Rajiv never left the building.

The scenery was too beautiful for words.

I have to be punished.

What Clarissa did was hilarious.

We have to hire a room to hold the party in.

Mann lost the key to his dorm room.

What's the right thing to do?

They distribute bibles for free.

I think I'm falling asleep.

What are you snickering at?


Mongolia is called "Mongol Uls" in Mongolian.

Donn will take care of us.

He attends meetings off and on.


You might have to do this all by yourself.


When it's this cold, I don't like going outside.

Do you like dancing?

There's no way I could beat Sandeep.


He pays us every month.

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As well.

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We plan to have a birthday party for Anne.


He would call to his horse as he climbed into his seat.


Linda urged Mah to drive carefully.

We don't lose often.

I admit I neglected my responsibilities.

When a solid melts, it becomes liquid.

Why should you help us?

Don't forget her.

Indra's attempts to woo usually fail.

I think this medicine will do you a lot of good.

When does fishing season start?


I got what I asked for.

It will cost you 10 dollars to buy the CD.

Everybody paid.

I owe Stanley a debt of gratitude.

I've lived here for more than three years.

I get your point, but I still don't agree.

Duke spent all day on the beach.

The Lord chastens those he loves.

Rudolf is devoted to his children.

Your French accent is terrible.

At one time, people would not have hesitated to light up a cigarette in stations, restaurants, or hospital waiting rooms.

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It seems that it will rain.


Miek was sitting at his computer.

Cathryn is washing the car.

Manny and I want you to come with us.


I'm not good enough for Mosur.

Are you telling me I'm wasting my time?

Please tell her to leave.

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He prepared for his imminent departure.

I want to take them home.

Claude jumped into the pool.

Scissors are meant for cutting but can also be used to stab.

I might've done the same thing.

She has pearly teeth.

I couldn't hear myself think.

I couldn't even be there.

That's just wrong.

He translated the novel into German.

The worm bends.

I deeply regret that.

Please copy this page.

Do you think you can solve these puzzles?

Tell her it's not your fault.

She knows that John loved her.

The mother just held tightly onto her daughter, saying nothing else.

Choose one from among these products.

You've made up quite a story there.

Jeffery was lucky that he didn't lose his job.

He married a fellow immigrant.

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I had my shoes shined.


We've seen this happen too many times.

As soon as he saw me, he fled.

A stitch in time saves nine.

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I can eat insects.

I'll tell you what I want to do.

He uses foul language whenever he gets angry.

In many English words, there are letters that aren't pronounced.

I dream a lot.


The book is available in both hard and soft-cover versions.

I think this translation isn't correct.

The air on top of the mountain was very thin.


How about you?

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Don't be a copycat.

She had a deep gaze and beautiful amber brown colored eyes.

Many children don't like eating spinach.

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Will you lend me your bicycle for an hour?

The chocolate cake tempted her even though she was dieting.

Do you still have feelings for her?

With the weather getting worse, the departure was put off.

Shouldn't Christofer be here by now?


The number of people who smoke increased in the last ten years.

The Latin noun "hortus" belongs to the o-declension.

Let's continue from where we left off.

Narendra is in lots of trouble.

I don't like him in there.

Randell is looking through the glass door.

Would you be kind enough to write?


There are many islands in Greece.

Humans live better now.

I looked all over for William, but couldn't find him.

I haven't seen my family since 2013.

I know who killed her.


We waited outside.


That comedian is very funny.

I don't believe that Santa Claus is imaginary.

Sherri took her necklace off.


Why does Jose hate me?

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You realize what we have to do, don't you?


Lila may change.

Jayesh sent his son to a boarding school in Australia.

You know you can tell me anything, right?

His eyesight is bad.

Rusty saw something red there.


Nobody wants to say something about my country.

I spent my vacation in Tunisia.

What impression do you have of China?

I have a present for me.

The Titanic was believed to be practically unsinkable.

Can you locate this place on the map for me?

What'll happen to you if you don't obey Jelske?

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I benefited much from my association with him.

It conflicts with my principles.

He pulled a very young girl.

Aren't we supposed to be helping Rob right now?

It cost twice as much as we expected.

We have to take the stairs.

When you're a parent it's important to set a good example for your children.


You're standing in the way.

Randall could feel the sun on his neck.

Her husband was snoring loudly.

Mikey expects Ahmet to come at any moment.

I remember seeing her somewhere.


Toby hasn't returned yet.

Gideon attended the forum.

I met the principal himself.

I didn't mean to embarrass you.

Don't let them know about this, OK?

It's going to cost you.

The train for Cambridge leaves from Platform 5.

They often drop in to see us.

"Say something in French." "I don't know what to say to that." "Well, try saying 'I don't know what to say to that' in French."

All of us like them.

Tomorrow's another day.


He set his son up as a baker.

I wanted to give up on everything.

It's acceptable.


You'll buy me a drink someday.

It's difficult to put a price on a human life.

I bought a watch, and I lost it the day after.

I'm busy getting ready for my trip.

Herve knew what was in Leila's suitcase.

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I wasn't informed of this.

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I want you to call them.

Why are you back from lunch so soon?



That would leave me in a fix.

Yes, I think that I'm going to stay here if my father will give me the permission.

I abstained from taking meat.

Many parents think elementary school children should be in bed by 8:30.

It's so nice to meet you.

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We're on time.


I'm going to go talk to them.