Where are my sentences?


Stop it, please.


It's no big deal if I lose.

Is that to eat here or take out?

We must save electricity.

We lost our dog.

What you don't see and hear with your own ears and eyes might be true, but it might also not be true.

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I remember both of you.

Fred said he needed more time.

We have better things to do.


What kind of fool do you think I am?

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There's an allusion to one of Debussy's works in that song.

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This is designed especially for young people.

You need to find your own way.

The daisy is white.

Two glasses of apple juice, please.

Floyd is always joking.


When was the last time you breast-fed your baby?


Patrick said he was unsure of how to vote.

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He spoke with his mouth full at table.


Pete tossed Allen the keys.

We have to find out why this happened.

I'm a doctor. How about you?


He's not ashamed to blow his own trumpet.

"If you really loved me, you'd do it." "But I do love you." "Then why won't you do it?"

I didn't mean to get emotional.

Myron left his umbrella at school.

William is on his lunch break.


I want to know where you were yesterday afternoon.


We're going back to work tonight.

I'm going there. No one can stop me.

I can take you home now.

Eventually the salesman persuaded me to buy the expensive machine.

Give me the knife.

The set of complex numbers is isomorphic to a certain factor ring.

I think that my leg is broken. I can't move.

I don't know anybody called Wilson.

She is an ill-mannered individual.


I don't recognize that name.

Maybe you should leave me alone.

A lot of sport clubs are still burdened by a monumental amount of debt. The worst thing about it, is that some of them are clubs that play a heavy role in leagues; clubs like Barcelona and Chelsea, and others more, are on the list that goes on and on.


She achieved the goal of winning the prize.


You'll be one of us soon.


Pat doesn't have to explain it to me.

I had never been kissed before.

I never knew him.

This scenery is magnificent.

Mr. Smith spoke so quickly that I couldn't understand what he was saying.

I want to take a closer look at those charts.

I'm at an office party.

Raif gave Laurel a pipe for his birthday.

Glynn was watching what was happening very carefully.

I guess I had better decide before I book the accommodation and flights.

He arrived there after dark.


I polished up the floor and furniture.

Where did you see him?

That man is still interested in you.

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Mason will be horrified.

In autumn, leaves change color and fall.

He's not my boyfriend. We're just friends with benefits.


Which flight centre will your sister work for?

We'll do whatever it takes to complete the project on time.

I'm afraid I have taken a wrong train.

That should be pleasing to anyone.

I'm pretty sure Lynn likes me.

You have your choice between this and that.

Little girls like playing with dolls.

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In real life kings are powerful, but in chess they're pretty much worthless.

I prefer vodka myself, though I don't mind the occasional liqueur.

Pardon me one second.

What can I do with the leftover vegetables?

Oh my god, it's delicious!

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They smiled at each other.

This is a very rare case.

Does your wife know German?

The shearer sheared the sheep.

He looked at her from head to foot.

The clerk waited on them immediately.

I'm very proud of her.

You will catch it if you do such a thing.

We'll never forget them.

My bad. Just so you know, it wasn't on purpose.

Darrell spoke highly of Nathan.


This rule is applied to foreigners only.

Are you at the library?

They stared longingly at each other.


I had to crawl under the fence.

Monica was piqued by Mongo's coldness.

Kuldip probably thought I wasn't able to drive.


We eat too much of the wrong food and not enough of the right food.

Do you know where we can find Blaine?

He'll fail, unless he tries harder.


We are decorating the fir tree.


She did nothing but look around.


Nobody saw me leave the room.

Inspector Dan Anderson had two crimes to solve.

You have to let us help you.

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What's the first question that comes to your mind?

I turned off the computer.

Something seems off.

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It was my destiny.

I thought we had until 2:30 to finish this.

That kind of food isn't really my thing.

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I'll ask her if you like.


We're not doing anything you wouldn't approve of.

Let Knute fight his own battles.

How unlucky I am!

I like to do my homework.

I have class tonight.


Time will do the rest.


Sedat will come back from Boston next Monday.

Jelske is no longer amused.

It's not that far from here.

Never did I dream that he would succeed.

It's just so early.

The dog sniffed the ground.

Stop the engine.

That's what Spike did.

What are the rooms like?

Do you really want to put your life in her hands?

Shut the door on your wayout.

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The house has been sold.


This book is very small.

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Claudia's mother lived to be 103.

Bill's been to Japan.

Andy is more expert than me.

Rodney claimed that the contract was invalid because he'd been coerced into signing it.

I've been on a diet for four months, but my midriff bulge hasn't budged.

He has in his possession films that were never distributed to cinemas to protect them against piracy.

I'm sorry, but that's all we have right now.


List looks older than he really is.

You're my teacher and my wife!

That's last year's snow.

Is he tall?

Nikolai doesn't need to bring a lunch. I'll make something for him to eat.

The train leaves at one-thirty this afternoon.

In spoiling her child, Stella made a rod for her own back in the years that were to follow.

You can speak French, can't you?

I just don't want you to misunderstand me.


Can I wait for Toby here?

The salesman demonstrated how to use the machine.

This is important enough for separate treatment.

Two is a pair.

Someone called on her yesterday.

Let's discuss this over lunch.

Cuzco is the name of the Incas' temple.

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I knew you'd understand immediately.

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He should be given preference over the others.


Maybe nobody wants to leave.

I hate my voice.

Why is Ramesh leaving so soon?


My neighbor renovated his house completely.

Rudy, do you have your keys?

Things are the same, but people have changed.

I don't think I'm cut out for city life.

You could at least say thank you.