Yamada is second to none in English in his class.

I didn't know if you were mad or not.

Children are often impatient and restless.

The FBI thwarted an assassination attempt against Mayor Matt Brown.

Miriamne asked Ethan to help him clean his office.

Can you help us tonight?

It's still not working.

I'm inclined to believe you.


Do you think he is good for the position?

My boss is an idiot.

If it rains tomorrow, the tour will be cancelled.

Riding a bike that doesn't have brakes is a pretty stupid thing to do.

Let me show you how to chop onions without crying.

I'll find someone else.

What else can you tell us?

I'd like to move to the countryside.

Straka asked Leads a question, but didn't bother waiting for an answer.

Uri won't have to go through what Cecilia went through.

He's going to get you in trouble.

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Sharada was only slightly injured.


Art is the only family he's got.


The view from the summit exceeded his expectations.

Does anyone of you know them?

I waited for my husband till after midnight.


We've worked together for over thirty years.


What is enough?


That was your plan all along, wasn't it?

They have a very nice veranda.

I am going to the shop.

It is now a fully accepted idea that all occupations should be open to women.

It's all over between us.

The mayor governed the city very wisely.

I wonder what happened.

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Wait till the chairman recognizes you.

Don't mention rope in the home of a hanged man.

Does that window open?

What should I do until then?

Antonella won't tell me how much he paid for his new computer.


Everyone has gone towards the ruin regardless of warnings.


Drink turmeric and turn fair-skinned.

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Her voluptuous body attracted me.


Would you talk to Randall for me?

He always has luck with the ladies.

That is not what I meant at all.

He says he will come at once.

I take exercise for health.

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That's a cool idea.

Can you hand me that?

This is the best day of my life.


He owns a private jet.

The baker in front of City Hall increased his prices.

It was like this.


What strikes me here is people's friendliness.


Donne has been having trouble sleeping recently.

My mother was once a champion swimmer.

It is necessary for you to start now.

I didn't want to go.

Dan strangled Linda with a pillow case.

Isaac is financially independent.

We thought it doubtful whether it would clear soon.

You will have to go to the dentist's tomorrow.

I thought I'd try doing it again.

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The authors would like to thank Dr. Jackson for his statistical analyses.

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It bears fruit, but it seems it may even set root from cuttings?

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I'll wait for him.

Hitoshi is a psychopath.

You cannot see heaven until you are dead yourself.

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It's amazingly simple.


Would you like anything to eat?

Well, what are you looking for?

Some animals will not breed when kept in cages.

No one understands why she's so aggressive.

Marcel will be fine, won't he?

I have the feeling that I've been here before.

He will be able to do the work soon.

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Ms. Tanaka can type, can't she?

Francois shielded her eyes from the sun.

We had a visitor when you were taking a shower.


She told her mother how he had attacked her.

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The word "outage" is an outrage.

Plastic helped because he wanted to.

When she was young, she preferred coffee to Japanese tea.

She patted the hamburger meat into a flat shape.

Are you sure this is the right number?

Vladislav terrified Sanand.

Sally is still on probation.


I enjoyed your company very much.


In the year 2000, the French health system had been selected by the WHO as the best performing in terms of dispensing and organizing healthcare.

Leonard asked Claude for help.

Our office used to be on Park Street.


They have something to do with the scandal.


I've downloaded a cool fitness app!

Maybe he will be a good teacher.

No one threatened us.

Hopefully, you will come back.

Seen at a distance, the rock looks like a squatting human figure.

I thought you guys had a big party tonight.

Where is the fat located?

I had no knowledge of the particulars.

It is dangerous to fly in this heavy fog.

Martyn fell over jogging and broke his arm.

What are you really up to?

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The boss ordered us to work from morning till night.

A girl opened the door in answer to my knock.

Experimentation can be good.

Let's attack again.

Dan mailed wedding invitations to all of his friends.

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I'll be back in about a week.

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The women gave us a lot to eat.


I found it impossible to win the championship.

The outcome of the test shows that the system has already fulfilled all design requirements.

Walter picked up his keys.


Jisheng wants you.

Revised liked it immediately.

To keep holding the barrier up is just to wait for death! So we're going to go out past the wall and counter attack the enemy, you ready!?

I didn't do it for her.

Don't study.

I don't have any money at all.

I tried to make up with her, but it was impossible.


Nobody will believe that.

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Denis was good at violin.

Where to go and what to see were my primary concerns.

Are we going to see you soon?


Little Ming still doesn't know where he's going to go next year.

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Knowing what will happen is more important than knowing what has happened.

We could not go there because of the rain.

What was your favorite part?

Are you saying we shouldn't be doing this?

These are the simple facts.

How did you know Tharen could do that?

Novorolsky told me to wash my hands.

Is that what you told Owen?

I was happy for her.

They lied.

I think I need to talk to them.

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The train left the station on time.

The train arrived at the station on time.

Karuizawa is famous as a summer resort.

I wonder how much time we've wasted so far.

You're wiser than you know.


Have you fixed the dates yet?


It's going to happen again and again.


I went out with Gene once.

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He timed her in the marathon race.


Who was your first crush?


I, for one, am for the plan.

One explains the other.

Pierre was rushed to hospital in a critical condition.

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We can go together if you wish.

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You've said enough.


Come on guys, let's get along!


I didn't have to help you, but I did.