This is a view of the Alps.

It is evident that he has made a mistake.

Dimitry told me you were friends.

They followed Terry.

I could hear an owl hooting in the distance.

Spyros takes the bus to work if he's going to have a few drinks with his mates after work.

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You've done a remarkable job.

Tell them to take a hike.

That tackle box looks a lot like mine.

She wants to talk to you.

Go home and get some sleep.

Marius is taller than Marcus.

Tor let me read the letter he had received from Mac.

You yourself have to finish it.

Where has she bought these books?

Sri isn't listening to Geoffrey.

She is having dinner.

Harold has never missed a day's work in his life.

The next morning, Link woke up at seven o'clock, refreshed and brimming with anticipation. "Gee!" he stretched luxuriously and pressed the button on top of the Kingface alarm clock. "Oh boy, the day has finally come! I can't wait!" he mused on his way to the dining hall. "Morning, Link," the King gave him his typical greeting. "Munf-Munf? We ran outta Linky-O's. Gwonam has eaten them all." "Problem, guys?" said Gwonam with a smirk, but neither paid any attention to it. "Wow, thanks!" Link dug in enthusiastically, disregarding the strong taste that nearly made his eyes bulge. It was his own fault he let Gwonam beat him to it, after all.


I saw a boy knocked down by a car.


What is your plan?

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What were you looking at?

The patient was released from the hospital.

Is the householder at home?

How do you feel about the war?

Siping is always one step ahead of us.

Where is the Egyptian embassy?

Tor bought a new camera last month.

I knew you'd never let them die.

You have been good soldiers.

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We've had too much bad luck.

Sandip doesn't like to wait.

What a terrible day!

People have time upon time faced 'a war that must not be lost'.

Mr Sato is on another line. Will you hold the line a minute?

Do you have more than one copy of this key?

Can we still catch the 6:00 Shinkansen?

It's nearly dark.

He passed away quite suddenly.

Jenine and Kimberly live in a mid-century home.

Masashi and Takako were at odds with each other over where to spend their vacation.

I forgot to tell Sal when to come.

The station is pretty far.


He typified the times in which he lived.

You'll be able to talk to Charley after lunch.

I should have taken my eye drops with me.


That would be a wise decision.

I only care about Robert.

You learned English from Miss Long, didn't you?

The job involves a lot of traveling.

I'm seeing Renu again tonight.

Were you at Lance's party?

We must go there whether we like it or not.

Does the 19 bus go to Main Street?

Tell me how to find her.

Who are those children?

It's actually rice milk.

Margaret doesn't like sleeping alone.

We want information.

"I'm sorry!" "It's nothing. Don't worry."

He plays soccer.

The land had never been ploughed.

I happen to have it right here.

My house burned down.

Have a proper funeral for the body so that the soul can reach to heaven.

Houston, we've had a problem here.

Jonathan was sentenced to death and brought to the gallows.

I won't bother you again, I promise.

Lindsay was lying in the hospital bed, unconscious.


Miriam wants to cheer Elliot up.

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Coming home having accomplished his task, Mah appeared larger.

Rudy poured some cereal into a bowl.

Give me five tens and the rest in ones.

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This is important to her.


I thought Tollefsen said he wasn't going to get married.

I still don't understand why that happened.

Will doesn't play tennis as often as he'd like to.


My heart sank.

It's rather strange.

My father was lying down while watching TV.


Mitchell is neurotic.


It's a question of will power.


I'll go on living without you.

John is looking for Pokemons.

What did Ginny say about me?

Roy looks happy when his girlfriend calls him.

He wants to make something clear.


Did you buy the medicine?


She failed every time she tried.


See you in a few minutes.

Irving put his hat on the table.

Son, marry whenever you want - daughter, marry when you can.

Ray wondered why soybean prices were dropping.

Tell me what you gave them.


This is for your protection.


He didn't have any accomplice.

Do you know how long it'll take?

Praise disease because the sick are closer to their soul than the healthy.

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Do you speak Latvian?

Gregg got in his car and drove away.

When was the box opened?


Tell him it's a priority.


Hui is a competent nurse.

Dan initially believed Linda when she said that it was an accident.

I thought you would come.

Bush is not an idiot.

Claire leaned out the window.

It's a shame the way he internalizes homophobia.

How much will it cost to have my shoes repaired?

Anthony is way more experienced than I am.

The adrenal glands secrete adrenalin.

The old man opened the car window and aimed his gun at the bird.

Where can I rent a furnished room?

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I hadn't considered that.

Cats are nocturnal creatures.

My opinion is contrary to yours.

I found the keys underneath the mat.

Wait for me, wait a second!


This is a historical moment.


I gave him a mild sedative.


He wanted to see how the land lay.

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Teruyuki lives down the hall.

His bicycle was stolen because he left it unlocked.

Do you have a drug problem?

"Vanity of vanities," says the Preacher; "Vanity of vanities, all is vanity."

No one has the right to tell you how to act.

Two weeks went by.

Jacques put some food into the dog's dish.

I get only five days off this summer.

MI6 is a British secret service.

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The Japanese are highly receptive to new ideas.

As a citizen of the world, I know ways of overcoming cultural barriers.

It is said that Sigurd has a cold.


I will come on Monday unless you write to the contrary.

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Why doesn't anybody help me?

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This has to be the last one.


Will you do it for me?

Uri is being disagreeable, isn't he?

On main menu from this DVD there is no 'play the story' button.

Elias offered Ian a cup of coffee.

But nobody believed him.

There's no need to be rude.

You should let me help you.

It is clear that he failed for lack of prudence.

Mom spread the table.


We've run enough for one day.

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Jiro communicates with his pen pal in Australia.

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John confessed to murdering Molly.

Knut took out his false teeth.

We'll be fine no matter what.


I'm afraid it'll rain.

We'd better leave.

The short term contract employees were dismissed without notice.

How are you getting along with your work?

Lana is still afraid of Michael.

Come here boy.

The locals call this river the man-eating river and fear it.


I'll get some for you right away.

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Darci sat on the grass, playing ukulele.

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I hope my part-time job ends early today.