This page was never funny.

Congratulations on your diploma.

We have had enough.

This place is perfect.


Police are everywhere.

They called President Roosevelt a pirate.

The students said the story was too difficult.

I have to choose between the two.

That name sounds familiar.


The weekend is here.

Just because you're a capitalist doesn't mean you have to shop.

If I should fail, I would try again.

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What is your biggest fear?

There is no limit to human progress.

My cellphone beeps if the battery is running low.

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Bonnie is in need of medical attention right away.

Alf and I never did get along very well.

Words can't express my appreciation.


Ram pretended not to know why he was there.

It was already dark when Mason returned home.

I wouldn't recommend that right now.


Are there any other planets on which life can exist?


It went viral.

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That comedy really made me laugh.

How much are you taking?

He sat smoking on the bench.

I couldn't decide what to do, so I just followed my heart.

Now listen to me closely.

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I'm not letting you do this alone.

Jock kept on crying.

Cris bought three pounds of bananas.

Or that was the idea.

How far are we from the border?

I see death around the corner.

He went through a lot when he was younger.

My parents are no longer living.

By signing this contract, he waives all rights to his work.


Guido said he's doing just fine.


Myrick looked around, but saw no one.

Headlines are supposed to grab the reader's interest.

The earthquake which caused the disaster occurred in 1995.

He made a flirty comment to me.

We're feeling great.

It seems that he was a great athlete.

I told Valeria what the plan was.

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The aim of science is, as has often been said, to foresee, not to understand.


I want to protect them.


Angus is not a boy anymore.


Malloy made the wrong choice.


I feel young.

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This is a great theory.

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The snow began to fall so heavily that the little boy could not see a hand's breadth before him.

I ride my bike to school.

Julian usually only reads the headlines.

He works for a bank.

He pulled out a handkerchief.

I'm sure you all read about it.

Emily has a sweet tooth.

I've been alone so long.

It seems that she is keeping that secret.

It's a little late for second thoughts.

Let's get together here once a week.

We had less snow this winter than we had expected.

Remind me later.


I only use sprays that are friendly to the environment.

Jingbai could tell that it had rained.

Did the old man get lost in the forest?

Getting your message across is much more important than trying to say it exactly like a native speaker would say it.

Let me go talk to her.

The hunter followed the bear tracks.

The following is what he told me.

They have left the car on that street.

As these trees grow tall, they rob the grass of light.

Bulletproof glass has already saved many lives.

I woke up in the middle of the night.


I know of her, but I have never met her.

Are you going to Noboribetsu tomorrow?

I really hope Alison comes back.

Yesterday morning he went back to Rotterdam.

If I had to define life in a word, it would be: Life is creation.

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The United Nations is an international organization.

I speak and understand a little English.

You must come here tomorrow.


Circle in red pencil.

Look at the dawn on the sea!

I think it's time for me to change jobs.


The decision was easy to make.

The students asked questions one after another.

My husband's not in town.

He isn't a child.

The tide is low in the morning now.


When will Mr. Suzuki be leaving Japan?

No more bets.

Open the brackets in the equation.

Donald was unsuccessful in finding a job.

Spring brings warm weather and beautiful flowers.


I don't think we really need to attend that meeting.

I accepted right away.

Bring it over soon.

He suggested that I write to her at once.

That upset all our plans.

I am not so foolish as to lend him money.

The matter is of great importance to me.

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Neil is suffering from a bad cold.


You've always been weak.


I'm going to tell Ami what happened.

She was depressed by all her problems.

Can I talk to you about them?

This medicine will relieve the pain.

You're not playing in the right key.

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I just don't want James to win.


I'd like you to translate this document into French.

I live here with my dog.

Where are all our suitcases?

Bill promised it would be done.

I'm staying at a hotel for the time being.

We need more Norwegian sentences.

With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil - that takes religion.


I hate these things.

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What do they want?

Going to school during the rush hour is tiring and unpleasant.

Shyam appears satisfied.


Mickey never told me where he lived.

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I used to be good at this.

I'd like that.

If the vase is not found, John may be accused of stealing it.


This is quite a rainstorm.

Noam eats lunch at this restaurant quite often.

Everyone likes ice cream.

The couple put their house on the market.

Germany is in the middle of Europe.

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I don't have the money to buy that book.

Jan Koum is the founder of WhatsApp Inc.

He will come after all.

Have you met him already?

We're ready to put the boat in the water.


No, a dango is not a mochi.


Brandon has told me all about it.


Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!


I am not a rhinoceros, I am not a tiger, but I am led into this barren wild...

I did something similar.

Is that as heavy as this?

I'll phone you later.

The explosion did a lot of damage to the building.


He blushed at his foolish mistake.

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Nobody could've known that this was going to happen.

I don't want to go there again.

Every child needs someone to look up to and copy.

Butler said he had something else to say.

This is one of a kind.


Call me up at seven in the morning.


I'm staying in Italy.


We would like to live in this village and study the Kadazan language.

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I'm sorry I'm calling you at work.