?

Stealing is wrong.

Five fours are twenty.

I'm just trying to be friendly.

They counted on monotonously to fifty.

He was bewildered.

I asked him to teach me French.

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I'm not ready to go back yet.


Language as we know is a human invention.

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There are fifty states in the United States.

He didn't give me his real name.

Bernie wants to call his lawyer.

Teriann asked me out.

You're taking a big risk.


Sangho and Toerless returned to their seats.


Do not machine wash the bag.

How was the night?

I hear she has been absent from school.


I'm not opening the door for Duane.


The general commanded that the city be attacked.


We have something very important that we need to discuss.

Have we made any progress?

Herman doesn't know what to do either.

He was cowed by her intelligence.

Yours is there on the other side.

How much did you win?

Denis's doctor advised him to exercise.


She is as modest as anything.


They made a stubborn resistance.


Before you can love others, you need to be able to love yourself.


He looks after us.

I'll return as soon as I can.

I hate it, yet I'm uncontrollably drawn to it.

Just call Antonio.

Ole decided to give it one more shot.

Those were his actual words.

The matter that he is talking about is important.

We had breakfast.

He raised his heel against me.

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Please get in touch with me when you are here.


Kieran has been secretly in love with Blayne for years.


He did not accept their invitation.

Her latest book deals with pollution.

The convenience store employee chased the thief and was stabbed to death.

In this world you will have trouble.

She has been prescribed medical cannabis to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy.

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"Kenn and Duke have decided to help John paint his house." "That's nice to hear."

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Can you ice skate?

Boyd is a talented writer.

No one ever saw him again.

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Art never told me he wanted to go to Harvard.

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She pretended innocence.


She stared at a UFO in silence.

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This is the city where he was born.

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The probability to win is 0.001%.

Brenda just didn't want to see me.

I recovered from my illness.


The grease caught fire.

Success is never blamed.

Mason has been blind since he was born.

"May I use your pencil?" "Sure go ahead."

Kerry never told you because he didn't want you to worry about him.

Tell us about your childhood.

I pretended that it didn't bother me.

Because this is such a highly technical subject, I would like to point out in advance the likelihood that some of what I'm about to say may include information that is incorrect.

I wanted to be with her all the time.

Are you a teacher or a student?

That gave us an idea.


We jammed into the elevator.


How could anything be worse than this?


I would like to visit Egypt, one day.

Harvey's doctor told him he needed to get more exercise.

What did you guys do?


How did it come about?

She turned down his invitation.

The principles of building a German sentence differ remarkably from those of building a Russian sentence.


Kamiya and Anthony will probably never see each other again.


What you said makes absolutely no sense to me.

Who can tell what will happen to her?

He hurt his left foot when he fell.