You don't very often put sugar in your coffee.

Tracey has twice as many books as I do.

He came a little after noon.

The important thing is not to win but to take part.

Tell them how you feel.

Don't worry about her.

I wish Cristina would help me weed the garden.


They're all chasing him.


Actually, it was quite simple.

Wolf lost his control.

All good things come from above.

Just don't stop.

I really thought I'd win.

You could search the world over and never find another man more honest than Gill.

Will you sell me your house?

Nichael isn't smart at all.

Olof flicked her hair back.


We can depend on her to help us.

Tell them we're busy.

You apparently haven't known the pain of catfish sting.

Everything should be in order.

The first person is here.

My mother taught me how to make osechi.

Panacea just wants to talk to them.

We're running out of time.

Oh, don't bother.

She saw everything.

That won't solve anything.

Shirley is here to apologize.

Let's just sit here quietly.


Olof belongs in jail.

I hate people.

You know better than to do that kind of thing.


You forced me into this.


Go where you will in Holland, you will see windmills.

Do you want to see a movie Saturday night?

Rudolph is an excellent driver.

I think it's a terrible law.

Once there lived an old man in a village.

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I took the lift to the third floor.


I need you to do a couple of things for me.

Walk calmly to the door.

When will flights to Manila resume?

Dan found five pairs of shoes in the closet.

Could I ask you something?

Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.

He tried to kiss her.

My friend is here.

Del looks pretty sleepy.

I didn't clean it.

Do you have any further questions to ask?


Moore and Nathan plan to get married soon.

I have a wife and kids.

She feels very shy in the presence of the opposite sex.

I was dehydrated.

It took a little cajoling but I finally got her to eat her broccoli.


I owed him a thousand dollars.

Byron plays the guitar better than anyone else I know.

She will not stick to her word.

Rainer needs a job.

So late that it's already early.

As is his way, he eats reading a newspaper.

Sloths are nocturnal and slow-moving.

Is it safe here?

She's wearing red.

I have to stop Molly.

I don't know how to spell that word.


I was given this watch by my uncle.

Maybe I can reason with him.

This sentence is not in Polish.

Who sent you here?

He sat on a mossy tree stump.

No man is without his faults.

Giles helped Anatole move the sofa to other side of the room.

There are a lot of fish in this lake.

I think Raman needs to go.

Cindy has so much potential.

Should we get them?


Roxanne's parents have separated.

Today I haven't dealt with the things I wanted to deal with; I'll have to work overtime again.

Don't get emotional about it.


Wouldn't it be great if a gender-neutral pronoun for "he" or "she" existed in English?


Do you ever come to Boston on business?


I could have died tonight.


Sergiu switched off his walkie-talkie.

Each generation would have to rediscover for itself the truths of the past.

What did Stuart want Sonny to do?


Olson is really good at telling jokes.

Warren, Ben and John have all been invited.

I'm going to Japan by myself next month.

We've been working on this.

You'd be better off staying home.

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I have seen at least one Kurosawa film.


My mother tasted the milk.


Fletcher's trip turned into a nightmare when his passport and credit cards were stolen.

He is good at basketball.

He was accredited with these words.

These cars were imported from Germany.

I meet him once every six months.

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I'm so proud of my boys.

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Do your best and don't worry.


Go, give me.


I need you for dating advice.

He asked for a back massage.

She wants to kiss him.

Mayuko cried aloud.

I went swimming in the sea.

What are we celebrating?

Sometimes those photos are not very good.


Denmark has introduced the world's first fat tax.


Am I supposed to believe any of that?

I turned off my phone.

What do you do when you're not working?

I'm trying to sleep.

Where can I buy a live tiger?

Ross didn't have a case for his guitar.

We're terrified.

The exhibitor is cut off from the conversation.

Did you notice Valerie's hair?

"How do you feel?" "Not good at all!"

Three-fourths of the town was destroyed by the typhoon.

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He became so ill that he died two hours later.

I almost died a year and a half ago.

Mr Johnson is self-employed and deals in repairing furniture.

Eliot seems to be sympathetic.

Olivier held office for a long time.

He works in a bank.

Ben ran a 100-meter race with Carl.

They showed it to our company.

The food in this hotel is very good.

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They used data from over ten thousand different books to compile their corpus.

I wish The would stay.

I proved it to be true.


I wanted to keep my eye on you.

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I never knew about such a duty.

The similarity is pretty vague.

Are you sure you don't know Kylo?

They were thrashed.

I'm not the only one who doesn't like Jeff.


Marvin should be fired, too.


There was no stopping her.

He likes mountaineering and knows the mountains of Japan quite well.

Well, I didn't want to make you nervous.

The leaves of the tree turned yellow.

We can see Mt. Fuji far away on a fine day.

I don't know why you're here.

According to Newton's Third Law of Motion "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction."


Justin accepted the inevitable.

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It's natural for family members to help each other.

I'll see what's keeping Annard.

Stu doesn't feel like playing outside today.


Many fragile species are on the verge of extinction.

Bring two breakfasts, please. Number 2 on the menu, and two teas with milk.

Why is it impossible?

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Casey doesn't have any brothers and sisters.


There are few sounds in this world more beautiful than a baby's laugh.

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Please pick up my dry cleaning.


I'd like some more coffee.

Due to Nhan's behavior, the court is convinced that Geoff's account is accurate.

Leith wanted to become a carpenter like his father.