They were all friends as children.


New factories and industrial centers were built.


Is that the way you want it?

I've been dreading this moment for a long time.

I do not want you to worry!


I'm not real proud of that.


Do you believe in destiny?

She is an avid reader.

It wouldn't work.

The question is when to start.

I can hear Sonny talking in the other room.

Cecilia is tipsy.

Make his identikit!

What are you going to give them?

That made them angry.


A baby has delicate skin.

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Kristian loves to bully younger students.


My mother is constantly forgetting people's names.

I heard about directly from my neighbour.

He spends all his time extolling her virtues.

I doubt it.

They are out of funds.

It's still a great story.

She is making progress with her English.

The boss put me in charge.

We'll get back to that.

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This math problem is unsolvable no matter which approach you use.

I gave my old coat to her.

Many are those who stopped living before they started.

Mayo is studious.

There's mold on the bread. This means that we can't eat it anymore.


Dimetry doesn't pay attention in school.

We should never have come here.

There were no appliances back then.

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I bought this book at Kakuzen's.

Save water, drink booze.

Tracy has a lot to answer for.


Art missed the exit and got lost.

Parents try to impress upon their children the importance of honesty and hard work.

You may want to slow down a bit.

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I said I'd do it.

I was absolved from paying my father's debt.

I know who you're waiting for.

It's not all your fault.

She's inquisitive by nature.

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I'll be at home all day tomorrow.

I'm not helpless.

I had a very good time today.

She was kind enough to come pick me up at my house.

Sabu had been doxed.

Give them a break.

Who are you?

Jim tends to exaggerate.

I want to learn Tigrinya.

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Let's make it short.

Jane had no idea when she should go or where she should go.

It's well said that "You can't judge people by their appearance", isn't it?

I am sure of his passing the examination.

We're having a housewarming party this evening.

These oranges are ten for a dollar.

When I see typos I lose interest in answering.

I'll draw a map for you.

Sedat is the prettiest girl in class.


It's truly amazing.

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I just need to know what Vincenzo wants.


We all knew Ramon was in trouble, but none of us did anything to help.

It doesn't look like a good place for bargains.

Frances is in the copilot seat.


Did you tell Celia about us?


The frequency of crime in the town is high.

I made several calls to Mr Yamada's residence, but no one answered the calls.

You can solve the problem in nonviolent ways.

'My dear boy,' said Trevor, smiling, 'that old beggar, as you call him, is one of the richest men in Europe. He could buy all London tomorrow without overdrawing his account. He has a house in every capital, dines off gold plate, and can prevent Russia going to war when he chooses.'

I didn't write that letter.

Crying today, laughing tomorrow, I'm not looking to be understood; I have my pride.

You'll like Coleen.


We'll talk about it in a few days.


I heard them screaming.

I write to Erwan Le Bourdonnec.

She owes him a lot of money, but she probably won't be able to pay it back.


What fun we had yesterday!

Nobody thinks this is a joke.

What do you want it for?


Animals are afraid of fire.

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You can't leave us like this.


You have worked hard to succeed.

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See you around, Hienz.

About how much would it cost to have this chair repaired?

I don't want to keep my friend waiting.

It's time to stop fighting.

The winner was Vernon.

Your parents used to really love us.

We'll take good care of him.

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I wrote down her address so as not to forget it.

Skeeter is the one who'll do the cooking.

Tuan is very flexible.


Christmas is a wonderful time of the year.

He denied that he was the thief.

Kouki's big mistake was having an accident while driving his father's car.


Harry joined us.

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Allen is on his way here.

Benjamin has a lot of poise.

I never learned to play tennis.


Avoid them completely!

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Julianto finally talked Mats into lending him her accordion.


It is time to go to school.

Please show me on the map.

Stacey tried to be reassuring.

When Thad was working on the dairy farm, he had to get up at five o'clock every morning to go and milk the cows.

There's a moat around the castle.

The VAT in Germany is 19 per cent.

We struck the wall with our fists.

He was absent from school for a week.

She woke up naked on the floor.

I'm not home.

Lila was mentally ill.

I came into the room to find him watching TV.

Tell him that I'll do it.

Not a soul was to be seen in the town.

I doubt that Vinod would ever go out with Rodent.

They were horror stricken at the news.

Leave everything to me.

Could you just sign right here, please?

Claire is busy all the time.

I studied Chinese at the University of Venice.

Marla says he'll come.

Whenever you come home late, your parents will start harping you on it, and you'll find it unbearable. No matter how late it gets, they'll stay up just to wait for you. They should just go to sleep already, don't you think?

Where did the tragedy occur?

Wes has been unavoidably detained.

Despite the great effort that we invested, we did not reach an agreement.


How about staying for dinner? I'm making a big pot of stew.


Dennis had long hair last year.

I don't think I have any choice.

He bores me.

If you take a single piece of the cake, I'll give you hell.

I advise that you do as I want.

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Bring two breakfasts, please. Number 2 on the menu, and two teas with milk.

Urs didn't hesitate to tell Oliver the truth.

Dean died in a car accident.

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Why are you accusing me?

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The energy expended in a fight should be saved.

Let's see if Indra has any ideas.

Can you advise me on what I should do?

Charley has started losing his hair.

The load was too heavy for a driver to carry alone.

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Do you know how much it costs to get to Boston from here?

We respect them.

He had to send them a grovelling letter.

We obeyed the rules.

Staying busy and crazy!!

Left to himself, the child would feel very lonely.

I've never known Matthias to be wrong.


I got more and more bored as the speech went on.

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It is all right so far.


Who are you?

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Gerard has been unavoidably detained in Boston.