Jiri doesn't like fighting.

The question is who will go there for him.

Churchill was a worthy statesman.

Why are Japanese so prejudiced against lesbians and bisexuals?

I know where you live.

Man is a more dangerous foe to man than the elements of nature or animals in the wild.


I can't move my leg.

Dick despised Dan.

She's an individualist.

We disputed the victory to the end.

Miss Smith teaches English at this school.

Shouldn't you tell Ramiro what Herbert did?

It wasn't long before he came again.

You authorize your children to watch bad movies.

Was Seth wearing cologne?

Speaking the same language in between several cultures sometimes is a source of more confusion than to speak different languages, since we are less aware of the different meanings that the same words can entail.

Why do people tell lies?

Elsa is a typical Canadian.

I'm gonna call the police!

I thought you wanted me to handle it.

He spoke with his mouth full at table.

You are free to use this car, because I have another one.

The local boys got into a fight with a rival group from a neighboring town.

I'm being treated at the hospital.

All three of them got in the limo.

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I don't know what I have.

Quite a few people have two cars.

I offered him a double-flame lighter that I bought in the United States.


Didn't I mention that?

The telepathist had little difficulty in finding new clients.

Where is the Portuguese office?

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"I am the most beautiful tree in the garden," exclaimed the peach tree, "or even in the whole world!"

Our country must take action against climate change.

The emerald ash borer has killed more than a hundred million ash trees across North America.

Drop in now and again.

After dinner, I plan to take a bath and go to sleep.


No two snowflakes are identical, or at least no one has found them yet.

That house with the red roof is Hubert's house.

Fate shuffles the cards and we play.

His beard was thick and red.

You should apologize to Mrs. Smith for your rude behavior the other night.


The hotel telephone is in the hall and Harriet is trying to ring the police now.

It was apparent that someone had taken the money by mistake.

My apartment is near the station.

This cake contains flour, milk, eggs and sugar.

Life is full of secrets.

These logs are heavy.

Hsuan urged Hamilton to tell John the truth.

I'll have to stay behind.

Alex didn't buy a new car yesterday, did he?

Let's hope he's all right.

The larger fish from the south will compete with the smaller Arctic species for food, and even prey on them directly.

I haven't seen Loyd in three years.

I knew they were coming.

I read The Age of Spiritual Machines by Ray Kurzweil in Amsterdam on September 7, 2006.

The only two languages Ric can speak are French and English.

My children have just finished their homework.

I go to bed at eleven.

Just take your pick.

She nagged her husband incessantly about minor things.

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Don't let him frighten you.


Say it over a few more times.

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Can we trust his words if he uses non-official stems?

Something went wrong that morning.

What time are you going?

I am sorry, I've got to go.

I think you might need to make a decision.

It was a publicity stunt.

I don't like hearing myself talk.

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A quarterly growth of 1.2% means an annual growth rate of 4.8%.

My sister often cries.

Dan crumbled the sandwich and threw it to the floor.

Dimitry may never get out of prison.

We live in an apartment.

Please wait in front of Room 213.

Recently many people have been losing their jobs.

I'm not a cat person.

This part of the library is closed to the public.

He's as stupid as a rock.

Where can I buy a ticket?

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Win put the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.

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Traces of soap were found in the victim's lungs. I suppose they drowned her in the bath.


Do you like French cuisine?

Lucius's daughter ordered her mother's tomb to be opened.

Did you buy this for them?

They hastened to execute the plan.

I'm just trying to buy some time.

That answer's wrong.

It's very easy to make you worry, isn't it?

We know that you lied to us the last time we spoke together.

Shawn won't come out of his room.

It's not out yet.

I want to take you to lunch.

The manager complimented him on his achievement.

He looked just like his picture on the wall of the theater.

Len doesn't really want me to come.

Favours favoured by those of my favourite people will receive them in plenty.


The apartment building is on fire.

Check it out, Cristopher.

Janice wants to know your opinion.

I regret going there.

I don't think the police will ever catch Raanan.

Maarten is retiring.

I want to know what you think.

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Do you think you're funny?

Last year in the spring I attended a cooking class and learned how to bake bread.

I would never do anything to hurt you.

Brazil has one-third of the world's rain forests.

Stanly was the first one on the bus.

Syed took off his hat and bowed down to them.

I assumed you'd be up at this hour.

Chris does not appreciate how Beth lost the clock he lent her.

Helge looked down.


Do you know why cactus have needles?


Don't waste your breath on her.

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Did you want to kill them?


I belong with my family.

The server is overloaded.

According to his opinion, yes.

He told me that he would see it once more.

I've had it with this stupid job.


The doctor advised Space to get more sleep.


We'll never do it again.

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He nodded when I asked if he understood.

Space checked to make sure Lynn was still sleeping.

They assigned the task to us.

He is a wise fool, so to speak.

I met Kevan before I graduated from high school, but didn't meet Sarah until many years later.

He is both a doctor and a writer.

Tharen wrote a letter to himself.

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You won't find a dog bigger than this one.

That's not what I'm afraid of.

The door is at the end of the corridor.


One of my goals for the next three years is to form a band of my own.

Kelly doesn't even know he's in trouble.

Pieter has lied to us.

Lewis waited for Jesse to unlock the door.

I don't have enough money to buy the medicine my father needs.


Today was a busy day.

It must be a big list.

What's your date of birth?

Beavers are hard-working animals.

In a drizzle, a fire will fizzle.

It's really loud.

I was taken to a circus for the first time.

Joseph stayed at home all day.

What do you want from us?

A certain movie was novelized - rather it was a scenario written for a movie that was expanded as a novel and localized to Japanese.

Tommy was eating lunch with Brent at that time.

We didn't like each other.

I'm trusting you.

It was crowded in the car.

Her beauty stood out in our class.

He met an unexpected obstacle.

Don't you know him?

I'm sorry, but I didn't receive any milk at my house today.

You came on too strong.

I don't go in for sports.

Why do some of your people hate your language?


Again, Hawking was almost ready to give up.

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Teri got married to an older woman.

He was no longer dependent on his parents.

There's lots of rain all year.


Where am I? What happened?

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Please keep this news to yourself for a while.

Try to look confident.

She dusted off an old lamp.

You really seem to like beer.

Dana says it's OK.


The host usually carves the roast at the table.