Jef is an adult now.

Good evening. I'd like a glass of whole milk.

I have no idea of how to send a fax.

This is a rough world we are living in.

Ask your mom if you can come out and play with us.

I could ask you the same question.


Willie has been in jail before.

Margot wrote his number on a piece of paper and handed it to Tolerant.

First thrive and then wive.

I need to park my car here.

Grind this coffee very fine.

Come back when you're done.

I bet my bottom dollar he is innocent.

I had wanted to catch the first train.

Many immigrants to Britain have come from Asia.

Gene just got his learner's permit.

Would you come our house?


A healthy dose of skepticism is vital when listening to a politician speak.

I think you can prove it.

I don't want to be reminded.

The balloon floated off into the west.

If a player hit the tree with the ball, it meant that the crops would grow successfully.

Ken despises Hughes.

You'd have to ask him.


I'm sure Juri's name is on the list.

I consider him to be an excellent teacher.

Laurel paid back the money he owed me.

I'm trying to rid myself of this bad habit.

Be patient with us.

A new school of fiction has grown up.

She gave fifteen interviews to Brazilian media, and seven to foreign media.

I was having a very good time, when the sad news came.

Take down those curtains and send them to be cleaned.

We were all astonished to hear the news.

I wonder if maybe I should go.

Rigid wheels give sufficient stability to a low-speed vehicle steered by outside forces.

I told her to stay indoors.

Thierry will come.

Could you bring me something to eat?

A woman was arrested yesterday for leaving a baby unattended in her car in searing heat.

Someone left the water running.

Heinz doesn't know what he's saying.

I made a model plane.

This makes it official.

Rudy should've called Syd.


You didn't miss much.


When I grow up, I'll be a pilot. And what will you be?

We were all shouting at the same time.

Dan had a life insurance policy worth six hundred thousand dollars.


I found out the truth.

I can't believe you think I'm pushy.

He is blinded by love.

I need it right away. Please hurry!

Five years is too long to wait.

I am level-headed.

Edwin speaks French to his teachers.

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I wish I could live in a house that nice.

Reason is, and ought only to be the slave of the passions, and can never pretend to any other office than to serve and obey them.

Swimming develops our muscles.


I got you something to eat.


We have pictures.

We both know that's a lie.

You must allow us to finish.


The man in the flat next to Vidhyanath is quite odd.

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Lin is not attracted to Asian men.

She got burnt in the right hand.

The waiter brought a new plate.

This is the first time I've ever milked a cow.

I want to give you this.


My friends always say I'm too calm, but my family always says I'm too annoying.

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Tran is extremely friendly.

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I've been trying to find a way to reach Sanity, but I can't.

You need to sober up.

John is waiting for Marco on the platform.

Mr Robinson didn't write the novel.

Justin certainly didn't have my permission to do what he did.

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I will be traveling in Europe for two months.

She was in a hurry.

I'd like you to take another look at this.

I told Roxane to leave me alone.

He's very kind to me.


Leslie said something in French that I didn't understand.

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At that time no thought of danger crossed my mind.

She got married without her parents knowing it.

If you don't like the service, don't leave a tip.

He sat down and read while his wife was cooking by the fire.

Hillary isn't here yet.

We can't trust you.

I've got some new information.


He lied to his parents.

The alert officer perceived a dim shape in the distance.

"Don't stop, Tony," said Linda.

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I couldn't agree more.

To many Americans, a two-party political system seems natural.

You should tell your mother as soon as possible.

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It was already dark when Shuvra got home.

Alberto bleached his hair yesterday.

Reluctantly, he started the engine and drove off.

I can't remember the last time I did this.

She doesn't have any enemies at all.

I like cake.

The mother extended her hand to her baby, smiling brightly.

I see that your apetite has returned.

Jane wasn't sure what to do.

We all knew Reiner wasn't bluffing.

I'm not going to ask Hirofumi for anything.

He was so angry that his veins stood out.

Kamiya went completely insane.

You've got a fat chance of convincing your mother to lend you that much money.

We must not violate the Constitution.

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Do I need to transfer?

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Let's talk in my office.

He has a nice rod.

She needs answers.

I don't have time to cook.

The sheets feel damp.

The unexpected windfall has put my brother and his wife on easy street.

Did you tell Raif what he needed to know?

Sehyo doesn't know much about his family history on his mother's side.

It is the photo of my new house.

That store sells many things besides furniture.

Are you going to buy anything else?


Can I borrow one of your sweaters?


Wetlands can have freshwater, salt water, or a mixture of both.

I have read this book before.

You could be in over your head.

I wanted to see you.

We must avoid war by all possible means.


I have just three dollars left.


I'm a nerd.

We make it a practice to take a walk every morning.

My hands are stained with paint.


Culture is like a parachute: if you don't have it, you flop down.

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At the risk of sounding too forward, I'd like to make a comment.

I was born the year my grandfather died.

I thought that you were coming over last night.


What did you feed the dog?

I could listen to this song all day, and I wouldn't get tired of it.

The company suffered big losses.

Rob is old enough to make up his own mind.

Write with a ballpoint pen.

They won't let me see you.

My train left at 7 and arrived in New York at 10.


I can't trust in his word.

Are you OK with this?

Otherwise he would not have won the first prize.


People like you piss me off the most.


We have to do something for the dead.

Where are you sitting at the moment?

Sanche didn't have an appointment.


Call me what you want.

You certainly fooled me.

This university was founded by Shannon Jackson.

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Lenny owns a restaurant on Park Street.


I'll drink tea, if I can.


May the firmament not fall upon him.

I'm sure you have a lot of interesting things to tell me.

You're a beauty.

This is the American way of life.

This room is very stuffy.

She tried to pull a fast one on me.

Keep away from the fire.


Laurence certainly came out of that mess smelling like a rose.