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What's in this box?

They just don't want us going in there.

I am paying the phone bill.

Can I catch a ride into town?

We keep the doors locked now.

The earth, because it is not a product of labour, cannot have a value.

He's my sister's husband. He's my brother-in-law.

Mwa didn't know anything.

Sandy hopes to become a famous painter.

I got some shampoo in my eyes. It burns!

Do you want to go for a swim with me?


How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress.


This is the book to read.

Mohammad opened the bottle and sniffed its contents.

Would you mind if I told them?


You don't need to be here for this.

You can see it with the naked eye.

Do you mind if I come in?


He employed dishonest means in his business.


Isn't this the boy you were talking about?

She can tell the most outrageous lie without batting an eye.

Milner is an interior designer.


Lila went right to sleep.

So he didn't go to school.

I hope we didn't wake you.


In China they also study Esperanto.

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There's some leftover food in the fridge.


That's what concerns me.


I don't want to see you again.

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Raymond dried his hands with a small towel.

Those who know do not talk. Those who talk do not know.

Stars are shining in the sky.

I understand that now.

It'll come to you.

He keeps surprising me.

Well, it'll do for the time being.

This is an important step.

Much like Nigeria, the Philippines was considered to be in the periphery of the Anglosphere.

Jay bought a rose for Pilar.

Dad needs to take a rest. He's been working in the garden for three hours.

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That's a blood orange.

I assume that it's okay with you if I take one of them.

The various modes of worship which prevailed in the Roman world were all considered by the people as equally true; by the philosopher as equally false; and by the magistrate as equally useful. And thus toleration produced not only mutual indulgence, but even religious concord.

How much damage was done?

She employed herself in washing the dishes.

Many politicians fail to keep their word.

Who do you think is better at tennis, Ken or Gail?

I built my son a new house.

I feel lucky to be alive.

No one's told me anything.

I feel so bad.

You never know what's going to happen.

I want to do what's best for both of us.

Please carry the chair into the adjacent room.

You'll see, it's hard to please her.

Millie isn't drinking water.

John was in such a hurry that he had no time for talking.


The town developed into the center of the economy.

It seems that everything works.

It's my bad.


I tried for almost an hour.

You should not lie.

It's quite likely that Monty won't be there.

Everyone laughed at me yesterday.

That's why I didn't want to come here.


May I eat something?

How's your new apartment?

We hope to finish planting the field before the sun sets.

If wishes were horses, beggars might ride.

It's pouring down rain.


Thanks for the photo.

Kyoto is a remarkably beautiful city.

Could you move forward so we can close the door?


Art never comes to visit anymore.


Win got into bed and turned off the light.

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Very good advice. I would consider it if it weren't yours.


We're having a lot of trouble with our car.

Angelica Pickles is very selfish.

Herbert is much closer to her father than she is to her mother.


He's a werewolf.


Juha wondered how soon Monty would have dinner ready.


Pantelis doesn't like washing dishes.

It's a pity you didn't come last night.

That party was great, Dude.

It is still too early.

That's very nice of you.


Victor tipped the bellboy.

Call me after you talk to her.

This food is very sweet.


We've even asked Ahmed to help.

The company is running so well, it's unnerving.

I'd like you to have this.


What were you hoping to see?

You've still got thirty minutes.

They know her.

Thou shalt perform scrupulously thy feudal duties, if they be not contrary to the laws of God.

Narendra sounded busy.

In the end, it's not that bad.

My parents won't let me have a dog.

I wish you'd stop asking that.

They did not try to change the land.

I bought a slow cooker.

They have cherished the child as their own.


Randolph and Clara will play tennis tomorrow afternoon.


Siping wanted to be a mechanic.

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Sunil doesn't approve of that kind of language.

I escaped death.

Why can't we just leave right now?

My study absorbed me in those days.

A child is spoiled by too much attention.

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I really admire you.

What could have possessed you to do that?

I burnt my finger when some popcorn burst.

This is the first time I've ever forgetten Marika's number.

They were angry at his not coming to the meeting.

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Mitchell started to laugh and was joined by everyone in the room.

It wasn't a hard decision.

I cannot be absent. I'm the manager.

Who's going to make sure that things are going to get done the way that they should?

Why are there so many Esperantists on Tatoeba?

They are in the kitchen.

What is beautiful is not always good.


I know how you feel about this.


This truck is very noisy.

Brooke didn't want me to kiss him.

No, not me, you!

He has long experience in teaching.

We rented a house on this lake every summer when our children were younger.

The harbor was crowded with vessels of every description.

The telephone rang while I was reading.

Shankar should do the same thing I do.

He came rushing down the stairs.

Today is the international anti-corruption day.

I am a Briton.

I called him to the telephone.

Think of a sentence no one would ever think of. There's your contribution to entropy.

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Why do you drink a lot?


She wrote the book about people she visited.

Can I get my phone back?

Saqib didn't find anything in the old box.


What's so special about this place?


She saw this film ONLY once.

The play lies now at the bottom of the sea.

My knife has gotten dull.


I want to be sure Pilar is innocent.

Please wait for thirty minutes.

Everyone's tired of hearing that story.

Don't put so much pepper in the soup.

Why didn't you come tell me?

Kenneth works for short spells now and then.

Christina wanted to go, but he had lots of things to do.

You can't resign now.

He lives immediately next to us.

Ritalynne became a sailor.

Are you ashamed of me?

The barbells are heavy.

This is a hundred dollar bill.

This watch cost me ten thousand yen.

A great many tourists visit Kyoto in spring.

It's a democratic government.

She devoted herself to the volunteer activity.