What should I bring?

Japan achieved a real GNP growth of 5% last year.

That's 150 dollars altogether.


Oh, what the hell.

That bar is one of his favorite haunts.

Jim seems to know the art of making friends with girls.

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I'm at a loss to explain Daniel's absence.

You keep forgetting to pay the bills.

We thought some students would come, but there was nobody the classroom.

All right everyone, listen up.

As far as I know, he used to be a good student.

He hardened clay by putting it into a fire.

Tommy heard a loud sound.


My brother is in love with you.

Taurus's love for Elliott probably won't last.

I want to come in.


Did you kill Shuvra?

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The flowers in the garden need watering.

I wish to be candid with you.

He is miles away.

The water is boiling away.

The girls picked on Turkeer because she was pretty.

He's in military service.

Are there any liquids or sharp objects in your luggage?

He was very pleased with the result.

She's very polite.

Now some Pharisees who had been sent.

She breaks something every time she cleans the room.

I'm writing an article.

She held out her hand.


We're persevering.

Sanand has lived here for years.

Are you worried?


A prolonged silence followed.

What a strange coincidence!

Dan heard Matt and Linda arguing.

I have never seen a red refrigerator.

We should never forget it.


I can't find the restaurant.


Do you know what happened to Sonny?

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He let me know it by telephone.


I haven't had anything to eat all day.


They need to build a new and bigger bridge.

I quite like having Izumi around.

Willie piled everything up in the center of the room.

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You might get hurt.

Nothing is more difficult than having something and then losing it.

I put away 10 dollars each month.


I'm trying to figure something out.

Is it not dark in the rain?

Since there were no customers, we closed the shop early.


I never really gave it much thought.

That felt like an earthquake.

He's rich as Croesus.

I just saved you about three hundred dollars.

Kylo ran out of the room.


"For how many?" "Three."


They built a fence around the farm.


Ernst arrived in Boston on Monday.


My teacher wrote a recommendation for me.

I wish I had a lot more money.

Spy and Takeuchi act like one another.

Hang on tight!

The cat is sleeping on the sofa.

You would've enjoyed the movie we went to see.

I'm watching a movie.

China is now the world's second largest economy.

Rod tossed Samir a rifle.

What time do you expect me to be there?

I am not in a hurry.

You always forget.

You're my heroine.


I haven't really figured that out yet.

'You wait here with the donkeys for a while. I and the child will go to pray and we will come again immediately to you.'

The lighting blinded me for a while.

Kamel leaned forward and kissed Sho.

Please inform her.

Marci looks good.

I don't want you to do anything.

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What do you think it was for?


Can you really manipulate the thought and behavior of people by using subliminal messages?


They were out late drinking.

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Lars doesn't know what's in there.

A diametrically opposed kinship pattern is to be observed among certain South Sea Island communities.

We're very fast.

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I saw Jem being interviewed on TV.

Please make sure your seat belt is fastened.

I thought I'd go with you.

Dan was a seasoned investigator.

Louis put on his snow boots.

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I want to help Blair.

I wonder what Metin meant.

The most famous landmark in my country are pyramids


You must know him pretty well.

Insects are everywhere.

He who gives to another bestows on himself.

Juri and Pratt did what they were told.

Please tell me when to go.


I should've guessed Craig would do something like this.


Dawson and Seenu have been married for three years.

Is she alright?

You are to stay here until we come back.

I never even got to tell Victor about what we did for him.

Boyce seems to be competitive.

How many floors does that building have?

What do you believe in?

Ima asked Theo for something hot to drink.

I know where Johann works.

"He who manages to reestablish my crown receives a reward" said the king. "He receives my daughter, the princess, as his wife."

I prefer fish to meat.

He drove the car, listening to music on the radio.

There were points in her testimony that didn't add up.

I think we have a lot to talk about.

Can you deliver it to my house?


The method Delbert suggested might work.

He lives right down the street.

It's all laid on.


He kept playing the same record over and over until I had to leave the room.

I just did what Jarvis told me to do.

Vic had some unfinished business to attend to.

How many hours a week do you work?

Stop being so fucking retarded!

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A stranger seized me by the arm.

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I have to write a ten-page paper by next Monday.

We could apply the theory of punctuated equilibrium to languages.

I want to hear from you.

Jock said he had a stomachache and left the room.

He knows better than to argue with her.

The roads are slippery.

It's not natural.

She wanted to hurry home.

You're a unicorn.

I really don't think Kriton is going to go.

She changed the date.


Juliet put on a brave face.

I go into the store.

I had to carry Darci's suitcase for him.

It's three years since we moved here.

I learnt one.

Jackye has three gorgeous daughters.

I got a telescope for my birthday.


What you say is neither here nor there.

What's the minimum salary in Russia?

The house was ablaze when the fire engine arrived.

My English teacher recommended that I read these books.

The Beatles gave five concerts in Tokyo in 1996.


It looks as though Elijah is waiting for somebody.


Pria asked Kitty to drive him to the airport.

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Father isn't at home.

Your shirt is torn. You better put on another shirt.

Jason buttoned up his shirt and then put on his tie.

The reservation desk, please.

Excuse me, could you show me how to use the washing machine?


Manners maketh man.

He had enough endurance to run a marathon.

That's indeed curious.

She worked in Belgium.

He is rarely in a good mood.

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I'm not going to talk about that.