Tomorrow's payday.

I was revived by a glass of water.

I think I've figured out why Tyler has never learned to speak French so well.

What is it you're looking for?

He is wearing sunglasses.

I can't hold up my head before him.

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Mara turned off the lights and closed the door.

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You know how serious things are, don't you?

I have three tickets for it.

King got here late.

Heinz really is happy to be here.

I think I'll have to attend that meeting.

Let's play poker.

Honesty pays in the long run.

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The sky is full of dark clouds.

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Can I bring my friend with me?

Christopher pulled out his driver's license and showed it to the police officer.

The number of motor vehicles in the city has increased.

We shall never agree on such a careless plan.

Isaac doesn't have an alibi either.

Darci applied for a job with our company.

Information is sometimes held back from patients when it is thought it might upset them.


I thought you needed the rest.

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We need to develop a new kind of energy.

Do you still need for me to be here?

You've got a fever.

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It was nice to do nothing.


I've got business with Clara.

Does Ken play tennis?

The people in the office will never agree.


He played "Hamlet" on the stage.

Frank probably knows the answer.

I was very glad to see Kinch.

I don't rightly know.

I don't hang out with Francis.

She treated her kids equally.

I'm not much of a tennis player.

We'll catch up with her later.

Daniele is the one with the car, not me.

Both of his parents are coming to Tokyo.

She's my stepmother.

What is the difference between a German optimist and a German pessimist? The optimist learns English; the pessimist learns Russian.

At first I felt a bit too shy to speak to her.

I'd like to hear you talk more about that.

Farouk followed the stream for a couple of kilometers.

We only need a few more minutes.

Has anybody talked to her?


In 1497, Zuan Caboto explored Canada.


Good evening! We're sorry to disturb you at such an ungodly hour. I was just wondering : Would it be possible if we could stay the night in your home, me and my mom? I hope that's okay with you. As you will understand, we have nowhere else where to sleep. Just for one night, please.


Shall we play?


His family was very poor; consequently, they couldn't afford to spend money carelessly.

Mark went to Boston on Monday.

He needs you.


The bug looks and has sex.

The girls spread many false rumors and lies about Dani.

Masanobu works for an NGO in Africa.


I went hiking with the group.

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I wanna have dinner in a restaurant.

Kitty cannot read yet.

I should call you.

Were you surprised to see him?

Takeuchi wanted to keep his bicycle in my garage.

Your mother must have been very disappointed.

Bryce knows he doesn't have much choice.


May I begin?

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You'll never understand.

Let's find them.

The pope appeared in his red robe.

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I stuck around for a while to see if anyone else would come.

I don't know who did that to Ross.

I left the door unlocked.

What'll it be like?

Archie recovered some property from his ex-wife.

We'll meet in the theater.

I am dissatisfied with his manners at the party.


Keep your elbows off the table.

Alan Tate and I looked at one another for a while.

What the heck was that supposed to mean?

Why don't you go back to your hotel and get some sleep?

I never feel the cold.

What do you usually eat for breakfast?

I don't know why this happened.

I put a red mark on the calendar for my birthday.

I slept on the boat.


I'm so sorry about what happened up there.

I'll protect him.

I trust what Matthew, Mark, Luke and John said, and if I were ever the victim in a car accident I'd be very happy if they were my witnesses.


You must stay awake.

I hit on a spa.

It's a ten-minute ride from here to the train station.

Leon has been barred from this club.

Ghosts can possess people.

It'll take at least one hour to go there.

Which do you like better, spring or autumn?

There were a lot of young couples in the park.

His mobile phone produced radio emissions that interfered with other phones.

The robot made its way toward him.

I enjoyed driving on the new highway.

To make money one must want money.

Pantelis's wish was granted.

Am I talking too fast for you?

Myrick lives in the same part of town as Harmon does.


She shall come here.

I am filled with joy because Arne and Shatter like our traditional Chinese cuisine.

I suggest you pay attention.

I may be helping to bring harmony between people through my music.

I have hay fever.

Some of the bluest water in the world is found in Crater Lake.

What is the hard part of learning Japanese?

I'm getting an idea.

Many Japanese-Americans were sent off to concentration camps during World War II.

The soul that desires God to surrender himself to it entirely must surrender itself entirely to him without keeping anything for itself.

All is well with me.

Geoffrey plans to put new locks on all the doors.

What would you buy if you won the lottery?

I'm really visual.

I'm seeing him this evening.

I'm not dead yet.

They saw his face grow stern and cold, they saw his muscles strain, and they knew that Casey wouldn't let that ball go by again.

We're really, really good at what we do.

I went to Canada.

If you ask him again, he may change his mind.

I can't wait to eat it.

Could you see if the problem still exists?

I'm just happy to be able to help.

I have arrived here safe and sound this morning.

I have a new relative: my sister got married, so now I have a brother-in-law.

Please give me some time to think.

Dalton and Socorrito were speaking in French, so I had no idea what they were talking about.

Many Europeans do not know modern Japan.

The ATM has swallowed my debit card.

Is that really what you think?

She speaks French, not to speak of English.

There were three men in the room.

He opened a bottle of whiskey at his home yesterday.


All right, I'm listening.

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Joon has already told everyone.

I'll give you thirty dollars.

"Daddy, why is the sky blue?" "Well, it just is."

He was trying to destroy evidence.

I cannot accept your present.


They brought us a basket of fruit.

I thought you two were the same age.

The most careful man sometimes makes mistakes.

The fox changes its fur, but not its vices.

She said, "He is handsome."

The government made no move to solve the housing problem.

In my opinion, he is wrong.


You have a lot of time.

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I don't feel like working.


Warren is studious.

Liber isn't a fluent speaker of French.

Some are red and others are white.

Brad applied for a passport.

There is no denying the fact that no one is free from racial prejudice.

Vice slumped into a chair, exhausted.

Do you plan on going home anytime soon?

Belgian fries are the best in the whole world!

Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.

The phrase is meant to insult people.

I just love her to death.

After a few minutes, we arrived at the park.

Isidore is eating cereal.

I'm interested in this.

What should I explain?


Where do you think the safest place in your house would be during a tornado?

Bobbie has decided to have the surgery.

We'll be waiting for them.

Vice is always nice.

Hey, do you guys want to order a pizza?