I'm sure she's right.

The exhibition is already open.

The reason why he should resign his job is that he is not equal to it.

He gave me authority to fire them.

Don't leave empty-handed.

Indra keeps her jewels locked up in the bank.

Let's not be enemies.

Who's your favorite newscaster?

Miguel no longer eats with the voracity that he used to.

I'd never let you out of my sight.

Craig's passport has expired.

It's sufficient.

They put a spoke in his wheel.

It's a stupid law.

He's a friend of a friend.

Malaclypse can take a break if he wants.

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The miner discovered a valuable pocket of gold.

His understanding of logic is abysmal.

How old was Queen Victoria when she got married?

There were no trees on the island.

Furnishing a new apartment requires large expenses.

Juliet asked me to tell you he needed a little more time.

My father grows rice.

We'll never find her.

"What," said he, "should be done to a certain person who has deceived everyone?"

My ex-boyfriend just called me out of the blue.

I want him to solve the problem.

Many TV programs have a bad influence on children.

Ross has difficulty making decisions.

It's past the square.

Kindly mind your own business.

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I paid 5 dollars for the food.

I saw that report.

They will announce the winner tomorrow.

You'll be OK here.

Judy's computer is broken.


The foreign tourists sat on the bus and looked out the window.

The castle is beautiful.

I can't wait to get there.


She didn't go there yesterday.

That shouldn't be too difficult.

Let's hope you're mistaken.

That name doesn't mean anything to me.

Herbert laughed at my jokes.


Well, I'd better be going.

Who can speak English?

The post office is just across from the bank.

He sent me some flowers.

She may have told a lie, but she didn't mean any harm.

Max yanked the rifle out of Matthieu's hands.

We'd better wait.


That's really bad.

Oliver seems pleased.

His wife was nowhere in evidence.


I've given you everything I can give you.

Earnie caught a virus and had to stay home from work.

Get up out of bed.


That rings a bell.

Irfan stole the ring.

You saw what happened in there, didn't you?

You should take bus no. 5.

Peter decided not to tell Alejandro the truth.

In American English, stoats are a subset of weasels, while in British English, they aren't.

Barton is the leader of the team.

I don't go to the movies alone because I like to talk to someone about the movie afterwards.

They pushed the gurney down the hall.


It's an old organization that uses secret rituals.


The bandits made a raid on the village.

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We should never have given up.

How many fluids are used in a car?

Ramadoss tried to put the incident behind him.

You're the first.

He hates air travel.


Looks like I made a lot of mistakes.

Jeannie didn't pass.

Oh, that's a shame.

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Teresa told us to be patient.


Look at this large map of America.

"Are you single?" "Technically yes, but I got a date this Friday."

That would be terrific.

My mother gets up the earliest every morning.

Herman left school right after class.

Didn't I say that?

I must live up to my father's faith in me.

There was no one in the mine when it blew up.

May I remind you of your promise?


I thought there would be more of us.

Carlos definitely didn't do that.

The water shortage is due to the weather.

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What's the Italian pronunciation of this word?

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Valerie gave Kristin a hearty welcome.

It seems that my little sister got her wallet stolen at school.

Where did you see the boy?

She sometimes has her sister write her term papers.

I have absolutely no idea what Roberta is doing.

Sympathy is a feeling characteristic of mankind.

As you look at your face, you try to figure out what is happening behind it, in your mind.

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Gypsy is in the kitchen, cutting up some vegetables.

Liza and Nadeem argue with each other all the time.

The war resulted from a mistaken policy.

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They wear their hair bobbed.

I am responsible for the mistake.

I'm getting to the bottom of this.

We encountered him in a distant town.

We didn't help Dimitry escape.


Russell's smiling face let everyone know that she was happy.


Josip doesn't understand a word you're saying.


You can borrow a copy from any public library.

I only ate a bite of bread.

He's a cold person like that.

Omar wrote Clarissa a long letter, but he didn't send it to her.

Christian bowed his head in shame.

Lyndon goes fishing every weekend like I used to.

We got this chair for nothing because the lady next door didn't need it anymore.

Wendy didn't say how he was planning to get there.

That Joseph will run.


Yeah, isn't that great?

I have a private teacher.

It is damp and cold today, isn't it?

I told him exactly what I saw.

We know exactly what Olson can do.


I was happy to pass the exam.

Not a single soul knows about it.

It's an average day at work.


I'm really in love with you.

This minibus holds 25 persons.

I left my textbooks somewhere.

What do they speak in America?

I couldn't sit through it.


It seems to have changed.

Life lies in front of you.

I've gotten kind of used to it.

A new full edition of the encyclopedia has come out.

The boy talking with Fred is Mike.

They speak many languages in Spain.

What city do you live in?

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I admitted that I was wrong.

Wait till next year.

I slept just two hours.

He studied day and night so that he might become a lawyer.

Dan was a homicide detective.


This is the key point. It's now or never.


You see, I've got only these two castles, one hundred hectares of land, six cars, four hundreds heads of cattle and twenty racer horses...

I'm in a little bit of trouble.

She has finally recovered from her cold.

He rarely goes to church.

Their job is to confuse learners of the language.

Dawn said he didn't speak French.

Any time will do so long as it is after six.

Does Ji really want another dog?

I'm always busy.

What you've heard about me isn't true.

I'm not going to let Syun get to me.


It felt like forever.

I'd like to make a collect call to Los Angeles.

I don't want Joe to be a soldier.

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He's a woman now.

We'll talk about this later, OK?

I'm calm now.

The prisoner denied that he had killed a policeman.

I took off my sweater because it got warmer.


Let's divide the work equally.

This city is called the Japanese Denmark.

The meeting came to an end at noon.


He still comes to see me now and then.

She understands the core of the problem well.

The room is warming up.