Jerald took one last look around the room before he left.

Let Jesse try it.

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Many people attended Jones's funeral.

Hubert made me come down here.

Tomorrow is a big day.

I had a job when I was your age.

I thought Trevor would be dead by now.


How did you get down here?

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We rejected Nguyen's suggestion as too extreme.


Harold has been arrested.

Apes are intelligent.

He promised Franklin that he would never do it again.


Jitendra and Sridharan were angry at each other.

The best way to learn vocabulary is by using creative jingles.

We just couldn't help ourselves.

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Everyone knew what to do.


Moe wrote his paper by copy-pasting from Wikipedia.


My English is actually not so good.

Sid couldn't hack into that website.

Now I remember!

It's really easy.

It mightn't have been my youngest brother's fault, but it wasn't mine either.

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You see that you don't have an exam for a couple of days.

Don't let your feelings show.

What can Wendy do for them?


Is your wife Berber?

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Roxana is extremely talkative.


Phone robbery thwarted in unusual manner.

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Let me put down your new phone number in my notebook.

I'll call her myself.

I went for a swim.


Ask her what she bought.

This dog is yours.

I spent all day wondering what I should do.

He stands high in his class.

You throw like a girl.

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Sharon doesn't like people touching his stuff.


Of all the features that attract home buyers, location is probably the most important.


"I can give her no greater power than she has already," said the woman; "don't you see how strong that is?"

I haven't seen him in three months.

It looks like you've got another problem.

I am completely agog over your diaphanous dress.

Alfred thinks he left his umbrella on the train.


We need to change direction.

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That's my business.

I have to sit down.

Pontus told me that I should get a little sleep.

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Don't rush into the situation until you have all the details; hold your horses until you know where you are going.

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I'm sure Carter will like the gift you got him.

We asked them to let us stay.

I was full of shame at my rudeness.


Are you accusing Jan of being a thief?

Were you on the train?

Could I ask you to do that again?

Please have the maid carry it to my room.

The tires squealed.

I'm being sensible.

She told him she was interested.

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I am descended from a graceful family.

Looks are important.

That's why I don't understand.

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I would often take naps on Sundays.

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Stanford University has educated entrepreneurs like Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

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I never thought of coming to your place.

Why should it be any different now?

Gunnar doesn't have to get up early.

Roy has hope.

I thought you would find it interesting.


I remember seeing you all somewhere.

Mr White was the manager of a hotel in Springfield.

We must take from Cesar what does not belong to him.

I was hoping Takeuchi would say that.

Can I bring you anything else?


She went to college after she got married.

She doesn't like coffee.

It's very unlikely that you'll ever see a horse around here.

I will never see him.

Richard jumped over the fence.


I'm looking forward to meeting with you the next time I visit your town.

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What's that you've got there?

In other words, you're a fool.

"Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing, Only a signal shown and a distant voice in the darkness; So on the ocean of life, we pass and speak one another, Only a look and a voice, then darkness again and a silence."

The river suddenly narrows at this point.

I want Kevyn to know I've got no beef with him.


I am certainly entitled to speak like this.

Tait used to be conceited.

I think she hates me.

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The building crumbled to pieces three years ago.


Charon is considered to be a satellite of the (dwarf) planet Pluto. However, because its diameter is more than half as large as that of Pluto itself, it can be considered an equal partner; and Pluto and Charon can be considered a double planet.

On this job, you've got to be on your toes all day long.

I've heard that a lot, too.

New York is the world's biggest city.

I'm afraid to go home.


I urgently need you.

Pierce doesn't miss much.

No, this is my son's DVD.

They forgot their umbrellas.

What are we after?


He ate only bread and cakes.

I don't understand English, let alone German.

I have my own restaurant now.

No one knows where Carole is.

I was wondering if we could talk.

How did you enjoy your vacation?

I know you'd like something to eat.

You have a big problem.

Just tell them I'm a consultant.


That's entirely up to you.

This is a splendid house.

This kind of flower doesn't grow in my garden.

Barrio knows what happened here yesterday afternoon.

Let's discuss it over dinner.

For all his wealth, he was still unhappy.

I love tea.


Kriton has lost his keycard.

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The point is that you haven't learned anything from him.

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Ernie came into the living room wearing a bathrobe.


The medicine gave instant relief.

Debbie got into the elevator.

My uncle lives in the east of Spain.


So, are you seeing anyone?


I am lost. Can you help me, please?

We haven't discussed it yet.

What a shame that Andrea left this early.

Is he a real doctor? He talks so normally.

Thanks for reminding us.

It's always disappointing when you lose a match on penalties.

She had no incentive to work after she was refused a promotion.

She is very cross with him.

This man loves my sister.


I have a separate notebook for each class.

What are you complaining about?

I am ready to do anything that I can for you, because I owe you a great deal.


Pamela reached for the knob.

The creaking of the masts; the straining and groaning of bulkheads, as the ship labored in the weltering sea, were frightful.

I have a clear memory of my childhood.

Throughout the five years of painful cancer treatments, he managed to keep a stiff upper lip.

All the hotels in town are full.

He lifted the spoon up to his mouth.

I'm reading the Bible for the first time.

I'm a geek, not a nerd!

I've read the report.


Carol and his friends played baseball last weekend.


Your party is on line.

We had to talk to Curtis.

Booth broke his leg when he hit the stage floor.


Well, I can tell you something that will put your mind at ease.

This bill is long past due.

Please speak slowly, so I can understand you.

Janice is afraid to go out after dark, isn't he?

Crashes happen all the time.

It's been my lifelong dream to publish a book.

Tell him to take a seat.