Those requests were denied.

It won't work out.

He always sings while having a shower.

Not all of us were satisfied with the system.

I unholstered my firearm.

That bird is now in danger of dying out.

Please buy a tube of toothpaste.

He is no less than a genius.

We don't really know them.

The taller of the two men went out first.

Darren decided the best thing was to let Merril go to Boston.

He asked me whether he should go on to university.

Most living creatures in the sea are affected by pollution.

I'm just looking out for him.

He badly exaggerated his ability to achieve a breakthrough.

What kind of food do you like?

Celia is three years older than I am, but he's shorter than I am.

"Help! Help!" cried Pierrette, "I'm being murdered!"

How is this connected to that?

Laurianne was the first guy who broke my heart.

Let's not do anything that might make Margaret angry.

Edmond isn't listening.

She wants his approval.

Monica is a Foreign Affairs Liaison who works for the State Department.

Bob said to his friend: "The bird is dead."

One of the two of us has to do it.

What is needed to win a lawsuit?

The love I feel for him has already grown cold.

I'm feeling better already.

He has to be in love with you.

I come from Colombia.

I heard him sing at the concert.

The event is on Wednesday.

This is my best work to date.

Takao didn't have any more time.

When I lived in America I played golf with my friends.

I'll soon find out what Earl has been doing.

I was about to leave when the doorbell rang.

I might ask them what happened.

What did Hans suggest we do?

You all remember Hiroyuki, don't you?

I know very well what they want.

Laurianne can't make himself understood in French.

I choose to be happy.

They had to submit to the superior force of the enemy.

I have a question for the experts on Dostoyevsky's work.

Keeping a horse is a big responsibility.

He has a good chance of getting elected.

He is not such a nasty fellow as you think.

Go to work, send your kids to school. Follow fashion, act normal, walk on the pavements, watch TV. Save for your old age. Obey the law. Repeat with me: I am free.

But undoubtedly there were no scientific advances then.

We are expecting company this evening.

Jared won't retire.

Where did you bake them?

Saad is looking pretty good.

You don't have to go to today's meeting.

Eugene opened the window.

Do you have any plans for tomorrow evening?

We've been trying to keep it a secret.

In 1873 he moved to Warsaw with his whole family, and from that time taught German at the Veterinary Institute and at a secondary school.

I can't make that decision for you.

We elected Petr chairperson.

The ailerons are hinged on the wings and move downward to push the air down and make the wing tilt up. This moves the plane to the side and helps it turn during flight.

Did I ever tell you about her?

Wes likes helping others.

One constellation that most people know is the Big Dipper.

I've been studying French for three years now.

He was too drunk to remember to shut the back door.

At last both countries agreed on putting an end to the war.

I wanted you to know how I felt.

You didn't sleep well last night, did you?

Kinch showed the letter to me.

Is someone thinking of going to Kos next summer holidays?

Did you recognize him?

What're we doing here, Cathy?

Holy heavens!

I've been thinking a lot about Sanche.

I walked out of the clinic without paying my dentist.

Zaragoza is a Spanish town.

This isn't journalism; this is trash.

I don't understand how you can just sit there and not do anything.

Section 214b, in my opinion one of the stranger provisions of the Land of Schleswig-Holstein's General Administrative Code, seems to imply that somebody who sees a pink elephant must give it a receipt.

Want to play tit for tat ?

Is that as heavy as it looks?

You can replace a little bit of the white flour with rye flour.

I just heard Suzan.

Who else do you know in Boston?

Her only wish was to see her son one last time.

The cat hissed at them.

It is not too much to say that she is one of the best tennis players in Japan.

May I stay here tonight?

She's an admirable woman.

When did you first meet him?

Did you see their faces?

He went to America to study medicine.

I'd like to put on some clothes.

Go away. And don't come back.

He gets along well with his classmates.

She's perfect at everything.

Sometimes, I feel like a hamster racing on a wheel.

Remember to mail the letter.

Allen lowered his binoculars.

No one else was in the room.

When the bartender totals the bill for a customer who is drunk and angry, he must be very careful to mind his P's and Q's.

Let's find a safe place to hide.

They speak about us.

I didn't even notice you.

He gives an apple to the teacher every day.

I know that someone has informed Novo about Tandy's death. But why is it me who has to be that "someone"?

Cathryn said he was too tired to dance.

My father often goes to America on business.

I left my umbrella at home.

The telephone is out of order, Mr Tamori.

What is soap made of?

What you say does not affect me anymore.

This update will be released at 10 o'clock this morning.

How is it going with him?

Look at the view.

He wrote a story just now.

It's a minute to three o'clock.

Adlai smiled when Jesus entered the room.

I'll go see what I can find out about Elijah.

How handsome!

He saw to it that both boys were well provided for.

I left my hat as I got off the train.

Russ shouted Mat's name as loud as he could, but she didn't hear him.

We should be able to do a lot better than this.

I lend money.

Even though I studied French for three years in school, I'm not good at speaking it.

Mount Etna has erupted, showering Sicily in volcanic rock.

My grandmother had a stroke.

The Snow Queen kissed Kay again, and he entirely forgot little Gerda, her grandmother, and all at home.

Taro's and Hanako's desk is small.

Calculating the risk which is involved in the event of failure, he demanded a show-down with the other party.

Esperanto is much simpler than Interlingua.

Several people have noticed this problem.

He's a total moron.

He owes me a favor.

Sooner or later, everyone will know all your secrets.

Now pull yourself together.

A good master wouldn't let his dog out in such cold weather.

He tumbled down the stairs.

I'm much better today than I was yesterday.

I understand well!

Is there peace in politics?

I don't need Jordan's help.

Barton doesn't trust a thing Per says.

That's their problem.

All are lunatics, but he who can analyze his delusions is called a philosopher.

Mr Hoshino is hard to please.

She loves me; she has grown unused to her former state of life.

His eyes are like sapphires.

Would you like me to get you something from the supermarket?

No one's ever questioned my loyalty before.

The girls went fishing today. Alla caught a big one.

I did everything I could today.

Shamim asked Jun some questions, but she didn't answer any of them.

You're mad at him, aren't you?

The friend who I thought would pass the exam failed it.

Hon was doing pretty well.

He whistled for his dog.

I don't believe in you.

One of the fellows you were with is a friend of mine.

A woman is going into it now.

Have we met before?

The results of the experiment were not as we had hoped.

On September 26, 1959, the strongest typhoon in Japan's recorded history hit Nagoya.

Wind the clock.

Bring your best game.

Men can be infected with HPV.

I've become used to them.

If I could, I would let every caged bird fly free.

Farting is rude.

Last Sunday, Claude and I went to the library together.

In Esperanto there is only a single declension. One can learn it in less than 15 minutes.

What would happen if we just ignored Teriann's request?

Return to your quarters.

He went to Paris two years ago.

We will catch you.

Sean has been working for the same website design company for years.

Take this medicine after each meal.

Rudolf is going to go to prison for a crime he didn't commit if you don't confess.

Pickpockets may operate in this area.

Jesse can't wait to talk to Lynn.

You know where the problem lies.

Did you eventually respond?

The supermarket has a large stock of merchandise.

I think you're quite right.

Sophie's finger was bleeding so badly, that blood was dripping on the ground.

We haven't seen her of late.

You must attend to your work.

I like to fry fish.

Claudio tried everything that was suggested, but still couldn't fix the problem.

What's your full name?

The rest is here.

Do you understand?

Do you have small change with you?

I cannot afford to leave you idle.

We're out of tea.

He seems to be in good health.